Caseo Has Wings!

This is a meeting between the Arial Messenger (in training) Caseo of Silver Spire and Sharjinka the Barbarian.  The discovery of his Wings really shocks her, and she finds she must test him...

[22:56] Caseo [] has joined #hfs
[22:57] <Caseo> hello
[22:57] <Sharjinka> Hiya, Caseo!  Come in and sit in a blood-filled chair.
[22:57] <Slaughter> My beautiful women I must leave you now if I am to get to the Plains of Fire.
[22:57] <Caseo> blood filled?
[22:57] <Sharjinka> Yes, you may go...
[22:57] Sharjinka waves hand in dismissal fashion.
[22:57] Sharjinka laughs.
[22:58] <Caseo> *chenges his mind and decides to stand*
[22:58] <Lady_Anna> Welcome Caseo!
[22:58] <Sharjinka> Yeah, Slaughter was being court jester.
[22:58] <Slaughter> Caseo, I fear I must leave.  Enjoy the company if you can.
[22:58] <Sharjinka> He pulled troll guts out of his, uhm... hat.
[22:58] <Lady_Anna> A buxom wench rushes over and cleans the chairs...
[22:58] <Caseo> *bows to Slaughter*
[22:59] <Slaughter> *walks outside closing the door behind him.
[22:59] Stang_66 hands caseo a nice clean chair
[22:59] <Caseo> *smiles*
[22:59] Sharjinka bows and puts thumb on nose and waves fingers.
[22:59] <Caseo> *sits down*
[22:59] <Sharjinka> Nyah, nyah.  Good jester.
[22:59] Lady_Anna waves ta-ta
[22:59] <Sharjinka> Hello, oh most studly one from Silver Spire.
[23:00] <Lady_Anna> Ah... Caseo!   How fares your kingdom?
[23:00] Sharjinka grins.
[23:00] <Caseo> *blushes thouroughly*
[23:00] <Sharjinka> I love men who blush, don't you, Dame Anna?  It makes them even more attractive.
[23:00] <Lady_Anna> Aye....
[23:00] <Lady_Anna> I certainly agree with you on that, lass!
[23:00] <Caseo> uhm.... hello.....*wonders about Decorum* ...Sir ? Sharjinka....
[23:01] Sharjinka bows to honor Stang's studliness.
[23:01] <Caseo> *BLUSH*
[23:01] <Stang_66> lol ll
[23:01] <Lady_Anna> *whispers to Caseo*  She does prefer the title Sir...
[23:01] <Sharjinka> You can just call me Sharjinka or Jinks.  I only use titles when addressing someone I don't like and I want to get my point across.
[23:01] <Caseo> *nods to Lady Anna*
[23:02] Sharjinka winks at Caseo.
[23:02] <Caseo> say yes ma'
[23:02] <Sharjinka> He makes himself yet more attractive!
[23:02] Sharjinka knocks him over in a hug right out of his chair!
[23:02] <Caseo> Silverspire is....well..
[23:03] <Caseo> *gasp*
[23:03] <Sharjinka> You're teasing me, aren't you stud!
[23:03] <Sharjinka> (((((((((((( Caseo ))))))))))))))
[23:03] <Caseo> *seems to not be able to stop blushing*
[23:03] <Caseo> uhm.....
[23:03] <Caseo> *cough*
[23:03] Sharjinka uncoils whip.
[23:03] <Caseo> *tremble*
[23:03] <Sharjinka> I think I'll take this one.
[23:04] Lady_Anna grins
[23:04] <Sharjinka> Eh, Dame Anna?
[23:04] <Caseo> ...look at the time.....
[23:04] <Sharjinka> Yes, late.  You go nowhere, stud!
[23:04] <Caseo> has been ....lovely seeing you......
[23:04] <Caseo> *eyes door *
[23:05] <Sharjinka> My whip can be used as rope.  Don't even think about it.
[23:05] <Caseo> *shuffles nervously like a adolescent*
[23:05] Lady_Anna signals wench to bring some juice for Caseo...
[23:05] <Caseo> Uhm .....
[23:05] <Sharjinka> Yes???
[23:05] <Caseo> *drinks the juice happily*
[23:05] Sharjinka knocks Caseo over in another hug.  Juice everywhere.
[23:06] <Lady_Anna> 'Tis all right, young Caseo....
[23:06] <Sharjinka> And he doesn't drink!  Whatta man!
[23:06] <Caseo> *OOC alright your gonna make the poor boy faint =)*
[23:06] Sharjinka lets Caseo up and helps him back into his chair.
[23:06] <Lady_Anna> Lass, did the "discussion" with Slaughter leave you with too much energy?
[23:06] <Caseo> *shakes the juice off of his wings*
[23:06] <Sharjinka> Wings?
[23:07] Lady_Anna chuckles... yep
[23:07] Sharjinka steps back fearfully.
[23:07] <Caseo> OOc Im an Arial
[23:07] <Lady_Anna> He is a winged messenger, Sharjinka
[23:07] <Sharjinka> Arial?
[23:07] Sharjinka steps back and puts hand on sword hilt.
[23:07] <Sharjinka> What's that?
[23:07] <Sharjinka> Winged messenger?
[23:07] <Lady_Anna> He carries messages for Silver Spire...
[23:07] <Caseo> OOC he usually hides them under a cloak , but Im sure I couldnt keep that up through two of YOUR hugs =)
[23:08] Lady_Anna grins OOC and IC
[23:08] <Sharjinka> OOC:  Very true.
[23:08] <Caseo> and other Kingdoms ...M Lady
[23:08] <Lady_Anna> Of course, Caseo...
[23:08] <Sharjinka> You fae, Caseo?
[23:08] <Caseo> no ma'am
[23:08] <Caseo> er Sir
[23:08] <Sharjinka> What are you, then?
[23:08] <Caseo> Er ...Sharjinka
[23:08] <Caseo> uhm...Im an Arial
[23:09] <Sharjinka> I have never heard of your kind before.
[23:09] <Stang_66> ooc hey david i  found an old sword man picked it up and took it to my room its propped by my bed ehhe
[23:09] <Caseo> we're kind of like angels but NOWHERE near as pretty
[23:09] <Sharjinka> What is angels?
[23:09] <Caseo> uhm...havent you ever read human tales
[23:10] <Caseo> my mom did when I was young...before the darkspyre came
[23:10] Sharjinka fingers sword hilt and steps back fearfully.
[23:10] <Sharjinka> Humans don't have tales.
[23:10] <Lady_Anna> Sharjinka...  he means stories
[23:10] <Caseo> there like stories but they start ...once upn a time =)
[23:10] <Caseo> there my favorite
[23:11] <Caseo> I have heard TONS about you...
[23:11] <Lady_Anna> And Caseo here is a friend...  I would not wish him to be hurt...
[23:11] <Sharjinka> We have stories.  Your kind was not mentioned.
[23:11] <Lady_Anna> Aye... your fame precedes you lass...
[23:11] <Caseo> well were not really supposed to be
[23:11] <Sharjinka> Hmmmm?  How have you heard of me, Caseo?
[23:11] <Caseo> My Gamma told me that we were created by accident, but my mom said it wasnt true
[23:12] <Caseo> Yes ma'am
[23:12] Sharjinka looks at Dame Anna and takes hand away from sword.
[23:12] <Caseo> er sir
[23:12] <Caseo> er Sharjinka
[23:12] <Lady_Anna> I have never heard the story of the Arial, Caseo...
[23:12] <Caseo> you are one of only Two barbarian Knights I have ever heard tales of
[23:12] <Lady_Anna> My thanks, Sharjinka....
[23:12] <Sharjinka> Yes, is this a punishment from your God?
[23:13] <Caseo> I hope not
[23:13] <Sharjinka> How did your people come into being?
[23:13] <Caseo> .....Gamma said that we were mutated to be hunters for an evil experiment gone wrong
[23:13] <Sharjinka> OOC:  Warning, warning...  Sharjinka is now nervous about Caseo and ready to draw if any sudden move is made.
[23:14] <Caseo> but mom said its not true
[23:14] <Caseo> she says we were meant to serve
[23:14] <Sharjinka> What did your mom tell you?
[23:14] <Caseo> it is our gift
[23:14] <Sharjinka> Serve?  In what way?
[23:14] <Caseo> we can track and serve...Im a messenger
[23:14] <Caseo> at least in training
[23:14] <Sharjinka> OOC:  She will not sit at a table where he is seated.
[23:15] <Sharjinka> How many of your kind exist?
[23:15] <Caseo> my gifts will serve me as long as I draw no weapon and never choose a side
[23:15] <Caseo> Im not sure
[23:15] <Caseo> I havent seen very many
[23:15] <Caseo> and Mom died when I was very young
[23:15] <Caseo> I would be gone too If it wasnt for Eric and Blackroot
[23:15] Sharjinka walks around behind Caseo's back and looks from a distance at his wings.
[23:16] <Sharjinka> Blackroot!?!
[23:16] Lady_Anna smiles...
[23:16] <Sharjinka> Master Eric of Ravenwood!!!!????
[23:16] <Caseo> *feathery like stereotypical pictures of Angels
[23:16] <Caseo> yup
[23:16] <Lady_Anna> Aye... and he was here the other night!
[23:16] <Caseo> er yes Sir
[23:16] <Caseo> *sigh*
[23:16] <Caseo> I feel so bad I missed him
[23:17] Sharjinka stares at the wings but does not come any closer to the table.
[23:17] <Caseo> Im sorry
[23:17] <Caseo> am I making you uncomfortable
[23:17] <Sharjinka> Me, too.  I am in his debt.
[23:17] <Caseo> ??
[23:17] <Caseo> Mom told me to hide my wings
[23:17] <Caseo> but you made it kinda hard
[23:17] <Sharjinka> Don't move.  I'm looking at them.
[23:17] <Caseo> uhm....
[23:17] <Caseo> ok.
[23:17] <Caseo> *holds breath*
[23:18] <Caseo> *blinks*
[23:18] Sharjinka looks at Dame Anna for a moment and then back at the wings.
[23:18] <Caseo> *turns slightly red*
[23:19] <Sharjinka> *From behind Caseo's back she mouthes the words "trust me."
[23:19] <Caseo> *turns slightly purple*
[23:19] <Sharjinka> You can breathe, Caseo.
[23:19] <Caseo> *turns slightly blue*
[23:19] <Stang_66> lol
[23:19] <Caseo> GASP!!!!!!!!
[23:19] <Caseo> *PUFF, PUFF*
[23:19] Lady_Anna watches Sharjinka...
[23:19] Sharjinka draws sword and lays the flat of the blade on the shoulder of Caseo.
[23:20] Lady_Anna grips the table... eyes never leaving sharjinka's
[23:20] <Caseo> closes his eyes and hums*
[23:20] <Caseo> *prays*
[23:20] Sharjinka waits and watches Caseo slowly.
[23:20] Sharjinka puts away sword.
[23:21] <Caseo> *stops praying*
[23:21] Lady_Anna relaxes...  sends silent inquiry toward Sharjinka
[23:21] <Caseo> looks nervously at Lady Anna
[23:21] Sharjinka steps forward and places hand on Caseo's shoulder.
[23:22] <Caseo> trembles slightly
[23:22] Lady_Anna smiles reassuringly at Caseo
[23:22] <Sharjinka> It is now up to you.  What is your action, Caseo?
[23:22] <Caseo> sometimes stories are just that....
[23:23] <Caseo> Sir Christian was diffrent from his stories too
[23:23] <Sharjinka> What stories are those?
[23:23] <Sharjinka> Don't believe everything you hear, Caseo.
[23:23] <Caseo> ...human tales.....perhaps Im too old for them.
[23:23] <Caseo> ....I wont
[23:23] <Caseo> *sighs*
[23:24] <Caseo> I should go....
[23:24] Sharjinka draws dagger.
[23:24] <Sharjinka> Don't move.
[23:24] <Caseo> *looks with hollow eyes*
[23:24] Lady_Anna looks at Sharjinka
[23:24] Sharjinka puts dagger on the table.
[23:24] <Caseo> I' m tired
[23:24] <Lady_Anna> What now, lass?   Leave the lad be...
[23:24] <Sharjinka> Yes, I know, Caseo.  It'll be over soon.
[23:24] <Caseo> and I came for rest and company
[23:25] <Caseo> *I dont like this
[23:25] <Sharjinka> No, his action, now.  His choice.
[23:25] <Caseo> I dont like weapons
[23:25] <Caseo> Im leaving
[23:25] <Caseo> stab me of you must
[23:25] <Sharjinka> You don't have to even tough it.  The next action is yours.
[23:25] <Caseo> but Im leaving
[23:25] <Caseo> stands
[23:25] Sharjinka puts away dagger and laughs hysterically.
[23:25] <Caseo> *stretches his wings*
[23:25] Sharjinka knocks over Caseo with hug.
[23:26] <Caseo> *walks out the door*
[23:26] <Sharjinka> No, you don't.
[23:26] <Lady_Anna> He got away!
[23:26] <Sharjinka> Arial, huh?
[23:27] <Sharjinka> Not a fighter.
[23:27] <Lady_Anna> No... definitely not...
[23:27] <Lady_Anna> Actually very sweet.... kind of shy...
[23:27] <Sharjinka> Poor thing.  He had to deal with me.  Poor thing.
[23:28] <Lady_Anna> I do not believe he is fae... but I would like to know more of the story of the creation of the Arials...
[23:28] <Lady_Anna> I don't think there are very many of them...
[23:28] <Sharjinka> I am cautious with new creatures.  My apologies.  I would not have hurt him.
[23:29] <Sharjinka> I just presented him with opportunities to see what he would do.
[23:29] <Sharjinka> It is cruel, but I had to know.