Chorinth in the Tavern

The Setting:  This evening, as Anna waits in the tavern, Chorinth the Psion walks in.  Anna has just had a threatening dream from the Psion known as Lord Phillip Mentor, and is hoping to get a chance to talk with Chorinth, who seems very different from Mentor.  They are joined in the Tavern by X-Moon, Blackroot, Admael and that enigma of a butler, Jeeves.

This involves part of the story line role play leading up to the Challain Event in Nov. 1999, and refers to some of the history of Silver Spire...

[23:31] Chorinth [] has joined #hfs
[23:31] <X-Moon> of course, i'm biased
[23:31] <Chorinth> *steps in standing guarded upon a cane*
[23:31] <X-Moon> ask around though, i'm sure some people may still rmember him
[23:31] Lady_Anna stands slowly and bows to Chorinth  "Welcome Friend Chorinth"
[23:31] <Chorinth> *looks to Lady Anna*
[23:32] <Chorinth> Freind?
[23:32] <Lady_Anna> Yes... Friend...
[23:32] <Chorinth> as I have studied the word ....such a title is ....
[23:32] <Chorinth> premature....
[23:32] <Chorinth> *looks quizically*
[23:33] Lady_Anna motions to Admael to not take any action... but to watch
[23:33] X-Moon slams another scotch down and prepares to finish off his bottle.
[23:33] <Chorinth> *smiles at lady anna*
[23:33] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth, then...  may I speak with you?  Or would that make you too
[23:33] <Chorinth> *pauses ...practices the smile.....nods....and smiles again*
[23:34] Lady_Anna smiles at  Chorinth
[23:34] <Lady_Anna> You are doing well, Chorinth...
[23:34] <Chorinth> I mean no malice , I am confused by your way ...
[23:34] <Chorinth> I am...learning
[23:34] <Chorinth> Talk is slow and clumsy...but I am without alternative
[23:35] <Chorinth> *tries the smile again looks strangely like Galtors*
[23:35] Kelek [] has joined #hfs
[23:35] <Lady_Anna> I can understand that, Chorinth... it must be very... strange for you.
[23:36] <X-Moon> smiles are easy to come by....just ask someone to tickle you
[23:36] <Lady_Anna> Greetings Mage...
[23:37] Blackroot [] has joined #hfs
[23:37] <Chorinth> tickle* ponders definition* no..I have not yet mastered touch control*
[23:37] <Lady_Anna> ah!  Greetings Blackroot!
[23:37] <Blackroot> {looks at Chorinth}...
[23:37] <Lady_Anna> Tickle may be a bit advanced...
[23:37] <Chorinth> *spins at all the new entries and leans heavily on his cane*
[23:37] <Blackroot> what's he doing here?
[23:37] Lady_Anna looks  at Blackroot...
[23:37] <Chorinth> ...I can leave.....
[23:37] BSqAdmael stands
[23:37] <Blackroot> a crippled psion eh?...suits you right...
[23:38] Lady_Anna signals to the tavern keeper to make a place at a secluded spot, which is done
[23:38] <X-Moon> i guess this is one of those mind guys everyone's been talking about lately...
[23:38] <Blackroot> should have known to stay away from our lands...
[23:38] <Chorinth> *looks quizically at Blackroot*
[23:38] X-Moon offers the psion a drink...
[23:38] <X-Moon> he's here to drink!
[23:38] <Chorinth> I need not my abilities to sense malice from you....
[23:38] <Kelek> chhloerith ios welcome here anytime blackroot this is my taver  and he si welcome
[23:38] <Blackroot> intent is clear then brainboy...
[23:38] <Chorinth> .....thank you....
[23:38] <Lady_Anna> Nay, Blackroot... Chorinth was here as a guest of King Galtor
[23:38] <Chorinth> *to X-moon*
[23:39] <Blackroot> hmm...maybe 'cause he didn't come barging into your house Anna..
[23:39] X-Moon raises his cup
[23:39] <X-Moon> Here's to ME!
[23:39] <Chorinth> is the poison alcohol in this drink?
[23:39] <Blackroot> well...Galtor is always up to something...
[23:39] <Lady_Anna> I know not...
[23:39] X-Moon drinks up
[23:39] <Chorinth> do not speak ill of him
[23:39] <X-Moon> hey, anyone wanna buy a magical necklace?
[23:39] <X-Moon> :)
[23:39] <Blackroot> hah!...I will speak ill of any hoity-toity noble I please...
[23:39] Lady_Anna whispers to Blackroot, "And perhaps I can learn something from him that may
help in challain."
[23:40] BSqAdmael Jeeves_Mo'K
[23:40] <Blackroot> I think your "guest" got hit in the melon a little too hard there...
[23:40] <Blackroot> {looks over at Admael}...
[23:40] <Blackroot> hah...Admael...still mad at me?
[23:40] BSqAdmael is now known as Jeeves_Mo
[23:40] <Blackroot> oh...oops...
[23:40] <Kelek> now now balckroot play nice or i'll have to put i in "time out"
[23:41] Jeeves_Mo comes up behind Blackroot
[23:41] <Jeeves_Mo> message for you, Sir.
[23:41] <Blackroot> go play with your fireballs Kelek...
[23:41] Jeeves_Mo leaves
[23:41] <X-Moon> balls
[23:41] <Chorinth> I now realize how easily people succumb to emotion...without the song to
reassure me your jibes would bring me to action before thought...curious...
[23:41] <Blackroot> ..umm...thank you Jeeves...
[23:41] Jeeves_Mo is now known as BSqAdmael
[23:41] <Blackroot> {reads note}
[23:41] <Chorinth> *spins and looks wide eyed at jeeves*]
[23:41] Kelek loooks at blackroot everyone is to be treateed nicley in my taver understood blackroot!
[23:42] X-Moon raises his cup again.
[23:42] <X-Moon> Here's to ME!
[23:42] <Blackroot> that an order wiz?
[23:42] X-Moon drinks!
[23:42] <Kelek> yes it is
[23:42] <Blackroot> hum...heh heh...*chuckle*...another one who got hit in the head too hard...
[23:43] <Chorinth> *puts cup down. looks to tavern keeper* I mean no disresspect , but do you have
something without poison?
[23:43] <Kelek> i dont  think so
[23:43] <Kelek> i haver the poer here yer in my domain
[23:43] <X-Moon> i thinkb terwin order something called toffee once
[23:43] <X-Moon> boffee....
[23:43] <Chorinth> *ponders toffe*
[23:43] <X-Moon> something like that
[23:44] <Chorinth> *ponders Boffe*
[23:44] <Chorinth> OOC agreed
[23:44] <Chorinth> OOC your char is not you =)
[23:44] <Kelek> ooc did u realy think i was gonna kick u  robert hell no im just rp dont worry
[23:44] X-Moon OOC is still waiting to get the ops he was promised...
[23:44] Blackroot whispers to Anna "do as you must Anna, if you need to meddle with him to get info
out of him, go ahead. Doesn't mean I like it..."
[23:45] <Blackroot> OOC: I dunno..the timing there was just a bit odd...but anyhow...
[23:45] <Kelek> ooc were vool robert dotn worry
[23:45] <Chorinth> I like the way you communicated before....Anna
[23:45] <Blackroot> ok..
[23:45] <Kelek> ooc im jst messing around in charactr
[23:45] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth, may I move closer soo we may communicate better?
[23:46] X-Moon seems to be swaying from side to side.
[23:46] <Chorinth> when you communicated with used no words it was...admirable
[23:46] <Kelek> ooc i'l tlk ot u guy tomorow have to go to bed
[23:46] <Chorinth> yes Anna...your reputation is true..I would speak with you
[23:46] Blackroot walks over to Admael, "Oh c'mon Admael, if I had a nickel for every man that
disliked me at some point, I'd be richer than Tokinae..."
[23:46] Lady_Anna smiles at chorinth
[23:47] <Chorinth> *coughs slightly*
[23:47] Blackroot groans at Chorinth, walks to sit next to X-Moon
[23:47] <BSqAdmael> true...
[23:47] <Kelek> ooc night robert and ana
[23:47] <Chorinth> *wonders if he has also angered the tavernkeeper*
[23:47] <X-Moon> hello blackroot...i got a magic necklace.
[23:47] <Lady_Anna> OOC Night Kelek
[23:47] <X-Moon> You got 1000 gold on ya?
[23:47] <Blackroot> I know about your necklace X-Moon...shut up and drink...
[23:47] Lady_Anna moves slowly closer to Chorinth
[23:47] X-Moon drinks
[23:47] <Blackroot> Hey!  My friend and I need more drink here!!
[23:48] <Chorinth> *coughs fitfully*
[23:48] Lady_Anna signals for the tavern keeper to bring some water for Chorinth
[23:48] <BSqAdmael> C: Are you well, Sir?
[23:48] <Chorinth> *looks at anna*
[23:48] <Blackroot> Need to swallow this little pill that I see in front of me {looks to Corinth}
[23:48] <X-Moon> i sure do enjoy your company, BR
[23:48] <Chorinth> *remebers to smile ..and then smiles*
[23:48] <Lady_Anna> It is all right..
[23:48] <Blackroot> Don't get mushy on me man...last thing I need...
[23:48] <X-Moon> hey, um, can i get one of those too?
[23:48] <X-Moon> what do those do?
[23:48] <Chorinth> ...I have Never before been ...sick
[23:49] <Lady_Anna> I am sorry...  it is usually a temporary condition
[23:49] <Chorinth> Admael
[23:49] Blackroot whispers " seemed quite healthy when you attacked Etheria..."
[23:49] <BSqAdmael> Yes, Sir.
[23:49] <Chorinth> I was Blackroot...I was at my peak
[23:50] <Blackroot> I'm sure you're proud...twit...
[23:50] <Chorinth> I can not be
[23:50] X-Moon sings *You know I can't blame her - try as I might - she took all of my horses when
she left me last night!*
[23:50] <Blackroot> Oh yeah...I feel no emotion...
[23:50] <Chorinth> I was doing what was the will of my prime
[23:50] <Chorinth> I can...I choose not too
[23:50] <Blackroot> Come by Trakand Manor sometime...Domino will make you feel something...
[23:50] BSqAdmael is now known as Jeeves_Mo
[23:50] <Chorinth> If you wish..I will ask Galtor
[23:50] Jeeves_Mo walks over to Chorinth
[23:50] <Blackroot> Your prime can suck my mug Chorinth...
[23:51] <Lady_Anna> Blackroot, please.... respect that he is at a disadvantage here...
[23:51] <Jeeves_Mo> Your Heal spell, Sir.
[23:51] <Chorinth> *looks at jeeves*
[23:51] Jeeves_Mo casts heal on Chorinth
[23:51] Jeeves_Mo is now known as Admael
[23:51] <Blackroot> you know how many injured and close deaths we had at Etheria?
[23:51] <Chorinth> looks quizically at Admeal*
[23:51] <X-Moon> she rode off by moonlight, and cut through the fences, looks like somebody has
come to her senses...
[23:51] <Lady_Anna> I was at Debbinshire, sir...
[23:51] <Chorinth> 1,248.2 sir
[23:51] <Blackroot> I assure you that we were at a strong disadvantage when we first scouted into
Etheria...we got no sympathy from him...
[23:52] <Blackroot> shut up Corinth!
[23:52] <Chorinth> counting previous inhabitants who would not assimilate
[23:52] <Blackroot> I'm going to smack this man if someone doesn't shut him up...
[23:52] <Lady_Anna> From what we know, it was not Chorinth the individual, but the Collective and
the will of their leader
[23:53] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth... your communication is upsetting Blackroot
[23:53] <Blackroot> He can claim mental insanity...that doesn't fly in my court of justice...
[23:53] <Chorinth> *nods*
[23:53] <Chorinth> I will leave
[23:53] Admael stands
[23:53] <Lady_Anna> I do not know that it is insanity...
[23:53] <Chorinth> stands
[23:53] <Blackroot> more drink!
[23:53] <X-Moon> heehee, ass
[23:53] X-Moon is listening to The Refreshments - 03 - Wanted
[23:53] <X-Moon> I need another full mug to suck on!
[23:53] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth..
[23:53] <X-Moon> sorry
[23:53] <Chorinth> *leans heavily on cane*
[23:53] <Chorinth> yes Lady Anna
[23:53] <Admael> B: King's Peace applies here. That applies to your kind as well.
[23:54] <Lady_Anna> Please do not take offense at Blackroot's words
[23:54] <Blackroot> I haven't run him through yet, have I Admael?
[23:54] <Blackroot> that's pretty good protocol for me...
[23:54] <Lady_Anna> Many friends were lost ... in the battle
[23:54] <Blackroot> you would act just as enraged if they overran Ixchel, and assimilated OOMae
and Bernadette...
[23:54] <Chorinth> I can not take offense..I thought you wanted me to leave?
[23:54] <Blackroot> so get off your high stool...
[23:55] <Chorinth> but it would save them...
[23:55] <X-Moon> all of a sudden i feel sad.....
[23:55] <Chorinth> he would want them to be in ......
[23:55] <Chorinth> *searches for word*
[23:55] <Chorinth> ...paradise?
[23:55] Blackroot 's forehead begins to show veins...
[23:55] <Lady_Anna> Perhaps Blackroot might...  why don't we go over here, away from the crowd
[23:55] <Blackroot> kill him...
[23:55] <Chorinth> yes Anna
[23:55] Admael eyes narrow, looks at his Knight
[23:55] <Lady_Anna> Admael... buy him another round
[23:56] <Lady_Anna> Blackroot... respect the peace!
[23:56] X-Moon looks into his drink....
[23:56] <Blackroot> I am Anna...the bloke would not be standing if I didn't...
[23:56] <Chorinth> *stops*
[23:56] <Lady_Anna> Give me leave to speak with him, please... in peace
[23:56] <Chorinth> *looks at Blackroot*
[23:56] <Chorinth> *recognition*
[23:57] <Chorinth> I undersatnd!!!
[23:57] <Blackroot> do as you will Anna...
[23:57] <X-Moon> SO much bloodshed, so many tears, so much fighting, betrayal, emotions....
[23:57] Lady_Anna motions toward the secluded spot...   Come Chorinth.. please
[23:57] <Blackroot> always the bard eh X-Moon..?
[23:57] <Chorinth> you think its justifiable to tame nature..and lesser creatures , but not when you
are the weker party
[23:57] <X-Moon> al for what?  Land, power, riches?  Hah!
[23:57] <Blackroot> more drink! make it double...and for my bud here too {points to X-Moon}
[23:57] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth, please...
[23:58] X-Moon smiles..
[23:58] <Lady_Anna> Come sit here...
[23:58] <X-Moon> I've found MY nirvana....
[23:58] <Chorinth> you speak as if I had erred you but our intent was NEVER to kill
[23:58] <Blackroot> I'll show you the weaker party if you get out from under Anna's skirt...
[23:58] <X-Moon> oooohhh.
[23:58] Admael raises left hand to B: I bewitch thee with my words "x3"
[23:58] <Chorinth> such is nature and if that is your wish then end my ....misery
[23:58] <Blackroot> Don't make me cut you down Admael...
[23:58] <Blackroot> you said King's peace...keep your words at bay...
[23:59] <Chorinth> ...but that is nature yours ...and sadly mine
[23:59] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth... come  and sit, please...
[23:59] <Chorinth> if you strike me down it is your right...
[23:59] <Blackroot> argh!...Anna...I suggest you take him to his corner...
[23:59] <Chorinth> but you are no better than me...
[23:59] Lady_Anna looks at Blackroot...
[23:59] <X-Moon> i haven't mutterd those words in years...Last Time I did, Dlagoth and SilverSpire
defeated Bob and the kingdom of Barad Duin
[23:59] <Chorinth> just clumsier...
[23:59] <Admael> Your final warning, Blackroot. One more outburst and I'll have your removed.
[23:59] <Blackroot> I may not be...but the people you tried to assimilate were good people...
[23:59] <Chorinth> *looks intently at Blackroot studying*
[00:00] <Blackroot> you forget yourself Admael...I will say this one more time...
[00:00] <Chorinth> if they were they would have not drawn wepons to our gift
[00:00] Lady_Anna watches the Psion and Blackroot
[00:00] <Blackroot> If your home was overrun by these mindless would act just
like me...
[00:00] <Chorinth> no
[00:00] <Chorinth> Admeal is being saved
[00:00] <Blackroot> so get off your high horse Baron...
[00:00] <Chorinth> he is a lore master
[00:01] <Chorinth> and thus feared and studied
[00:01] <Blackroot> He's a pain in the rear is what he is...
[00:01] <X-Moon> All of a sudden, I really don't like the psion.
[00:01] <Chorinth> his is the kind that will make change for better or worse
[00:01] <Blackroot> I'll drink to that...more drink for X-Moon!
[00:01] <Blackroot> oh comes the sermon...
[00:01] <Chorinth> that is your choice Loremaster X , but I have no gift for your ways
[00:01] <X-Moon> I ain't preachin!
[00:02] <Blackroot> not you dolt...the psion!!
[00:02] <X-Moon> that's alright....
[00:02] Lady_Anna takes a slightly stronger tone...   Chorinth, please... I need to speak with you...
[00:02] <Chorinth> I come with none of the duplicity so common in your species
[00:02] <Chorinth> *shudders*
[00:02] <Chorinth> forgive me Anna
[00:02] <Chorinth> I was ....learning
[00:02] <Blackroot> yeah...go sit down...
[00:02] X-Moon goes to finish the last of his scotch
[00:03] <Chorinth> people are more true when emotions are bared
[00:03] Blackroot whispers "I got some lessons to teach you..."
[00:03] Lady_Anna motions toward the secluded area....
[00:03] X-Moon is listening to Queen - princes of the universe.mp3
[00:03] <Chorinth> no need to senses are perfect in the wake of my blindness
[00:03] Lady_Anna looks at Admael who nods back silently
[00:03] <Blackroot> good...
[00:03] <Chorinth> *sits*
[00:04] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth...  I am curious... what has Galtor told you, or have you simply been
[00:05] <Chorinth> he teaches me regularly....I would be helpless without him
[00:05] <Lady_Anna> The wench comes over and offers Chorinth a glass of water
[00:05] <Blackroot> another round for me and X-Moon!
[00:05] <Lady_Anna> I can imagine...  you must feel very ... alone, here
[00:06] <X-Moon> i 'll pay for this one
[00:06] <Chorinth> thank you
[00:06] <Chorinth> I am....*listens to something*
[00:06] <Blackroot> good enough...
[00:06] <Chorinth> for now
[00:07] <Lady_Anna> Has Galtor explained that our race does not see what you offer as a gift?
[00:07] <Chorinth> looks confused*
[00:07] <Chorinth> no
[00:07] <X-Moon> tell me sumthin, Black root.......will you be at November to Remember?
[00:07] <Blackroot> for sure...about time we celebrated the right way!!
[00:08] <X-Moon> you know it.
[00:08] <Lady_Anna> For many of us it would be worse than dying... like ceasing to exist
[00:08] <Chorinth> but that is because you have not experienced it...
[00:08] <Chorinth> your kind so wantonly destroys itself and its neighbors
[00:09] <X-Moon> I invite you to come to our section, as we're getting the boyz back together for a
little cookout, and since it's invite only, I invite you to come and sample some of our kick-ass cooking.
[00:09] <Lady_Anna> We believe that once experienced, we could not un-experience it...
[00:09] <Chorinth> why would you want to?
[00:09] <X-Moon> we're gonna have meat.
[00:09] <Blackroot> I'll drop by...maybe bring some of the Dominos with me...
[00:09] <Chorinth> I am ...un experiencing it....
[00:09] <Lady_Anna> We are born as individuals.... it is the way of our kind...
[00:09] <Chorinth> it is *ponders quote*
[00:10] <X-Moon> hope you do..we'l have meat and my usual.....
[00:10] <X-Moon> ummm, you do know what my usual is, right?
[00:10] <Blackroot> no...shoot...
[00:10] <Chorinth> "there is none sadder to live in the dark when you once tasted the light"
[00:10] <X-Moon> starts with an "S"
[00:10] <X-Moon> ends with an "cotch"
[00:10] <Blackroot> ah!!
[00:10] <Blackroot> con madre...
[00:10] <Chorinth> I was NEVER an individual
[00:11] <Lady_Anna> Perhaps your light is the wrong kind for my race...  it would hurt me as much
as this loneliness hurts you
[00:11] <Chorinth> I was helpless until Galtor saved me
[00:11] <X-Moon> there is none sadder sadder to live in a world without scotch
[00:11] <Chorinth> I disagree
[00:11] X-Moon smiles
[00:11] <X-Moon> once you taste the scotch, you will know
[00:11] <Chorinth> I have seen your love for your family and these people who are strangers to you
and you call friend
[00:11] <Blackroot> I see...look forward to it...
[00:12] Admael rises
[00:12] <Blackroot> {stares at Chorinth's corner}
[00:12] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth... Lord Mentor visited me in my dreams last night...
[00:12] <Chorinth> you would be able to heal , them , hold them help them and understand tem with
a thought
[00:12] Blackroot whispers to X-Moon "Collective happiness...what a crock..."
[00:12] <Chorinth> *shudders*
[00:13] <Chorinth> he was a ....mistaek...
[00:13] Blackroot looks at Admael rise...
[00:13] <Lady_Anna> You are able to heal?  With a thought?
[00:13] <Chorinth> yes
[00:13] <Admael> ALl: I must be off...Good Night my Knight, Ladies, Gentelmen...Blackroot
[00:13] <Chorinth> even those far away
[00:13] <Lady_Anna> He has a mission, I think... Mentor does... he is not... gentle about it
[00:13] X-Moon to BRoot: I can do that, too!
[00:13] <Chorinth> Goodnight Admeal
[00:13] <Blackroot> love you too Admael...say hi to the bureaucrats for me...tell them they're doing a
great job...
[00:13] <Chorinth> I would look forward to ..talking to you
[00:13] <X-Moon> Admael, good night!
[00:13] <Lady_Anna> Good Night Squire...
[00:13] <Admael> The Lord be with you Chrointh
[00:13] Blackroot *chuckles*
[00:13] <Lady_Anna> be well...
[00:14] <Chorinth> *smiles* coming from you that is high praise
[00:14] <Chorinth> for no one else is
[00:14] <Blackroot> ain't that the truth...
[00:14] <Chorinth> except My lord Galtor
[00:14] Blackroot groans...
[00:14] X-Moon just remembered that he hasn't advised brother Shadizar about N2R.
[00:14] <Admael> and with you, my Knight.
[00:15] Lady_Anna smiles   "Godspeed, my friend."
[00:15] <Chorinth> Mentor
[00:15] <Chorinth> ...he is....poison
[00:15] <X-Moon> bRoot, you're situated by SilverSpire, correct?
[00:15] <Chorinth> he will change the collective if he lives
[00:15] <Lady_Anna> Mentor was trying to "recruit" me for the Collective...
[00:15] Admael is now known as Tavern_Bo
[00:15] <Chorinth> *shudders*
[00:15] <Blackroot> in Trakkand Manor...Lord Trakkand is the only noble in Domino...
[00:15] <Lady_Anna> And Admael as well...
[00:16] Tavern_Bo is now known as Bouncer_T
[00:16] <Blackroot> {looks at Bouncer_T}...
[00:16] <Lady_Anna> His methods were... rough and .... cruel
[00:16] <Chorinth> thsi is wrong
[00:16] Bouncer_T stands behind Blackroot's table
[00:16] <X-Moon> I might send down a runner in a day or two to go start saying hello and stuff, like
in the old out for him.
[00:16] <Lady_Anna> He is the only Psion I had ever spoken to.   That is why I wanted to speak with
[00:16] Blackroot keeps drinking...
[00:17] <Chorinth> your .....knowledge is flawed/blessed by the fact that it cant be ripped from you
[00:17] <Blackroot> I swear...they just don't know what to do with the staff anymore...
[00:17] <X-Moon> that is, if he doesn't get sidetracked, which he does 80 percent of the time.
[00:17] <Lady_Anna> Ripped from me?
[00:17] <Blackroot> allright X-Moon...
[00:17] <Chorinth> the best way would be to assimilate your histories and add them to the
[00:17] <Chorinth> then to bring you in.
[00:18] <X-Moon> Ghalleon never really makes it to his destinations, always winds up lost...
[00:18] <Lady_Anna> But if I was assimilated, I would be the Collective... I would no longer be Anna
[00:18] <Chorinth> with your predisposition to guarding you would make a great prime of a node
[00:18] <Blackroot> heh heh...
[00:18] <Chorinth> why would you want to be just Anna
[00:18] <Lady_Anna> I will accept that as a compliment... but I will not give up my individuality
[00:18] <Chorinth> when you could be all Anna
[00:19] <Chorinth> er all AND Anna
[00:19] Lady_Anna smiles...
[00:19] <Chorinth> you are all and one
[00:19] X-Moon is smiling too much
[00:19] <Lady_Anna> As you said before... you were never an individual...
[00:19] <Chorinth> only true primes enjoy the song all day long
[00:19] <Blackroot> you got some chicken wing stuck in your teeth X-Moon...
[00:19] <Lady_Anna> What is the song you speak of?
[00:19] <X-Moon> not true!
[00:19] <Chorinth> the rest of us live for the ascendency
[00:20] Lady_Anna signals the landlord to bring wine, ales and glasses for Blackroot and the rest of
the company.
[00:20] <X-Moon> I enjoy songs all day every day!
[00:20] <X-Moon> songbirds....
[00:20] <Chorinth> *ponders definition*
[00:20] <Lady_Anna> The ascendancy?
[00:20] <Chorinth>
[00:20] <X-Moon> the wife's whitsle
[00:20] <Lady_Anna> Becoming more?
[00:20] Blackroot laughs
[00:20] <Blackroot> good one there x
[00:20] <Chorinth> is the only definition I can think of that fits...
[00:20] <X-Moon> Ghalleon's pathetic excuse for singing...
[00:20] Blackroot chuckles...
[00:21] <X-Moon> i swear, that hairy guy can drive a man to drink....
[00:21] <Chorinth> it is a ....bliss that enters us when we can hear it it reassures us, strengthnes us,
heal us and gives us resolve
[00:22] <Blackroot> I'll take your wor for it...
[00:22] <Chorinth> it sings to us then if we are strong enough we can join it
[00:22] <Blackroot> word...sorry...
[00:22] Bouncer_T is now known as Two_Bounc
[00:22] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth... let us both understand that you would not wish to be other than
you are, and neither would I.
[00:22] <X-Moon> since only the prime enjoys the song all day, I now declare myself Issacus Prime!
[00:22] <Blackroot> {looks at other bouncer}...
[00:22] <Chorinth> but I am
[00:22] <Blackroot> getting kind of stuffy in here eh?
[00:22] <X-Moon> cause i enjoys songs all day
[00:22] <Chorinth> thus is nature
[00:22] <Chorinth> I am the weaker for now
[00:22] X-Moon is now known as IsscusPri
[00:22] <Blackroot> ??
[00:23] <Lady_Anna> If you were to find other Psions, you would hear the song again?
[00:23] <Chorinth> and so it is nature that I will be preted upon by those who would belive that there
way is the way
[00:23] <IsscusPri> see?
[00:23] <Chorinth> ....pauses...
[00:23] <IsscusPri> a song called release!
[00:23] <Chorinth> I do Anna
[00:23] <IsscusPri> I hear it now!
[00:23] <Blackroot> wow...too much drink for me...
[00:23] IsscusPri is now known as X-Moon
[00:23] <X-Moon> :)
[00:23] <Blackroot> I'm outta here {puts down 2 gold}...for the next few rounds X-Moon...
[00:24] <Blackroot> Anna...take care...
[00:24] <X-Moon> blackroot, youre a good man
[00:24] Lady_Anna smiles at Blackroot...
[00:24] Two_Bounc Goes off duty as Blackroot leaves
[00:24] <X-Moon> see you soon.
[00:24] <Blackroot> And Chorinth...{grins}...break a leg....
[00:24] <Chorinth> if you were not here Blackroot would end me
[00:24] <Lady_Anna> Despite all, sir... I wish you godspeed
[00:24] <Lady_Anna> I am here...
[00:24] <Blackroot> {smiles at bouncers} nothing better to do tonight guys?
[00:24] <Chorinth> and when the wave comes they would end him and his childer such is the way
[00:25] <Lady_Anna> The wave?
[00:25] Blackroot passes between two bouncers...making sure he bumps both...
[00:25] Two_Bounc picks up Blackroot, throws him out door
[00:25] <Chorinth> we have failed
[00:25] <X-Moon> we should get some topless wenches in this tavern....then the bouncers would
REALLY work.
[00:25] <Chorinth> *looks at her as if that explains evrything*
[00:25] Blackroot comes in, subdues both bouncers' legs...and leaves them gimping along...
[00:25] <Blackroot> good night all...
[00:25] <X-Moon> oh!
[00:25] <Lady_Anna> Failed?   Have you heard that there may be a psion in the northern kingdoms?
[00:26] <X-Moon> that's gotta hurt.
[00:26] <Lady_Anna> Good Night Blackroot...
[00:26] Blackroot steps out door...
[00:26] Two_Bounc bows to Tavern Keeper
[00:26] Blackroot passes without trace...
[00:26] <Chorinth> *ponders, remembers then smiles*
[00:27] <Chorinth> there are many my lady
[00:27] Lady_Anna looks down for a moment...
[00:27] <Chorinth> OOC great minds think alike ;-)
[00:28] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth... do you believe it is right to force others into the Collective?
[00:28] <Chorinth> no....but dogs do not wish to be trained
[00:28] <Chorinth> and cats do not wish to be spade
[00:29] <Lady_Anna> Do you see me then as a dog or cat?
[00:29] <Chorinth>
[00:29] <Chorinth> personally
[00:29] <Lady_Anna> Would it be right to force a psion to be alone... if that could be done?
[00:29] X-Moon motions a wench over, gives her the 2 gold that Blackroot left behind as a tip...and
walks toward the exit.
[00:30] Lady_Anna smiles
[00:30] <Chorinth> if we fall so far that that is our fate then perhaps
[00:30] <Lady_Anna> Nay...  I suggest that there may be another way...
[00:30] <Chorinth> there are many Psions in the north
[00:31] <Chorinth> I hear there call daily
[00:31] <Chorinth> evrynight it becomes stronger
[00:31] Lady_Anna freezes  "Many?"
[00:31] <Chorinth> I will have to decide what is right
[00:31] <Chorinth> but Galtor wishes me to ignore it
[00:31] <Chorinth> I will have to decide if there is another way
[00:32] <X-Moon> Thank you all for a wonderful time tonight.  Anna, I will see you later.  Chorinth,
you freaky thing you, have a good day tomorrow, and wenches, especially you with the plaid skirt,
sorry, but I'm married and after tonight broke.
[00:32] <Lady_Anna> Is there no way that we could learn from you without being assimilated?
[00:32] <Chorinth> but if all livestock decided to take your children , if all creatures wanted truce I
can promise you you would not be so confident that there is always a way
[00:32] Lady_Anna smiles at X-Moon
[00:32] <Chorinth> Goodbye Loremaster
[00:32] <Lady_Anna> Be well, my friend... safe journey home...
[00:34] X-Moon walks away, a stained muddy, ugly white belt swaying from side to side as he sings
a little tune...
[00:34] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth... I was there as well, at Debbinshire...  I was almost killed... ended...
by one who had been assimilated
[00:34] <Lady_Anna> She was ordered to kill me...
[00:34] <Chorinth> but you were stronger and you prevailed
[00:34] <Chorinth> such is the way
[00:34] <Chorinth> you must have been a tactical danger
[00:35] <Chorinth> or mentor saw you as a threat
[00:35] <Lady_Anna> With the help of others...  I am a paladin knight, Chorinth
[00:35] <Lady_Anna> Mentor *shudders*
[00:35] <Chorinth> than at that time, you were right
[00:35] <Chorinth> for as your history teaches might makes right
[00:36] <Lady_Anna> Nay.. it is not always the case...  the stronger does not always mean the better
[00:36] <Chorinth> now who is being naive
[00:36] <Lady_Anna> Though if evil wins the day, the good continue to battle...
[00:36] <Lady_Anna> That too is history...
[00:36] <Chorinth> your own history proves otherwise
[00:37] <Lady_Anna> Nay... for I have lived it, and am doing so now...
[00:37] <Chorinth> you are rare.
[00:37] <Chorinth> in a world that belives and lives otherwise
[00:37] <Lady_Anna> There are more like me...
[00:37] <Chorinth> not many
[00:37] <Chorinth> and none just like you
[00:37] <Chorinth> ..that is too bad
[00:38] <Lady_Anna> No... not just like me.... but similar...
[00:38] <Chorinth> when you are taken all will be lost
[00:38] <Lady_Anna> I will not be taken...
[00:38] <Chorinth> if you do not yield they will take you
[00:38] <Chorinth> you are to important
[00:39] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth, I will not yield...
[00:39] <Chorinth> you do not understand
[00:39] <Chorinth> I mean no disrespect or bravadio
[00:39] <Lady_Anna> I have felt the touch of another mind...
[00:39] <Chorinth> but we were just scout
[00:39] <Chorinth> a handfull of scouts a project within a project
[00:39] <Chorinth> we failed
[00:40] <Chorinth> the leftovers are massing to prove themselves
[00:40] <Lady_Anna> And Mentor?
[00:40] <Chorinth> but the true collective will surely decide that we are all infected and cant be
reasoned with
[00:40] <Chorinth> he will be erased too...he is an abomination
[00:41] <Lady_Anna> Erased?   You would no longer be Chorinth?
[00:41] <Chorinth> if a dog is dangerouis to himself and to others....
[00:41] <Chorinth> my essence will live forever within the collective
[00:41] <Chorinth> but my shell is tainted
[00:41] <Lady_Anna> My husband usually casts a heal spell upon him...
[00:42] <Chorinth> free will , self destruction, violence and lechery have only one cure
[00:43] <Chorinth> the human species is a disease on this planet
[00:43] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth...  I cannot lose the notion that there is a way for our races to coexist
- without bloodshed
[00:43] <Chorinth> how
[00:43] <Chorinth> your race never stops hungering , never gives more than it takes
[00:44] <Lady_Anna> What do you know of love, Chorinth?  Have you ever felt that emotion?
[00:44] <Chorinth> yes
[00:44] <Lady_Anna> What is love to you and the Psion?
[00:44] <Chorinth> from the way you speak such is the bliss of the song , the safety of all and the
peace of a job well done
[00:44] <Chorinth> I hate war
[00:44] <Lady_Anna> As do I
[00:45] <Chorinth> but people attaked me when I first came, you fear what you do not understand
[00:45] <Chorinth> this is nature
[00:45] <Lady_Anna> Love for us is willing the greatest good for the other... and when that is there,
the human species is raised
[00:46] <Lady_Anna> Yes... people attacked you... and they do fear what they do not understand,
[00:46] <Chorinth> Ponders emotion*
[00:46] <Chorinth> no ma'am
[00:46] <Lady_Anna> They do learn...
[00:46] <Chorinth> you are a rareity to seldom heeded
[00:46] <Lady_Anna> I am learning from you...
[00:46] <Lady_Anna> I was frightened of you at first, but I did not attack you
[00:46] <Chorinth> if you were truly heeded if they would just listen to you then your realms wouldnt
constantly be in such chaos and strife
[00:47] <Chorinth> if you were a prime you could make them see peace
[00:47] <Chorinth> but never do enough listen to you
[00:48] <Chorinth> greed and emotion make them blind as well as deaf
[00:48] <Lady_Anna> The humans use communication - and example to make others see peace
[00:48] <Chorinth> then it is not working
[00:48] <Chorinth> you need new methods
[00:49] <Lady_Anna> Those things do exist... but for humans to be assimilated... for me to be taken
into the collective...  I would not be as much ME
[00:49] <Chorinth> but they would be more you
[00:49] <Lady_Anna> If there are new methods that respect our free will, I would be willing to learn
[00:49] <Chorinth> I know of none
[00:49] <Lady_Anna> But I would not wish to force my will on another..
[00:49] <Chorinth> what is is what must be
[00:50] <Lady_Anna> That is where the difference is, I fear...
[00:50] <Chorinth> there is no diffrence Anna
[00:50] <Chorinth> we play by these rules because such is nature
[00:51] <Chorinth> but I still dont think you understand
[00:51] <Chorinth> we were just a handfull
[00:51] <Lady_Anna> I wish to understand, Chorinth.... but I do not wish to lose  myself...
[00:52] <Lady_Anna> You are saying there are many more?
[00:52] <Chorinth> when they come to erase us
[00:52] <Chorinth> you said
[00:52] <Chorinth> ...a.....heal will be used.....
[00:53] <Chorinth> the ...disease ...will be eradicated....
[00:53] <Lady_Anna> It does not sound like a heal to me... are you willing to be "healed" in such a
[00:53] <Chorinth> such is nature
[00:53] <Chorinth> I am infected
[00:53] <Lady_Anna> The thought of that makes me very sad, Chorinth...
[00:53] <Chorinth> even now
[00:54] <Chorinth> I doubt my old ways
[00:54] <Chorinth> I am begining to care
[00:54] <Chorinth> such poison will bring war to Billions
[00:54] <Chorinth> I will have to be cleansed and so will the land
[00:55] <Chorinth> when the true Collective comes there will be no talk of assimilation
[00:55] <Chorinth> I belive your histiry has a most adequte word for it
[00:55] <Chorinth> .......Genocide......
[00:55] <Lady_Anna> What kind of beings are your leaders to do such??
[00:56] <Lady_Anna> Do they then also fear what they do not understand?
[00:56] <Lady_Anna> And if it does not accept them, then they "eliminate" the opposition?
[00:56] <Lady_Anna> Is this not what you were criticizing in my species?
[00:57] <Chorinth> *smiles*
[00:57] <Lady_Anna> What makes the psion way any different?
[00:57] <Chorinth> it is waht YOU have done to germs for years
[00:57] <Chorinth> and all you have succeded only in making stringer germs
[00:58] <Chorinth> I am infected clearly
[00:58] <Chorinth> I can hear the call but do not run to it
[00:58] <Chorinth> we have further mutated and created Mentor
[00:58] <Lady_Anna> germs?  what are germs?
[00:58] <Lady_Anna> OOC:  In this age I would not know the term...
[00:58] <Chorinth> such a virus will destroy both you and I
[00:59] <Chorinth> the ....organisms that make your pets and family sick
[00:59] <Chorinth> the reason you need your gods cure touch so much
[01:00] <Lady_Anna> Ch-chorinth...
[01:00] <Chorinth> we are infected and whats more to many will like the new vrsion they are infected
beyond heal , the collective would be merciful to erase me
[01:00] <Chorinth> but I would ....dislike the ending of you
[01:00] <Lady_Anna> You can see what makes an illness and heal it?
[01:01] <Chorinth> if your god is like you I hope it wins
[01:01] <Chorinth> I begin to think there are many gods all fighting like we do...
[01:01] <Lady_Anna> I would not like for you to be ended...
[01:01] <Chorinth> germs...virus...bacteria?
[01:01] <Chorinth> yes Anna
[01:01] <Chorinth> they live like we do
[01:02] <Chorinth> well to be honest more like the Psions do
[01:02] <Chorinth> I think secretly we look up to them
[01:02] <Lady_Anna> Although you do not see it so... I think there is much good in you...
[01:02] <Chorinth> after all they were here first
[01:02] <Chorinth> Good?
[01:02] <Lady_Anna> OOC:  OH, then you are really psiontists, huh?
[01:02] <Chorinth> no not good
[01:03] <Chorinth> OOC HA HA HA HA
[01:03] <Chorinth> OOC falls off chair =)
[01:03] <Lady_Anna> Yes... by human standards
[01:03] <Lady_Anna> OOC:  Ran across that nickname on another rpg channel...
[01:03] <Chorinth> OOc cool i like it =)
[01:03] <Lady_Anna> OOC:   thought I would share ... and infect the collective some more...
[01:05] <Lady_Anna> By human standards, you - yourself- are good... and if there could be a way
for the psions not to feel the need to force their "gift" on humans who are unwilling, there should be a
way to coexist and learn from each other...
[01:06] <Chorinth> we cant
[01:07] <Chorinth> maybe if your species graows up
[01:07] <Chorinth> or if one of you rules
[01:07] <Chorinth> but now it is like you all are chaos
[01:07] <Chorinth> each screaming in the defense of the "true" way
[01:07] <Lady_Anna> If we are eliminated, we cannot grow up...
[01:08] <Chorinth> and none of you numbering enough to be recognized
[01:08] <Chorinth> if you all joined to gether then perhaps the collective would listen (and be
[01:08] <Chorinth> this is true
[01:08] <Chorinth> I think your race
[01:08] <Chorinth> I dont want it to end
[01:09] <Chorinth> I can see why you drink
[01:09] <Chorinth> it is not good for you but it is fun....
[01:09] <Chorinth> ...just as you all are to me
[01:09] <Lady_Anna> Tell me of the Loremasters... do you truly fear them?
[01:09] <Chorinth> it is a dark time in our history
[01:09] <Chorinth> it is the closest we evr came to a co existence
[01:10] <Lady_Anna> Oh?
[01:10] <Chorinth> but they were not one mind and through betrayal almost infected us and began a
[01:10] Lady_Anna signals to the tavern keeper to bring juece and water
[01:10] <Chorinth> it was terrible ...
[01:10] <Chorinth> many on both sides died
[01:11] <Chorinth> I can feel there echoes in the song
[01:11] <Chorinth> it was our first taste of.........
[01:11] <Chorinth> ....
[01:11] <Chorinth> magic.
[01:11] <Lady_Anna> the Loremasters?    That is sad....  Our bards... our Loremasters do give us
our song...
[01:11] <Chorinth> *shudders*
[01:11] <Chorinth> and faith
[01:11] <Lady_Anna> Magic...  yes, it can be frightening...
[01:12] <Chorinth> they were dangerous they believed in MAKING people belive there way
[01:12] <Lady_Anna> As the psions do?
[01:12] <Chorinth> but there way was not peace it was to much power in emotional hands
[01:13] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth...  this is much like that fire over there... *motions to the fire on the
[01:13] <Chorinth> they like Admeal did belived it was okay to force someone to do his bidding
[01:13] <Chorinth> *looks*
[01:13] <Lady_Anna> If that fire is misused and allowed to get out of control... it does damage and
causes pain... yes?
[01:14] <Chorinth> *smiles*
[01:14] <Chorinth> yes
[01:14] <Lady_Anna> On the other hand, if it is controlled and used wisely, it does much good...
[01:14] <Chorinth> yes
[01:14] <Chorinth> YOU SEE IT !
[01:15] <Chorinth> you would make a good Psion
[01:15] <Lady_Anna> Aye... that part... but I wonder ... do you see the rest of the picture?
[01:15] <Chorinth> picture
[01:16] <Chorinth> *touches fire...*
[01:16] <Chorinth> I am new to this but...
[01:16] <Lady_Anna> No!
[01:16] <Chorinth> *pulls hand away*
[01:16] <Lady_Anna> do not touch...
[01:16] <Chorinth> real
[01:16] <Lady_Anna> Much like magick... it can hurt or help.
[01:16] <Lady_Anna> Are you burned?   Injured?
[01:17] Lady_Anna looks at Chorinths hand... holding out her hands to him, but not touching unless
he wills it
[01:18] <Chorinth> yes ma'am but you see would you give a hungry dog the power to slay humans
[01:18] <Lady_Anna> Is your hand all right?
[01:18] <Chorinth> there are to few of you mature enough to wield such power
[01:18] <Chorinth> I am burned
[01:18] <Lady_Anna> Be still....
[01:18] <Chorinth> I am sorry in my old form I would already be regenerating
[01:18] <Chorinth> but now I flawed
[01:19] <Chorinth> no thank you
[01:19] <Chorinth> I do not give service to your god
[01:19] <Chorinth> I will heal at my own slow pace
[01:19] <Lady_Anna> As a paladin, I have a touch that will heal... It is my fault for not warning you in
the first place.
[01:19] <Chorinth> no thank you
[01:20] <Chorinth> *guards hand*
[01:20] <Lady_Anna> I will respect that... but it saddens me for you to be hurt...
[01:20] <Chorinth> Galtor tells me of how you gain your powers , I would rather not
[01:20] <Chorinth> you are so diffrent
[01:20] <Lady_Anna> How I gain my powers?   What do you mean?
[01:20] <Chorinth> I envy your family
[01:20] <Chorinth> they must be like a node
[01:21] <Lady_Anna> They are much like a node I think...
[01:21] Lady_Anna smiles
[01:21] <Chorinth> you are in service to your god??? no?
[01:21] <Lady_Anna> I serve a goddess.... yes.   She is gentle and peaceful... yet she is strong
[01:21] <Chorinth> I hope she wins
[01:22] <Chorinth> I am tired
[01:22] <Lady_Anna> I feel her in the Land...
[01:22] <Chorinth> there are to many gods
[01:22] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth... may... may I call you friend, now?
[01:22] <Chorinth> i will not yeild to one
[01:22] <Chorinth> you always could
[01:22] <Chorinth> I just feel your species definition ...that IO deserve such a title
[01:23] <Chorinth> er not
[01:23] <Lady_Anna> Nay... there is no yielding to her... only giving... and love
[01:23] <Lady_Anna> You do by my definition...
[01:23] <Chorinth> such is your belief I have been taught otherwise
[01:23] <Chorinth> but you are rare
[01:23] <Lady_Anna> As, I think, are you...
[01:23] <Chorinth> you call ALL friend unless they give you a reson to otherwise
[01:24] <Chorinth> I would not live long under such a path
[01:24] <Lady_Anna> Yes.... I choose to believe the best...
[01:24] <Chorinth> your god must hold you dear
[01:24] <Lady_Anna> As I do my goddess... but I would not force another to her service
[01:25] <Lady_Anna> What she gives I freely share...
[01:25] <Chorinth> I like you...
[01:25] <Chorinth> I cannot comprehemd you
[01:25] <Chorinth> you are a wonderful enigma
[01:25] <Lady_Anna> I feel the same way, Chorinth...
[01:25] <Chorinth> I hope you win
[01:26] <Lady_Anna> I hope we all do...
[01:26] <Chorinth> your world would be kind
[01:26] <Chorinth> but ....such is not the world we live in...yet
[01:26] <Lady_Anna> Not yet...
[01:26] <Chorinth> *blinks*
[01:26] <Lady_Anna> but someday...
[01:26] <Chorinth> *seems to be asleep*
[01:26] <Chorinth> *wakes*
[01:27] <Lady_Anna> May I ask one more question of you?
[01:27] <Chorinth> I am losing conciosness*
[01:27] <Chorinth> of course Anna
[01:27] <Chorinth> I am sorry ...I am so weak
[01:27] <Chorinth> I will try to be lucid
[01:27] <Lady_Anna> If you decided to.... could you touch my mind now?
[01:27] <Chorinth> I dont think so...
[01:27] <Chorinth> not without the collective
[01:28] <Chorinth> I am so weak
[01:28] <Lady_Anna> I am sorry...  I have kept you too long...  you are tired...
[01:28] <Chorinth> and Paladins are guarded so well by ther gods
[01:28] <Chorinth> you are near impossible to read
[01:28] <Lady_Anna> But our will is free...
[01:28] Lady_Anna drops mental shields
[01:28] <Chorinth> no
[01:29] <Chorinth> not all , some of you follow your gods blindly
[01:29] <Chorinth> some kill for god, and some heal
[01:29] <Chorinth> it depends on the god
[01:29] <Chorinth> and the human
[01:29] <Lady_Anna> Perhaps...
[01:30] <Chorinth> it is true
[01:31] <Chorinth> your culture is not like you
[01:31] <Chorinth> it is a pity
[01:31] <Lady_Anna> But a human can choose... and a human can learn....
[01:31] <Lady_Anna> You are tired and still recovering, my friend...  perhaps we may speak more
another day?
[01:32] <Chorinth> I would like that...
[01:32] <Chorinth> Good night Lady Anna
[01:32] <Chorinth> .....friend
[01:32] <Chorinth> *grabs ring and whispers the name 'melvyn'
[01:32] <Lady_Anna> Good night, friend Chorinth.... be well...
[01:32] <Chorinth> a monk appears*
[01:33] Lady_Anna smiles at Melvyn....
[01:33] <Chorinth> Bows* Lady Anna
[01:33] <Lady_Anna> Ah!  It has been long, good Melvyn!
[01:33] <Chorinth> ooc this is not my chjar so I cant really role play him =)
[01:34] <Chorinth> Melvyn Helps Chorinth to stand*
[01:34] <Lady_Anna> Guard your charge well, and I hope I have not overstepped any bounds by
speaking with him
[01:34] <Lady_Anna> He is... a friend...
[01:34] Lady_Anna smiles
[01:34] <Chorinth> OOC I really am curious to see what hed say but he's not my char and I don't want
anyone mad at me =)
[01:34] <Lady_Anna> OOC  I know
[01:35] <Chorinth> * melvyn looks curiosly at Anna at the word friend says something friendly and
non commital and helps him out of the tavern*
[01:35] <Chorinth> ooc I think thats safe =)
[01:36] Lady_Anna sits back down to ponder this very strange night

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