The Lords of Chaos Come To Visit

This transcript is rather long, but well worth reading.  This particular evening, Slaughter and Kelek continued laying plans for reviving the Dark Council, and they are joined by three other Lords of Chaos.  Anna appeared to be in some danger and was joined by Vilker and Bracht, who is forming a new kingdom in Connecticut.  The conversation flowed and in places is side-splitting.

[00:00] <X-Moon^> hey, slaughter!
[00:00] <X-Moon^> we were just talking about you!
[00:00] <Slaughter> Greetings one and all.
[00:01] Lady_Anna thinks perhaps Bracht will find what he wants to know...
[00:01] VBrachtV hopes so
[00:01] X-Moon^ tries to whisper to Lady Anna *Is dat the real Slughter*?
[00:01] <Slaughter> I hope the wench that just left was not involved she looked to drunk to understand anything
[00:02] Lady_Anna nods to X-Moon   "yes"
[00:02] X-Moon^ whispers very loudly....*oh, ok*.
[00:02] <Slaughter> So if I may ask what were you saying about me?
[00:03] X-Moon^ X-Moon gets up off his favorite chair and walks over to Slaughter and extends his hand...
[00:03] <X-Moon^> Slaughter, i am PLeasED to meet you!
[00:03] <Slaughter> *shakes hand* and who might you be?
[00:03] <X-Moon^> People call me X-Moon.
[00:04] <X-Moon^> It is a pleasure to meet your aquaintance.
[00:04] <Slaughter> Really I fear I have not heard of you? Are you important?
[00:04] <X-Moon^> Now I have shum business to discuss with you, if you don't mind sharing a bit of your time wif me.
[00:04] <X-Moon^> No, noone important, but I do believe I have something you may want.
[00:05] <X-Moon^> I have heard of your powers, so powerful, dark, and powerful.
[00:05] Lady_Anna edges toward Bracht and Vilker...
[00:05] <X-Moon^> And I know you're in the market for a certain, oh i don't know....
[00:05] <X-Moon^> trinket?
[00:06] <Slaughter> Well I am only one of many like me but we all hold some power
[00:06] X-Moon^ 's eyes begin to widen.
[00:06] <Slaughter> Trinket??? What kind of trinket?
[00:06] <Lady_Anna> Uh oh...
[00:07] <Lady_Anna> *to Bracht*  Are you learning what you wished to know, good sir?
[00:07] <X-Moon^> I certain trinket which has been rumored to hold powers of the dark persuashun.
[00:07] <VBrachtV> yes
[00:07] <X-Moon^> And I have seen such powers at work.
[00:07] <Slaughter> really then perhaps I am interested in it.
[00:07] <X-Moon^> Before we go any further, I insist you have a drink with me.
[00:08] X-Moon^ orders his usual.
[00:08] <Slaughter> Very well then I will have whatever yopu are drinking.
[00:09] <VBrachtV> <W> maybe more then I wanted to know
[00:09] <X-Moon^> Slaughter, in my possession, I have something I took from a woman, that I think you will pay handsomely for.
[00:10] <X-Moon^> I know you're a wealthy man, and forgive me for wanting to make a profit, but greed is a powerful tool, won't you agree?
[00:11] <Slaughter> *glares at Lady Anna remembering her from the other night When she overheard the conversation with Kelek*
[00:11] <X-Moon^> All i ask, no more, no less, is.....
[00:11] X-Moon^ looks around the room....
[00:11] Lady_Anna meets his glare cooly
[00:11] <X-Moon^> hey, hey, hey....eyes on me!
[00:11] <Lady_Anna> Leo.. I am no longer under your authority... do not forget that!
[00:12] <Slaughter> X_moon perhaps we should more to someplace more private.
[00:12] <X-Moon^> Slaughter, in exchange for this magical trinket, I wish to reciever from you, 1000 (one thousand) gold pieces.
[00:12] <X-Moon^> no no no.....what i say to you, I'll say to the world after you leave, so let's deal here.
[00:13] <Slaughter> Anna I know you were a coward and fled. You were smarter than I gave you credit for. Too bad more did not follow your example.
[00:13] <X-Moon^> 1000 gold pieces for my magic necklace....
[00:13] <X-Moon^> take it or leave it.
[00:14] <X-Moon^> And maybe a nice little place at your table during feasts and such.
[00:14] <Lady_Anna> There was no cowardice...  I had to be where I could learn what I needed to oppose you.  Your demon is more in control than you know.
[00:14] <Slaughter> I wish to see it work then before I hand over that much gold.
[00:14] <X-Moon^> You don't trust me?
[00:14] <X-Moon^> It's a dark magic that it works.
[00:14] <X-Moon^> I dare not use it ever.....
[00:15] <Slaughter> I know that it has taken control woman. Do you think I would not know? I allowed it to do so.
[00:15] Vilker observes the situation
[00:15] <X-Moon^> The witch I took it from was happy to get rid of it I'm sure.
[00:15] <X-Moon^> You see, this necklace has the power to turn the wearer's neck green....
[00:15] <X-Moon^> Strong Magic I tell you.
[00:16] <X-Moon^> The strongest I've ever seen
[00:16] <Slaughter> I trust no one dealing in dark art even if they were my own family.
[00:16] <Slaughter> Green? Why would I wissh for this?
[00:16] <X-Moon^> I've seen fireballs destroy trolls and I've seen Wizards summon whirlwinds, but never, and I mean ever have I seen necks turn green in my life!
[00:17] Lady_Anna hides a laugh behind her hand
[00:17] <X-Moon^> It's the darkest magic ever!
[00:17] Vilker chuckles...
[00:17] <X-Moon^> And for 1000 gold?  It's practically a steal.
[00:17] <VBrachtV> m'lady tis most better to deal with him another night
[00:17] <X-Moon^> I'll be at my corner, so to give you time alone to think about it.
[00:17] <Lady_Anna> OOC:   Please stick around all... we may be having a new visitor shortly
[00:17] X-Moon^ walks back to his table and his chair.
[00:18] <Slaughter> *thinking about offer* HHHMmmmm..........
[00:18] Lady_Og [] has joined #hfs
[00:19] <Lady_Anna> Greetings Lady Og.... glad to see you return!
[00:19] <Lady_Og> Slaughter!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:19] <Lady_Og> greetings Lady Anna
[00:19] <Slaughter> X-Moon I have on my person at this time just 300 gold would you take that instead?
[00:19] <X-Moon^> as i said, 1000.
[00:20] <X-Moon^> I'll be here for days, take your time in getting the money to me.
[00:20] Vilker whispers to Anna "Is this a joke?"
[00:20] <Lady_Og> Slaughter, Lord Og says what's up fucker...hehehehe
[00:20] X-Moon^ thinks back....I remember Og....vaguely....hmm, oh well.
[00:20] <Slaughter> Lady Og? Then it is true! He has ben taken captive against his will!!!!!!
[00:21] <X-Moon^> Bracht, you think i struck a deal?
[00:21] <Lady_Og> yes he has!!!!!
[00:21] X-Moon^ stands....
[00:21] Lady_Anna:  *Lady_Og* Sorry... there is a rule about cuss words... please be careful so the ops don't kick you... k?  *smile*
[00:21] <X-Moon^> well, all, it's been fun, and the drink has been good, but now it's time for me to head back to the home.
[00:21] <Slaughter> I will see if I can get up that kinda cash on short notice.
[00:22] Lady_Anna whispers to X-Moon.... big guy... bi-i-i-g guy
[00:22] Stang_66 [] has left #hfs
[00:22] <VBrachtV> I think I found what I was looking for without lossing money
[00:22] <X-Moon^> take your time, slaughter.....
[00:22] kelek [] has joined #hfs
[00:22] <X-Moon^> :()
[00:22] Kelek has returned :-)
[00:22] <VBrachtV> As far as the deal I don't think he'll bite
[00:22] Vilker whispers to Dame Anna "who is that...and what is going on m'Lady?"
[00:23] Kelek smiles
[00:23] <Slaughter> Kelek my friend please jion me!
[00:23] X-Moon^ bows to kelek as he leaves out the door, a dirty dirty muddy white belt swaying as he walks out.....
[00:23] Kelek joins slaughter how is everything slaughter perfectly evil i hope!
[00:24] Vilker observes...
[00:24] <Slaughter> Been trying to cause trouble. Working good in getting others to follow in different kingdoms.
[00:24] Lady_Anna whispers to Vilker... Og was the son of Bhurtok's first king... more  than that I may not say
[00:25] <Kelek> goood good
[00:25] Vilker to Anna "and what was that trinket the drunk knight offered Slaughter?"
[00:25] <Kelek> more evil the better
[00:26] Lady_Anna whispers.... I will tell you of it when slaughter may not overhear   *smile*
[00:26] <Vilker> very well...
[00:27] Kelek says My lady i beg yer silence for i would be greatly hurt if any harm were to befall you
[00:27] <Slaughter> So kelek any BAd news today?
[00:27] Lady_Anna looks cooly at Kelek
[00:28] <Kelek> plenty plent i am having trolls imprtd to my kingdom so we can brreed and train them
[00:28] Kelek stares icily at lady Anna
[00:28] Lady_Anna smiles sweetly
[00:28] <Vilker> Worry not m'Lady, no harm shall come to thee...
[00:29] <Lady_Anna> My thanks, Vilker.
[00:29] <Vilker> evil forgets that there are many eyes ever watchful...
[00:29] <Slaughter> CAn we try to bred them with the fea?
[00:29] <Kelek> Do not make promisses you cannot Keep Viker
[00:29] <Kelek> Fea?
[00:30] Vilker whispers "what evil, twisted experiment do they plan?"
[00:30] <Slaughter> fairy folk. elves and the such.
[00:30] Kelek smile sthta might be a good ideas
[00:31] Lady_Anna whispers  "I know not.... though Slaughter has done some terrible things in his experiments..."
[00:31] <Vilker> upon the orders of my master...I will not humor thy comments Kelek...
[00:31] <Slaughter> Can we try to bred them with were-creatures?
[00:31] <Kelek> and all unicorns must be captured and set for me for they are a delicacy
[00:31] <Slaughter> I know where we can find a nice were-cat.
[00:31] Kelek liks the way slaughter thinks
[00:32] Lady_Anna starts at the mention of were creatures
[00:32] <Lady_Anna> Vilker... methinks he is going too far...
[00:32] Kelek looks at Vilker and i will not humor you if you do not like our comments begone
[00:32] <Vilker> why does the mentioning of were-creatures disturb thee, m'Lady...
[00:33] Lady_Anna whispers... "My daughter... he is referring to my daughter!"
[00:33] <Slaughter> It could be fun to try to do more fun things with the were-cat too.
[00:33] <Slaughter> I need a new throw rug. I hear were-cat fur is very soft.
[00:34] <Lady_Anna> You will not!
[00:34] <Vilker> watch your mouth evil never know whose ears your words will fall upon...
[00:34] <Slaughter> Well then I will have to remove those ears so they cannot hear.
[00:34] Kelek smiles you my freind must watch your for you never know who your knew master might be
[00:35] Lady_Anna composes herself...
[00:36] Lady_Anna steps slightly behind Vilker, holding a crystal hung around her neck
[00:36] <Slaughter> Kelek Perhaps we can find a nice dragon to skin..... Scale armor done cheap!!!
[00:36] <Vilker> words of fire...easily quenched...
[00:37] <Slaughter> Some fires cannot be quenched.....
[00:38] <Vilker> agreed Slaughter...
[00:38] Carnage [wouldntyou@] has joined #hfs
[00:38] Lady_Anna silently mouths some words then moves back next to vilker
[00:38] <Kelek> carnage now that sounds like  a nice EVIIL name
[00:38] <Slaughter> I think after I'm done with Oni I will go hunting for a were-cat. Anyone want to join.
[00:38] Vilker nods..
[00:39] <Kelek> Vilker when you are prostrating youself to my people i will remember your comment and give you no mercy
[00:39] <Slaughter> *looks at carnage with suprise
[00:39] Lady_Anna gasps as she recognizes the tall lord approaching
[00:40] <Slaughter> Carnage what are you doing here?
[00:40] <Slaughter> Kelek watch the tall one he is a backstabber!!!!
[00:41] <Carnage> *Smoke seeps into the room from under the door. It opens and a dark figure clad in dragon scales and clown like figures*
[00:41] Lady_Anna pales
[00:41] <Kelek> Greetings Carnage
[00:42] <Slaughter> He has dragon scale armor??? Where did he get that Lady Anna?
[00:42] <Vilker> m'Lady..are you allright?
[00:42] <Carnage> *Nods in the direction of Kelek, and walks up to Lady Anna kissing her hand and bowing*
[00:42] <Kelek> nice armour carnage
[00:42] <Slaughter> Bet he got it from one of your husband's people.
[00:43] <Carnage> Thank you and you are?
[00:43] <Kelek> I am Kelek, Mage of the Dark Council of Silverspire!
[00:43] <Slaughter> Careful Kelek!!!
[00:43] <Carnage> *glares at Slaughter with a look of horrifying anger, but says nothing*
[00:44] VBrachtV looks toward anna
[00:44] Kelek is careful Slaughter, my friend..
[00:44] Vilker stares confused at Carnage...
[00:44] <Vilker> this gets more interesting by the minute...
[00:45] Lady_Anna catches Bracht's look...
[00:45] Kelek stares evilly at Vilker
[00:46] <Slaughter> it's open season on were-creatures!!!! Got your hunting permit yet Carnage?
[00:46] Lady_Anna looks closely at Bracht, and suddenly realizes who he reminds her of
[00:46] Nightfall [] has joined #hfs
[00:46] Kelek wil pay a hefty price for Unicorns brought to him alive!
[00:46] Nightfall Bows to everyone in the room
[00:47] <Lady_Anna> Gods!  Are they ALL going to be here???
[00:47] <Kelek> Greetings Nightfall!
[00:47] <Nightfall> Well since you ask, Yes - I am here Lady Anna
[00:47] <Nightfall> *heh*
[00:47] <Slaughter> Well some of us are not Gods but thanks for the compliment Lady Anna.
[00:47] <Lady_Anna> Nightfall!!!!!
[00:47] <Nightfall> lol
[00:47] <Vilker> Nightfall?
[00:48] <Carnage> Yes, some of us...
[00:48] <Vilker> and this is?
[00:48] Lady_Anna hugs Nightfall
[00:48] Lady_Anna then pulls back....
[00:48] Carnage Looks around room
[00:48] Nightfall hugs Anna back*
[00:48] <Slaughter> Got your hunting permit Nightfall??
[00:49] Nightfall looks to Vilker * Tis I - Sir Gabriel MacDonald of Bhurtok.
[00:49] <Lady_Anna> M'Lord Nightfall...  Slaughter is threatening Catrina!
[00:49] <Slaughter> I just want to play with the pu....CAt.
[00:49] <Lady_Anna> M'Lord Carnage...  It has been long...
[00:49] Lady_Anna glares at Slaughter
[00:49] Nightfall Smacks Slaughter's hand *
[00:49] <Slaughter> well...... HFS
[00:50] <Vilker> My apologies good Sir, your name travels far...but I did not have a face to match it...
[00:50] <Slaughter> *laughs*
[00:50] Kelek says leave Slaughter Alone!
[00:50] Lord_Og [] has joined #hfs
[00:50] <Carnage> Yes it has Anna... Do you still have the present I gave you?
[00:50] Nightfall punches Og * Hi there! *hehe*
[00:50] <Lady_Anna> Aye, Lord Carnage... that I do...
[00:50] <Lord_Og> Hi!!!
[00:50] <Nightfall> And Vilker - You are?????
[00:50] <Carnage> Ah here comes the prominent yet Highly over rated lord ship now
[00:50] Carnage giggles
[00:51] <Nightfall> lol
[00:51] <Lady_Anna> They are all here...  They are gathered...
[00:51] <Nightfall> I say - Og seems at a loss for words
[00:51] <Slaughter> Kelek fear not for me these are a few from Bhurtok that I play with when they can keep up with this old man.
[00:51] <Vilker> Under orders...I must decline to answer my good lord...
[00:51] <Lord_Og> Still can Kill you little man
[00:51] <Nightfall> LOL
[00:51] <Carnage> Glances around room and laughs
[00:52] <Nightfall> I see Vilker - well - tis good to meet you sir.
[00:52] <VBrachtV> back
[00:52] <Vilker> I thank you Sir...a drink?
[00:52] Kelek smiles at Slaughter more members for the cause my freind?
[00:52] <Slaughter> Ugly name to go with an ugly face huh Vilker?
[00:52] Vilker to Anna "and this Og?"
[00:53] Carnage Waits to see the encounter between Oggypoo and Lord Laughter
[00:53] <Vilker> my thoughts exactly Slaughter...
[00:53] <Vilker> that would be the clam chowder calling the cheese broth stinky...
[00:53] <Slaughter> Some may follow but I fear that it may not be good for our cause.
[00:53] <Nightfall> Keep up? *LOL* hes old and slow - resorts to the crouch position to keep from getting his great belly sliced
[00:53] <Kelek> we will confer later Slaughter
[00:53] <Slaughter> * LOL*
[00:54] <Slaughter> Very well Kelek.
[00:54] <Nightfall> Im just waiting till slaughter gets old enough to start chanting sanctuary - LOL
[00:55] Lady_Anna takes advantage of the confusion to step back quietly...
[00:55] <Slaughter> *LOL* not before I see you in the ground Nightfall.
[00:55] <Nightfall> lol
[00:55] Vilker whispers to Anna "M'Lady...forgive the intrusion...but I must ask something of you"
[00:55] VBrachtV turns at the sound of his homeland
[00:56] Lady_Anna whispers to Vilker... "Aye my friend... and if you would... shield me for a moment as we speak... there is something I must do."
[00:56] <Vilker> {whisper}"Of course..."
[00:56] <Nightfall> HAHA - If slaughter is attending this to be party - then I dont see why the daemons themselves dont show - for hes far worse - and worse looking! *hehe*
[00:56] <Vilker> "I am ordered to watch for your safety...will you allow me to keep you company?"
[00:56] Carnage Laughs
[00:56] Lady_Anna - now shielded from most eyes - is suddenly joined by a small emerald dragon.
[00:57] <Slaughter> Say Nightfall when I bury you can I have all that you own? Lady Metal would make a fine concubine.
[00:57] <Vilker> "Please allow this humble servant to carry out his mission..."
[00:57] <Lady_Anna> Vilker... I would be most honored...
[00:57] <Nightfall> Its allright slaughter - dont get too uppity - your old body may have a stroke
[00:57] Lady_Anna turns to the small dragon and whispers some instructions to it...
[00:57] <Slaughter> What I don't have in looks I make up in Stamina.
[00:57] <Nightfall> OMG HAHA
[00:58] <Slaughter> * laughs *
[00:58] <Lord_Og> lol
[00:58] <Slaughter> Yes she could do that too
[00:58] <Vilker> {whispers} "thanks the heavens for such"
[00:58] <Lord_Og> LOL
[00:58] <Slaughter> * LOL *
[00:59] Lady_Anna reaches out to touch the dragon and it flies through the center of the room and out of the window
[00:59] Carnage glance strangely at Nightfall
[00:59] Lady_Anna moves back next to Vilker
[00:59] VBrachtV moves closer to Lady Anna
[00:59] Carnage Moves closer to Anna
[00:59] <Slaughter> Must go. Bye
[00:59] <Lord_Og> ohh anna
[00:59] Nightfall sits in anna's lap *
[01:00] <Nightfall> heh
[01:00] <Lady_Anna> M'Lord Carnage...
[01:00] Lady_Anna smiles at Nightfall
[01:00] Carnage Rubs Anna's Shoulders
[01:00] <Carnage> heh
[01:00] <Slaughter> * Disappers in a fountain of blood spraying all in the tavern *
[01:00] Lady_Anna 's eyes grow wide
[01:00] <Vilker> Is this fair play m'Lady?
[01:01] <VBrachtV> I take it the lord desn't like doors
[01:01] Carnage fair is for the weak Vilker, learn that if nothing else.
[01:01] Carnage steps back and re-takes a seat
[01:01] <Vilker> I asked the Lady for her word Carnage...not thine...
[01:01] Lady_Anna shivers at the touch of Slaughter's ichor
[01:01] <Nightfall> LOL he likes to make an exit that everyone um well can feel.
[01:02] <Vilker> Is all safe in the present company m'Lady?
[01:02] <VBrachtV> I'm used to seeing  blood just not like that
[01:02] <Lady_Anna> The two worst have left... though what they may do together, I  know not
[01:02] <Nightfall> lol eeew
[01:03] <VBrachtV> sleep maybe
[01:03] <Carnage> I fein to remember your importance in this realm Vilk
[01:03] Vilker wipes blood from shirt...
[01:03] Nightfall looks toward the door and looks up at Demos. Greetings Traveler - Have I met thee?
[01:03] <Lady_Anna> the Tavern master hurries the wenches and serving boys in cleaning up the mess
[01:03] Demos is now known as Ghaleon
[01:04] <Lady_Anna> the tavern keeper approaches Ghaleon , "Greetings, gentle person. How may I introduce you to our patrons?"
[01:04] <Vilker> Lord-Squire Ghaleon...
[01:04] <Lady_Anna> Ah!  He is known to you, my friend?
[01:04] <Ghaleon> Nay, I'm just a simple peasent Ghaleon, nothing near a lord or a squire
[01:04] <Lady_Anna> Lady Anna courtsies deeply to Ghaleon and offers her hand. "Well met, my friend!"
[01:04] Lady_Anna signals the landlord to bring wine, ales and glasses for Lord_Og and the rest of the company.
[01:05] <Vilker> are you not Ghaleon from old Dalagoth?
[01:05] Nightfall scratches head * I dont recognise the name Ghaleon
[01:05] Ghaleon takes the hand of lady Anna and bows, kissing the top of her hand gently
[01:05] <Ghaleon> Nay, I'm the Ghaleon from Challain
[01:05] <Vilker> my apologies then...
[01:05] <Lady_Anna> Ah!  that is why you do look familiar!
[01:05] <Lord_Og> glass??? I would not know what to do with it..... Just bring me a keg
[01:06] <Lady_Anna> I have seeen you with Baron L'Engellan
[01:06] <Ghaleon> Aye mi'lady Anna
[01:06] <Carnage> A word Anna?
[01:06] <Nightfall> Ghaleon from Challain. *smacks himself in the head* I still dont remember the name.
[01:06] <Lady_Anna> Aye... Carnage... m'lord...
[01:06] Nightfall laughs at og
[01:06] Lady_Anna moves to join Lord Carnage
[01:06] Carnage walks with Anna to a quiet corner
[01:07] <Lord_Og> what I say??
[01:07] <Lady_Anna> Vilker.. Bracht.. it is all right, I think.. but please be vigilant..
[01:07] <Carnage> Has all been going well M'lady I have not spoken with you in many days
[01:07] <Ghaleon> Tis no problem that ye know not my name, although hopefully after our next coronation I shall be know as his Highness Ghaleon, Regent of Challain. But that means elections must be kind to me
[01:07] <VBrachtV> I wasn't worried M'lady
[01:07] <Lady_Anna> There is much that has happened... Slaughter is worse than ever he was...
[01:08] <Lady_Anna> Silvermane could no longer stand his foul hand upon the land... and underneath it
[01:08] <Carnage> *sigh* And what of him now?
[01:08] Carnage Looks angered at the mention of Slaughter's name
[01:08] <Nightfall> Grr! I must be daft - I could have sworn I knew every Challainian! *drinks a sip of ale*
[01:08] Vilker listens closely...
[01:09] <Lady_Anna> He... is now making a pact with the Dark Council... or wishes to
[01:09] <Ghaleon> I fought under the banner of House Wyvern at the War
[01:09] <Carnage> one moment M'lady
[01:09] <Lady_Anna> They were the group that brought fair Silver Spire low... and brought in the times of Dark Spire
[01:09] <Lady_Anna> Aye..
[01:09] <Nightfall> I go to challain every weekend! And lots of people fought under Wyvern at the war.
[01:10] Carnage Wave's his hand and suddenly no sound can be heard from anyone else in the Tavern an invisible barrier is raised.
[01:10] Lady_Anna is startled
[01:10] Vilker looks at Anna slightly disturbed...
[01:10] <Lord_Og> how you know that Nightfall with all the Shield's and all
[01:10] <Carnage> ok please continue
[01:10] <Ghaleon> I was the one with the Vampiric head on my shield at the war
[01:11] <Lady_Anna> He seeks to bring the Dark Council to rule once more...
[01:11] <Lord_Og> still cannot place the face
[01:11] <Carnage> And the Dark Council being who?
[01:11] <Lady_Anna> And I fear my family and I are not far from his mind...
[01:11] <Vilker> The correct pronunciation is {closes eyes}...Darkspyre m'Lady...
[01:11] <Nightfall> I dont remember details that closely. OOC this is Sir gabriel macdonald -
[01:11] <Lord_Og> Lord Og here!!!
[01:11] <Lady_Anna> The Dark Council brought Silver Spire down, and brought in Dark Spyre
[01:12] <Lord_Og> lol
[01:12] Vilker turns away
[01:12] <Vilker> {pause} is hard to see a Kingdom's first knight die such a death...
[01:12] <Carnage> Interesting, this must have been before even my time with Slaughter.
[01:12] <Vilker> I speak too much...forgive me m'Lady...
[01:13] Lady_Anna hears nothing from Vilker
[01:13] <Lady_Anna> They must not be allowed to rise again...
[01:13] <Nightfall> Ghaleon = did you fight at challains hopefuls tourney?
[01:13] <Lord_Og> Vilker??? who you talking of??
[01:13] <Carnage> Or what fate will befall the land?
[01:13] <Vilker> ...{looks down at table}...
[01:13] <Ghaleon> Aye, I fought in the hopefuls tourny of Challain
[01:14] <Lady_Anna> I cannot see Bhurtok surviving...
[01:14] <Vilker> Sir Davin died a horrible death once before returning from the ashes...
[01:14] <Vilker> at the hands of Darkspyre...
[01:14] <Lady_Anna> He has already threatened Catrina and her were cats...
[01:14] <Nightfall> Then I know who you are. Geez- I had to pronounce your name 15 different ways before I realized.
[01:14] <Lady_Anna> For his... experiments
[01:14] <Carnage> *sigh*
[01:14] <Vilker> {pauses,drinks ale}...
[01:15] <Carnage> The time is almost here for Slaughter's end. All will be made know to you soon.
[01:15] <Ghaleon> Sorry about that Nightfall, At least now I don't need to explain who I am further
[01:15] <Vilker> who did you fight at the tourney Ghaleon?
[01:15] <Lady_Anna> I must oppose him with all that I am, Lord Carnage...  all
[01:15] <Ghaleon> I fought an Assasin named Shadow and Lord Padraic
[01:15] <Carnage> As for an immediete solution to this uprising situation. I have not aswer. I must think on it.
[01:15] <Vilker> I see...were thou victorious?
[01:16] <Ghaleon> Nay, the Assassin won the tournament
[01:16] <Vilker> ah...
[01:16] <Ghaleon> Just what Challain needs, an assassin aspiring to become a knight
[01:16] <Carnage> I must go for now though, I shalt not keep thee any longer.
[01:16] <Lady_Anna> I still have the mask... my husband tried to discard it before he moved Wyrmewood
[01:16] <Lady_Anna> But it reappeared upon my bed the next morning
[01:17] <Carnage> heh yes I know, I was made aware...  Do you know his reasons?
[01:17] <Lord_Og> that is not the point of tourney
[01:17] <Vilker> I have been taught that a knight's original craft often matters little to his future actions...
[01:17] <Ghaleon> Tis true Vilker, and forgive me if I leave out any titles.
[01:17] <Vilker> simply Vilker good Sir...
[01:18] <Lady_Anna> His reasons?  my husbands?
[01:18] <Carnage> yes
[01:18] <Vilker> a man of status as plain as the floor here...
[01:18] <Lady_Anna> He feared the hold it may place upon me
[01:18] <Ghaleon> Aye, I know that status well Vilker, though I'm hoping to earn some nobility before I pass from this world
[01:18] Lady_Anna lowers head...
[01:18] Vilker smiles at Ghaleon's remark...
[01:19] <Vilker> then good luck to thee sir!
[01:19] <Nightfall> lol well described Vilker but I do think that thou are more than thou portrays. I do love the intrigue of not knowing who thou art.
[01:19] <Carnage> Be it known to you that I will never place any encumberances upon you nor your family.
[01:19] Carnage leans closer
[01:19] <Vilker> my teachings come from listening to others good sir...
[01:19] Lady_Anna looks up at Carnage
[01:19] <Vilker> If I am is a good listener...
[01:19] <Lord_Og> As long as a Knight listens to his/her heart first is all that matters
[01:19] <Lady_Anna> My thanks, m'lord
[01:19] <Nightfall> Well put good man!
[01:19] <Ghaleon> Aye, the listener be the student, though the all knowing in the end
[01:19] <Vilker> but Sir Gabriel flatters me with his praise...
[01:20] <Carnage> If nothing else I will always protect you and your family line from all harm
[01:20] <Nightfall> I have been taught that flattery will get me everywhere *grin*
[01:20] <Carnage> If you wish rid of me,
[01:20] <Lady_Anna> Again, my gratitude...
[01:20] <Carnage> Simply destory the mask
[01:20] <Vilker> your honesty precedes you good Sir...that is why your praise is taken well...
[01:20] <Lady_Anna> I see no reason for that, m'lord...
[01:20] <Carnage> by melting in in a cauldron of Dragon's blood
[01:20] Ghaleon laughs lightly at Sir Gabriel's comment
[01:20] <Carnage> and by that I will know your intentions
[01:21] <Carnage> :)
[01:21] Lady_Anna shivers as if touched by a chill wind
[01:21] <Nightfall> I wish I could hear these rumors of me from the outside - that would be intriguing *lol*
[01:21] <Carnage> But I must be off for now. I will think on the situations at hand
[01:21] <Lady_Anna> I - I could not bring my self to do such a thing!
[01:21] <Vilker> are you allright m'Lady?
[01:21] <Nightfall> I thank thee for the compliment
[01:22] <Lady_Anna> What do you need me to do for now, my lord?
[01:22] <Vilker> I do not waste my breath on compliments Sir Gabriel...only truth...
[01:22] Lady_Anna does not look at Vilker
[01:22] <Vilker> M'Lady...what is wrong?
[01:22] Carnage The barrier is dispelled
[01:22] Lady_Anna looks suddenly at Vilker...
[01:22] <Ghaleon> Vilker, it is good to save breath, but some things are meant to be wasted at times.
[01:22] <Carnage> I only said
[01:23] <Carnage> that to let you know
[01:23] <Lady_Anna> It is all right, Vilker...
[01:23] <Carnage> that you are a free women
[01:23] <Carnage> :)
[01:23] VBrachtV grabs his cup and sits down, drinking the cold brew
[01:23] <Lady_Anna> Aye... and ever will be...
[01:23] Vilker smiles at Carnage's comment...
[01:24] <Lady_Anna> Is there aught I may do to limit him and his new friends then?
[01:24] Nightfall interested look * that is a way to make someone take a compliment *cough* errrrrr truth if I ever heard one! ill have to remember that for when I speak to the ladies when i tell them of thier beauty!
[01:24] <Lord_Og> More Ale Please
[01:24] <Ghaleon> The lady killer to the end, eh Sir Gabriel?
[01:24] Lady_Anna signals the landlord to bring wine, ales and glasses for Lord_Og and the rest of the company.
[01:24] <Nightfall> Aspiring lady killer! *hehe*
[01:25] <Vilker> that is another thing that precedes you good Sir...
[01:25] <Ghaleon> Close enough good sir
[01:25] Lady_Anna smiles at Nightfall
[01:25] <Vilker> but my tongue forgets itself...forgive me...
[01:25] Carnage bows again for anna then raises up
[01:25] <Carnage> will there be anything else Anna?
[01:25] <Lord_Og> Nightfall??? you kill lady's???
[01:25] <Lady_Anna> Nay, sir... only do not cease your vigil of Slaughter...
[01:26] <Lady_Anna> He is more dangerous now, potentially
[01:26] Ghaleon laughs at Og's comment
[01:26] <VBrachtV> never fully complament a woman unless you truely mean it in heart and soul
[01:26] <Nightfall> LOL - Im liking some of these rumors now!
[01:26] Lady_Anna looks intently at Carnage
[01:26] <Nightfall> LOL - Og no I dont kill ladys!
[01:26] <Lord_Og> But I heard him say that you are a lady killer??
[01:27] <Nightfall> LOL
[01:27] <Ghaleon> LOL
[01:27] Lady_Anna smiles at the conversation
[01:27] <Carnage> Be assured that until his soul is with the rest under my control I shall never waist a minute in the persuit
[01:27] <Nightfall> VBrachtV I would never say otherwise.
[01:27] Vilker approaches Sir Gabriel "good Sir...a quick word?"
[01:28] <VBrachtV> i believe that for some reason
[01:28] Lady_Anna says in a low whisper..."But it is not, Sir!  and it is further away than ever before!"
[01:28] <Nightfall> Aye sir, *listens*
[01:28] <Vilker> I was assigned to watch for Lady Anna's safety, until someone of trust could relieve me of such duty...may I leave her safety in your hands?
[01:28] <Lord_Og> drinks his ale and try's to figure it out
[01:28] <Vilker> My master has instructed me you are a man of your word...
[01:28] Carnage Nodds in understanding
[01:29] Carnage With that Carnage walks to the door saying... - "And Vilker annoth lesson to be learned, Choose your fights wisely as ignorance can be the downfall of great men." With this he steps through the door and is gone...
[01:29] <Nightfall> I would as long as she is here. When she goes to challain - I have no word there. I am not of her kingdom anymore. I still hail from Bhurtok. But aye - as long as she is within ear shot - I can and always have looked after her.
[01:29] <Lord_Og> So, you don't kill lady's???
[01:30] Carnage is now known as Alisnder
[01:30] <Nightfall> LOL - looks at og - Drink more - youll figure it out
[01:30] <Vilker> I merely ask that she be protected while she it outside of Challain's jurisdiction...
[01:30] <Ghaleon> Vilker, I can take care of Lady Anna, for I am of her kingdom
[01:30] <Lord_Og> OK
[01:30] Lady_Anna hugs Og...
[01:30] <Lord_Og> drinks with a blank look on his face
[01:30] <Nightfall> Aye - then yes I can. One question - if I am not to know your name - what name shall I call your master by so I may thank him for looking after a friend?
[01:31] Alisnder The door immiediatly opens and in walks a kilted man
[01:31] <Lady_Anna> Og...  It is ok... He won't kill any ladies here...
[01:31] <Alisnder> Greetings everyone!
[01:31] <Alisnder> Ill have three of everything to be drunk
[01:31] Ghaleon looks to Alisnder and nods in greetings
[01:31] <Lady_Anna> Alisander!
[01:31] _Vilker [] has joined #hfs
[01:31] Alisnder smiles warmly at lady anna
[01:31] <Lord_Og> SO, HE DOES KILL LADY'S!!!!
[01:32] <Ghaleon> LOL @ Lord Og
[01:32] <_Vilker> My apologies for do I have your trust Sir Nightfall?
[01:32] Alisnder looks oddly at Ghaleon - Have we met before sir?
[01:32] <Lady_Anna> No... he does not... let me get you another ale... or would you rather have meade tonight?
[01:32] <Nightfall> *looks sharply at ghaleon - Inside challain she is safe with that kingdom and any in it who would call her friend - outside challain - she is safe with me or any escort we have that she herself trusts.
[01:32] <Nightfall> Aye sir Vilker - I will do my best
[01:32] <_Vilker> I thank you good Sir..with such promise...I must depart...
[01:33] <Ghaleon> Nay, I do not believe we have. But if ye wish, ye may call me Ghaleon
[01:33] _Vilker walks to Anna...
[01:33] <Nightfall> Vilker befor eyou depart
[01:33] <_Vilker> aye Sir?
[01:33] <Alisnder> Awww so soon??? * looks at Vilker* I was just about to buy all the people I dont know an ale!
[01:33] <Ghaleon> As you wish Sir Gabriel
[01:33] <Nightfall> What is the name of your master - or what shall I call him by so I may thank him or you for looking after my friend?
[01:33] <_Vilker> due to my orders good will forgive me if I shall inform you of that at another time...
[01:34] Lady_Anna joins Nightfall.... What was all that about?
[01:34] <Nightfall> Very well good sir
[01:34] <Alisnder> I shall Ghaleon, and I am Lord Allisander MacDonald of Bhurtok
[01:34] _Vilker bows humbly to Sir Gabriel..
[01:34] Alisnder bows in return
[01:34] <Nightfall> Alisander - your kilt is crooked
[01:34] <_Vilker> M'Lady Anna...I must be gone...Sir Gabriel has relieved me of my duty as your guard...
[01:34] Lady_Anna offers her hand to Vilker
[01:34] Nightfall looks at anna - thats what it was about
[01:35] <_Vilker> before I do...please take this note...'tis for your eyes and eyes alone...and is in the strictest confidence...
[01:35] <Alisnder> M'lady, hath thou need of guard
[01:35] <Alisnder> ??
[01:35] <Lord_Og> Why you kill ladyies Nightfall??? They are so soft and beoutiful ands they cannot hurt anyone...Well there is that Sharzanka lady but she is the only one I know that is deadly
[01:35] _Vilker kisses Anna's hand and hands note...
[01:35] <Lady_Anna> My thanks, good Vilker... You were a timely friend indeed
[01:35] Lady_Anna blushes prettily.
[01:35] <Nightfall> Aye - the house of MacDonald shall watch over the good Lady Dame Anna
[01:35] Lady_Anna takes the note...
[01:36] Alisnder Looks to Nightfall-Aye we shall! It has been a long time brother.
[01:36] <Nightfall> *laughs hard* Og - I dont kill ladys!!!!!!!
[01:36] <Lord_Og> hey I am MacDonald!!!! what is going on??
[01:36] <Alisnder> How have you been?
[01:36] Lady_Anna chuckles....
[01:36] Nightfall laughs harder
[01:36] <Lord_Og> you don't??
[01:36] VBrachtV watches not understanding
[01:36] <Lord_Og> I am cofused
[01:37] <Nightfall> Forgive me allisander - I cant verily easy breathe. Let me catch my breath.
[01:37] <Ghaleon> Ah, then well met my lord. I hail from Challain and am currently aspiring for the regency of the great northern kingdom.
[01:37] <Lord_Og> why is everyone laghing??
[01:38] <Alisnder> Well we have the whole family in here tonight!!!
[01:38] Lady_Anna moves toward Bracht
[01:38] <Alisnder> How have you been Og?
[01:38] <VBrachtV> yes M'lady??
[01:38] Nightfall calms down and breathes deeply* Og - a there are 2 kinds of lady killers. You I hear are a lady killer too! One is the type that KILLS ladys and the other kind of lady killer is the type that kills them with compliments and desire - This i believe you have become.
[01:38] <Lord_Og> Ok
[01:38] Alisnder just noticed og
[01:38] _Vilker [] has quit IRC (Leaving)
[01:39] <Lord_Og> but I think that they water down the ale here!
[01:39] <Lady_Anna> They are ... shall we say... old friends..
[01:39] Alisnder Hands Ghaleon an Ale...
[01:39] Lady_Anna whispers... if you are who I think you are... have you no memories?
[01:39] Ghaleon declines the ale "I don't drink such things mi'lord"
[01:39] <Lord_Og> OHHHHHH..... so which are you??
[01:39] <Nightfall> HAHA - Barkeep!!! I swear if there be water in thine ale - This man here *claps og on the shoulder* can taste and smell it! He is not nice about ruining ale!
[01:40] <Alisnder> Where have you been Og? I haven't seen you near bhurtokian lands in a while
[01:40] Lady_Anna signals the wench to bring some fruit juice for youn Ghaleon
[01:40] <Nightfall> Im the same kind of lady killer you are Og!
[01:40] <Ghaleon> Thank you Lady Anna
[01:41] <Lady_Anna> the tavern keeper approaches HFSUser , "Greetings, gentle person. How may I introduce you to our patrons?"
[01:41] Alisnder Gulps the Ale he was handing Ghaleon, your loss Ladd.
[01:41] <Lord_Og> I don't kill lady's..... I concore them
[01:41] HFSUser [] has quit IRC (Leaving)
[01:41] <VBrachtV> <w> no memories
[01:41] Lady_Anna 's face falls a little...  "Oh..."
[01:41] <Nightfall> BARKEEP - If thou wish to water down the ale for this man - Then you ought to water it with Dwarven Spirits! Thats light drinking for him!
[01:42] <VBrachtV> I must be dreaming
[01:42] <Lady_Anna> Well, Bracht... regardless... my deepest thanks...
[01:42] <Lady_Anna> Why do you think you are dreaming?
[01:42] <Lord_Og> I have been looking for the murder of my fauther.... that Black mage...Chardren
[01:43] <VBrachtV> you just reminded ne real quick of one I once loved
[01:43] Nightfall slips a gold coin in the barkeeps hand. * Make that a bottle of Dwarven spirits for the big man in the kilt!
[01:43] Lady_Anna blushes prettily.
[01:43] <Lady_Anna> Say you so, Bracht?
[01:43] <VBrachtV> I say so, M'lady
[01:43] <Lord_Og> hay I am in a kilt too... can I have one too??
[01:44] Alisnder Looks saddened when he hears Og speak of the Death of his father.
[01:44] <Nightfall> looks at og - so have I og. So have I. I miss max - hes the one who brought me here and got me a job!
[01:44] <Alisnder> He will be avenged my brother
[01:44] <Lord_Og> Yes he will!!!
[01:44] <Lady_Anna> Bracht... who was she, your lady love...?
[01:44] <Ghaleon> Perhaps I shall be off for this night
[01:44] Nightfall laughs again * Yes og - you can have one too
[01:44] Ghaleon [] has quit IRC (Leaving)
[01:45] <VBrachtV> aye my wife
[01:45] <Lord_Og> pores some ale on the ground in memory of Dad
[01:45] Alisnder sits down with a blank look on his face. OOC AFK heh
[01:46] Lady_Anna looks sad....  I dare not ask, good sir...
[01:46] VBrachtV mouth drops open
[01:46] <Nightfall> *hehe* if that was the spirits you poured on the ground 0 then your dad just got drunk!

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