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Welcome weary traveler, to our favorite Inn.
Come in and sit for awhile..
Have some ale, or some Mead..
Or perhaps you would like to try the Special Sangria?

Th e Crossroads Tavern is a virtual Meeting Place for those who inhabit the Combined Realms of the High Fantasy Society.  It exists as an IRC Channel called
#hfs  on the Undernet IRC Servers
There are many roads to the Tavern, but some of the easiest
are through an IRC program or the Java interface.

For PC's

For Macs

to access directly from a browser
Interface from Eagleblade Hold

When to visit:   There are often folk in the Channel at most hours
But we try to Officially open the Tavern starting around 8 pm most nights

The channel was founded by Hector Segovia so that members of the group
could gather for both Chat and Role Play no matter where they are located.
It is a Moderated Channel, so please watch your language - at least a little.
Normally, the King's Peace is the Rule... and Hector IS a King!

Take a look at some of the interesting and fast paced
Role Play that has happened at the Tavern.   Some
of these are a little long, but the role play is
wonderful, and the extra information about both
Characters and storylines is well worth it!

Chorinth in the Tavern
Caseo the Messenger has wings!
Sharjinka and Pokedex get Into It!
The Lords of Chaos come to Visit
Caseo Meets Blackroot
Rowan in the Tavern
Chorinth the Psion meets Sharjinka
Nightfall and Shajinka
Davin's Return

Now it is your turn.... Join us and make your own story in the tavern!

Some of the Regulars on the Channel and Who they Are:

Channel Nicknames
Known Personnae
N|icodemus Gabriel Hector Nicodemus Dalagoth / Terra Vashti
Pokedex Pokemon & 
Resident Tavern Bot
Issac, X-Moon,BigShow,  Issac Blackmoon Dalagoth
Stang66, Kelek Kelek the Mage Silver Spire
Sir Galtor Sir Galtor Hollowfist Silver Spire
Sir Rue, Blackroot Sir Rue Curetouch
Silver Spire
Davin, Caseo, Chorinth Sir Davin
Caseo the Arial Messenger
Chorinth the Psion
Master Eric
Silver Spire
Lady_Anna, Siobhan Dame Anna Dragonheart
Siobhan the Bard
BsqAdmael, Admael Baron Squire Admael L'Engellan Challain
Sharjinka, Shokie Sharjinka , Shokie Drandmir
Ealasaid Ealasaid the Dryad Barad Duin
Terwin Lord Terwin the Wizard Barad Duin
Nightfall Sir Gabriel MacDonald, Lord Nightfall, Darkwind Bhurtok
Slaughter Leo Slaughter
Sir Nick Doom'us

These are only a few of those who visit!!

So stop by some day or evening and join us for some chat and exciting Role play!
You never know who you are going to meet at the
Crossroads Tavern!

For  more information on the #hfs Channel
Contact Hector Segovia  at

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