Sharjinka Meets Chorinth

The Setting and Players:   Rowan has come to the inn, and recovered her sanity for a few minutes.  That has faded now as Pokedex's spell dissipates.  Anna and Chorinth continue their conversation, touching on some deep subjects.  Chorinth seems to have changed.  Sharjinka enters the tavern and Anna introduces her to Chorinth... then tells her who - and what - he is....

[[22:56] <Rowan> Drink brings a moonly madness.  all the troubles drip away into the glass. Drip drip drip until you drip away too and are all puddly.
[22:57] <Lady_Anna> Nay, Chorinth... Mistress Rowan suffers from a malady, apparently brought on by the fae
[22:57] <Chorinth> are you sure
[22:57] Rowan watches the fey climbing in the window. Anna hears, very faintly, a feeblemind spell invoked by small voices.
[22:57] <Chorinth> *looks dissapointed*
[22:58] <Chorinth> that at least would have made sense
[22:58] Rowan looks sharply at Chorinth.
[22:58] <Lady_Anna> Yes.... as sure as I may be... and more so now...
[22:58] <Rowan> Why must everything make sense?
[22:58] Lady_Anna glances sharply at the fae
[22:58] <Chorinth> because then you dont hurt people...
[22:58] Rowan stands angrily and chants "Take to the air and fly away." and flies up to the rafters.
[22:59] Rowan settles onto one of the cross beams and glares down at Chorinth.
[22:59] <Chorinth> balance is a virtue and a gift, and to treat ones malady it helps to undertsand
[23:00] <Rowan> All the little peices line up so perfect and march march march all in a line, but they are screaming inside and battering at the walls of their cages.  Can't you hear them, Chorinth?
[23:00] <Chorinth> OOC can you?
[23:01] <Chorinth> OOC this is very imporatnt>>>>
[23:01] <Chorinth> ooc can YOU?
[23:01] <Rowan> ooc i think she is intuiting it
[23:01] <Rowan> ooc not really hearing it
[23:01] <Chorinth> OOC rats
[23:01] <Rowan> ooc it may have been in a dreaming
[23:02] <Rowan> ooc she did have a dream of a green girl who was screaming on the inside.
[23:02] <Chorinth> do you want me to?
[23:02] <Rowan> People should be free.
[23:02] <Chorinth> agreed
[23:02] <Chorinth> and only when all are one ..can they be
[23:02] Rowan stands and walks the cross beam like a tightrope. She starts to skip.
[23:03] <Lady_Anna> Free, Chorinth?  *watching Rowan on the rafter*
[23:03] <Chorinth> yes Anna
[23:03] <Rowan> No no no...  If everyone is alike you can't be free.  If I'm like you and you're like me then I'm not like me and neither is Fluffy.
[23:03] Lady_Anna nods...
[23:03] <Chorinth> but then evryone could love fluffy
[23:03] <Rowan> Anna wouldn't do this, though.  And I can't sing like she does.
[23:03] <Chorinth> and evryone would know when shes hungry
[23:04] <X-Moon> heehee, i sure did see someone fly up a second ago...this is good bber.
[23:04] Rowan turns a cartwheel.
[23:04] <Lady_Anna> What would make Fluffy Fluffy?
[23:05] <Chorinth> dont you see , we would not have to argue or fight
[23:05] <Lady_Anna> A tiny blue dragonet suddenly appears before X-Moon 's face who hears a message: "Drink More Ale!"
[23:05] <Chorinth> its not like I would tell fluffy what to be
[23:05] <Lady_Anna> I know it is hard to understand, Chorinth...
[23:05] <Chorinth> instantly evryone would be a part of fluffy
[23:05] <X-Moon> well, far be it for me to ignore a dragonet's words...
[23:05] <Lady_Anna> The Tavern keeper claps his hands and shouts: "Quickly, lass - more ale for X-Moon !"
[23:05] <Rowan> I don't want to be part of Fluffy.  I want to be part of me.
[23:06] <Chorinth> and fluffy would instantly understand what we all felt
[23:06] Rowan chants again and blips out of existance.
[23:06] Rowan reappears behind Chorinth.
[23:06] <Rowan> We'd never be surprised.
[23:06] Lady_Anna blinks
[23:06] <Rowan> How boring.
[23:06] Rowan blips out again and reappears on her head behind the bar.
[23:07] <Chorinth> *turns his full green eyes on her*
[23:07] <Chorinth> *and rises to meet her.....*
[23:07] Lady_Anna watches... holding her breath...
[23:07] <Chorinth> you will be....
[23:07] Rowan does a handspring and lands on her feet holding a bottle of mead.
[23:07] <Chorinth> if you so wish it
[23:08] <Rowan> I'm surprised on a daily basis.
[23:08] <Chorinth> I would have wished better for you
[23:08] Rowan her eyes have more than a glint of sanity in them.
[23:08] <X-Moon> nice if you could do that, but this time S L O W E R, and have the mead appear in MY hand.
[23:08] <X-Moon> heehee
[23:09] <Lady_Anna> Rowan?
[23:09] <Chorinth> let me warn you this
[23:09] Rowan flips the bottle over her head in X-Moon's general direction. It lands in his hand.
[23:09] <Rowan> Aye Anna?
[23:09] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth... did you... what is your warning?
[23:09] <Chorinth> a surprise is only pleasnt if in the end your glad of it
[23:09] <Lady_Anna> Rowan... you seem... better...
[23:09] <X-Moon> bnow do a slow cartwheel.
[23:09] <X-Moon> heehee
[23:09] <Chorinth> if you wish for a surprise it will come....
[23:10] <Lady_Anna> This is true, Chorinth...
[23:10] <Chorinth> *ponders8
[23:10] Lady_Anna nods
[23:10] <Rowan> Well, now.  There are good surprises and bad surprises.  I'd hate to give up on the good ones for fear of a bad one.
[23:10] <Chorinth> a thief in the night....
[23:10] <Chorinth> then trust the loremaster
[23:10] <Rowan> Anna, the imps are staying out of this one.
[23:11] <X-Moon> huh?
[23:11] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth.... you seem to be more... connected, somehow, tonight...
[23:11] <X-Moon> trust me?
[23:11] <X-Moon> oh no nononono no!
[23:11] <X-Moon> i'm the last person a person should trust
[23:11] Lady_Anna grins at X-Moon
[23:11] <Chorinth> and why is that Lorekeeper?
[23:11] <X-Moon> the rattiest of rat bastards....that's what my momma called me.
[23:12] <Lady_Anna> Ah... now X....
[23:12] <Chorinth> Anna
[23:12] <Chorinth> ?
[23:12] <Chorinth> hiow do you talk to god?
[23:12] <X-Moon> trust pokedex, now that guy speaks the truth.
[23:12] <Chorinth> or to simplify...your god
[23:12] Rowan keeps her brown eyes locked on Chorinth's green ones. For once, no distractions.
[23:13] <Lady_Anna> To god?   We call it prayer....
[23:13] <Lady_Anna> Myself, I will think...
[23:13] <Chorinth> does she answer?
[23:13] <Lady_Anna> or sometimes will even speak aloud...
[23:13] Sharjinka [] has joined #hfs
[23:13] <Lady_Anna> Sometimes, yes... She does
[23:13] <Lady_Anna> Welcome Sharjinka...
[23:13] <Chorinth> will she talk to me?
[23:13] <Sharjinka> Greetings!
[23:13] Rowan waves at Jinks, relaxing somewhat.
[23:14] <Sharjinka> Hello, Rowan.  Feeling better?
[23:14] <Lady_Anna> It is possible, Chorinth... most of the deities look for some belief, though
[23:14] Sharjinka looks at Chorinth curiously.
[23:14] <Rowan> For the moment.  There appears to be a transient anti-magic zone in the tavern.
[23:14] <Lady_Anna> Do you think you could believe in a god or goddess you could not see?
[23:14] <Sharjinka> Who is this?
[23:14] <Lady_Anna> Sharjinka, this is Chorinth... a... guest of King Galtor...
[23:15] <Sharjinka> Another religious discussion?  Isn't Admael the Krischan enough, Dame Anna?
[23:15] Sharjinka laughs.
[23:15] <Sharjinka> Where ya from Chorinth?
[23:15] <Rowan> He is a devout man.
[23:15] <Lady_Anna> Aye, that he is, lass...
[23:15] <Sharjinka> Chorinth or Admael?
[23:15] <Chorinth> no I mean could I gain passage to see her...?
[23:15] <Lady_Anna> Admael...
[23:15] Rowan relaxes as she feel some of the tension ebb from the room.
[23:15] <Lady_Anna> That is perhaps the difficulty...
[23:16] <Chorinth> *bows at the waist*
[23:16] Rowan is aware of the pixies scratching at the windows.
[23:16] <Lady_Anna> The gods exist on a different level than we do...
[23:16] <Chorinth> *ponders then gives a smile much like Galtors*
[23:16] <Sharjinka> What is he talking "gain access"?
[23:16] <Rowan> Chorinth wants to meet the gods.
[23:16] <Lady_Anna> He is asking about prayer, Sharjinka...
[23:17] <Sharjinka> Meet Gods, hmmm....  You'd have to die, I guess.
[23:17] <Chorinth> well , is that not logical
[23:17] <Sharjinka> Oh, that's not a threat.  Sorry, just a statement.
[23:17] <Sharjinka> What is logical?
[23:17] <Lady_Anna> Nay... Only to speak with them...
[23:17] <Rowan> Nah..I talk to the Secretary of the Gods every day.  At least when the sun is green.
[23:17] <X-Moon> prayer?  That's a strange explain prayer to to explain the wholoe religion she-bang...that's a big lesson
[23:17] <Chorinth> if you cant get their creations to coexist peacefully , if they did not hear the knell, then perhaps you could speak to ....*ponders*
[23:17] Rowan gives a wan smile.
[23:18] <X-Moon> might take 10 years to explain.  Hell, I've been on this earth for many years now, and I abandoned trying to understand
[23:18] <Sharjinka> Where are you from Chorinth?
[23:18] <Chorinth> I am from.....
[23:18] <Chorinth> *ponders*
[23:18] <Sharjinka> Prayer is easy enough.
[23:18] <Sharjinka> Quiet your mind and then think out.
[23:18] <Sharjinka> Easy.
[23:19] <Chorinth> what do you mean by the question?
[23:19] <Rowan> Perhaps peace is not the point.  Not total peace.  Not peace for the sake of peace.  There has to be some room for individuality.
[23:19] <Sharjinka> I mean where are you from?  Point of origin, ya know?
[23:19] <Rowan> Peace for the sake of peace is stagnation.
[23:19] <Chorinth> *smiles genuinely at Sharjinka*
[23:19] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth is from... Silver Spire, most recently, I believe...?
[23:19] <Chorinth> thats it...just quieting the mind....thats basic communication...
[23:19] <Sharjinka> Where are you from originally?
[23:19] <X-Moon> why don't you tackle a better subject Corinth, like THAT'S a challenge!
[23:19] Lady_Anna looks from chorinth to Sharjinka...
[23:20] <Sharjinka> See, my prayer is easy, Chorinth.
[23:20] <Chorinth> *ponders*
[23:20] Sharjinka smiles.
[23:20] <X-Moon> Not only is it a challenge, but it is really relaxing, and you'll always long to fish whenever possible, especially on long hard days
[23:20] <Sharjinka> Where are you from originally, Chorinth?  You seem calmer than most about religion.
[23:21] <Chorinth> Designate mark 009091
[23:21] <Rowan> Where were you born?
[23:21] <Lady_Anna> To "pray" means to ask.... as in "I pray thee, get me a drink."
[23:21] Sharjinka stares at Chorinth totally confused.
[23:21] Lady_Anna looks at Chorinth...
[23:21] <Chorinth> I like sharjinkas answer
[23:21] <X-Moon> if that's the case, i pray all the time
[23:21] <Chorinth> that would mean communication on the truest level
[23:21] <Rowan> Designatemark?  Is that in the south?
[23:21] <Sharjinka> What kind of response is that?
[23:22] <Chorinth> it is the truest answer I could give
[23:22] <Sharjinka> Designate mark 009091?
[23:22] <X-Moon> it's by the lower yukon valley
[23:22] <Sharjinka> What are you?
[23:22] <Chorinth> OOC ROFLOL
[23:22] Sharjinka looks genuinely confused.
[23:22] <Sharjinka> OOC:  lol
[23:22] <X-Moon> :)
[23:23] Sharjinka stares at Chorinth and moves over to where he is sitting.
[23:23] <Chorinth> I am uh Chorinth
[23:23] <Lady_Anna> Yes... Chorinth... you are ... better...
[23:23] <X-Moon> OOC: it's been fun once again, friends, but it's time to fly, since work strats promptly every day at 8:30, so I'll see ya all later!
[23:23] <Sharjinka> Dame Anna.... what is he talking about?
[23:24] <X-Moon> good night, tavern regulars!
[23:24] <Sharjinka> Bye, X-Moon, ya stud!
[23:24] <Lady_Anna> OOC:  X... good to see you again... next time, dude...
[23:24] X-Moon [dingo@] has quit IRC (where i go i just don't know...)
[23:24] <Chorinth> *OOC ADIOS X-moon*
[23:25] Sharjinka touches Chorinth's back and looks over his shoulder at Dame Anna.
[23:25] <Lady_Anna> Sharjinka.... Chorinth is only recently recovering from serious injuries...
[23:25] Rowan shudders as she feels the last of the anti-magic zone leach away.
[23:25] <Sharjinka> What is he?
[23:25] <Lady_Anna> King Galtor has been ..... helping him...
[23:25] Rowan 's eyes close and then open without a trace of sanity in them.
[23:26] <Sharjinka> How'd he get them?
[23:26] <Sharjinka> In what battle?
[23:26] <Sharjinka> Rowan?
[23:26] Lady_Anna looks at Rowan...
[23:26] <Sharjinka> You okay?
[23:26] <Chorinth> OOC she touched me?
[23:26] <Rowan> Jinks!
[23:26] <Sharjinka> OOC:  yep
[23:26] <Sharjinka> Yes?
[23:26] Rowan bounces over to Sharjinka and gives her a biiiig hug!
[23:26] <Chorinth> *trembles slightly *
[23:27] Lady_Anna looks with concern at Chorinth...
[23:27] <Lady_Anna> It is all right, Chorinth... we ... often touch one another...
[23:28] <Lady_Anna> Oh!  Rowan!   Another.... Surprise for us???
[23:28] Lady_Anna smiles at Rowan
[23:28] <Chorinth> OOC you did not =)
[23:28] Sharjinka places her hand on his back and holds it there, watching the reaction.
[23:28] <Rowan> Dont' know what came over me.
[23:28] <Chorinth> OOC I refuse to respond to OOmae
[23:28] Rowan gives Chorinth a biiiig hug.
[23:28] <Chorinth> OOc except maybe to give her a a HUGE HUG OOC
[23:28] Sharjinka stares calmly at Chorinth.
[23:28] <Lady_Anna> OOC   YUP!
[23:28] <Rowan> ooc  Hugs back atcha!
[23:29] Lady_Anna looks nervously at Chorinth and Sharjinka...
[23:29] <Chorinth> *trembles slightly*
[23:29] <Rowan> I went out and gathered some stars for you.
[23:29] <Sharjinka> What is wrong, Chorinth?
[23:29] Rowan spills a skirtful of night blossoming flowers onto the table.
[23:29] <Chorinth> I am unused to touch and the concepts of personal space
[23:29] <Sharjinka> What battle was he in, Dame Anna?
[23:29] Sharjinka takes her hand away.
[23:30] <Sharjinka> Sorry.
[23:30] Lady_Anna looks down... then motions to Sharjinka to go to the bar with her...
[23:30] Rowan picks one up and edges up to Chorinth.
[23:30] <Lady_Anna> Excuse me for a moment, Friend Chorinth...
[23:30] <Lady_Anna> Will you be all right?
[23:33] <Sharjinka> Sometimes battles hurt and it feels better when touched.
[23:33] <Rowan> You look sad.
[23:33] Sharjinka follows Dame Anna.
[23:33] Rowan tucks the flower behind Chorinth's ear, then skips away singing a bawdy song about a goblin.
[23:33] <Chorinth> I am
[23:33] <Chorinth> *whispered*
[23:33] <Sharjinka> What is it, Dame Anna?
[23:33] Rowan skips back to Chorinth.
[23:33] <Rowan> Why are you sad?
[23:33] <Chorinth> you must have sharp ears addled one
[23:33] <Chorinth> I am sad for I am alone
[23:33] <Rowan> I'm sad because my toes hurt.  You look sad and my ears are pointy and hear almost everything.
[23:33] Sharjinka looks at Dame Anna expectantly.
[23:33] <Rowan> You're not alone.  I'm here.
[23:33] <Rowan> Jinks is here and Anna is here and I'm here and fluffy is here.
[23:33] <Rowan> How can you be alone?
[23:33] <Chorinth> have you ever been truly in love?
[23:33] <Rowan> I... I can't remember.
[23:33] <Rowan> I love Fluffy.
[23:33] <Chorinth> and that love encompased all that you live and breathe
[23:33] <Chorinth> so strong that if it left you belive your heart would rebel and refuse to beat
[23:34] Lady_Anna walks with Sharjinka to the bar so they can talk privately.
[23:34] <Rowan> That's not love, though.
[23:34] <Sharjinka> What is it, Dame Anna?
[23:34] <Sharjinka> Tell me?
[23:34] <Chorinth> well I 'm quoting
[23:35] <Rowan> Love makes you stronger, not weaker, even when you're alone.
[23:35] <Chorinth> I am tryng to relate it to your experience but such is more complicated than my meager training allows
[23:35] <Rowan> You feel like part of you is missing?
[23:35] <Chorinth> if such is true then why do you crumble when it is taken away
[23:35] <Lady_Anna> Sharjinka...  I will tell you who Chorinth is... but I ask that you consider your actions carefully
[23:35] <Sharjinka> I will.  Please, don't make me tense like this.  Tell me.
[23:36] <Rowan> If you go all crumbly, then it wasn't love.  It was dependence.
[23:36] Rowan conjurs a glass of water and pours it on Fluffy's head.
[23:36] <Chorinth> yes like almost all of me is missing like being struck deaf blind and dumb all in one fell swee[p
[23:37] Rowan gazes at him with mad eyes.
[23:37] <Rowan> I think I understand.
[23:37] <Chorinth> perhaps your right
[23:37] Sharjinka begins to get impatient.
[23:37] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth is actually a Psion that was injured and rescued by King Galtor... he is under protection....
[23:37] Rowan smiles sadly.
[23:37] <Chorinth> I dont know anymore
[23:37] Sharjinka turns and storms back to Chorinth, knocking a table out of the way.
[23:37] <Sharjinka> Psion!
[23:37] <Chorinth> I'm just so alone
[23:38] <Chorinth> yes?
[23:38] Rowan yelps and stands between Chorinth and Jinks.
[23:38] Sharjinka glares at you angrily.
[23:38] <Lady_Anna> Sharjinka.... wait!  Please!
[23:38] <Sharjinka> Get out of the way, Rowan.
[23:38] <Rowan> He's sad, Jinks.
[23:38] <Lady_Anna> He is very sad....
[23:38] <Chorinth> holds his hands outspread and almost happily
[23:39] Rowan palms a coin and pulls it from Sharjinka's hair.
[23:39] <Sharjinka> How many did you kill, Psion, in Silver Spire?  How many of my friends?
[23:39] <Chorinth> you would have to tell me who your friends were
[23:39] Lady_Anna looks at Chorinth...  and at Sharjinka...
[23:39] <Sharjinka> Bastard!
[23:39] <Sharjinka> How many did you kill?!
[23:39] <Chorinth> how many what?
[23:40] <Lady_Anna> Wait!...  He is not connected to the Collective...
[23:40] Rowan hisses at Sharjinka's snake and smiles when it hisses back.
[23:40] <Sharjinka> People like me?
[23:40] <Chorinth> are you arrogant enough to belive taht your lives are worth more?
[23:40] <Lady_Anna> It was not Chorinth alone....
[23:40] <Sharjinka> How many?????
[23:40] <Chorinth> personally?
[23:41] <Sharjinka> With the way you attacked, I would not say it was arrogance on our part.
[23:41] <Sharjinka> Personally?
[23:41] <Sharjinka> Yes.
[23:41] <Rowan> He's trying to goad you, Sharjinka.
[23:41] Lady_Anna stands by Sharjinka....  "It was not Chorinth the individual... he was a weapon...."
[23:41] <Chorinth> *without pondering* 13...
[23:41] Sharjinka fixes her grey eyes on him.
[23:42] <Sharjinka> He's doing a good job.
[23:42] Rowan moves behind Chorinth and calls up what she can remember of a teleport spell. Wrinkles her brow as she trys to think of the last line.
[23:42] <Sharjinka> Is that an excuse, Dame Anna.
[23:42] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth... let me ask you this...
[23:42] <Sharjinka> 13?!?
[23:42] <Lady_Anna> It is a reason, sharjinka
[23:42] <Chorinth> yes
[23:42] <Lady_Anna> He is different from us...
[23:42] <Chorinth> *keeps his hands open and apart in supplication*
[23:42] <Sharjinka> No wonder you want to learn how to pray.
[23:43] <Chorinth> I dont like to kill
[23:43] <Rowan> *whispers to Chorinth* You want to die, don't you?
[23:43] <Sharjinka> Neither do I.
[23:43] <Chorinth> I was never good at it
[23:43] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth... if you WERE within the collective now... would you attack me... or any of us here?
[23:43] <Sharjinka> Neither am I.
[23:43] <Chorinth> possibly
[23:43] <Sharjinka> You would never get that far, Chorinth.
[23:43] <Sharjinka> I would kill you.
[23:43] <Chorinth> *to Rowan*
[23:43] <Chorinth> yes
[23:44] <Chorinth> that is probaly true
[23:44] Lady_Anna looks at Chorinth... a tear tracks down her cheek...
[23:44] Sharjinka stares into Chorinth's eyes....
[23:44] <Chorinth> *to shar* I have no skill for it
[23:44] <Rowan> *whispers to Chorinth* Me too.
[23:44] <Sharjinka> I do, but do not wish to.  Your kind could change that.
[23:44] <Rowan> *whisper* sometimes.
[23:45] <Chorinth> *to rowan * I do always
[23:45] <Sharjinka> I am willing to die for my freedom to think and to protect my friends.
[23:45] Lady_Anna looks at Rowan... mouths a silent "no"
[23:45] <Chorinth> as am I Knight
[23:45] <Sharjinka> I would just prefer not to kill at all.
[23:45] <Rowan> So don't.
[23:45] <Lady_Anna> Not all of us are chaotic, Chorinth...
[23:46] Sharjinka stares into his eyes trying to fathom....
[23:46] Rowan bounces over to her tableful of flowers and starts flinging them around, scenting the air.
[23:46] <Chorinth> *to anna* you are convincing me of that
[23:46] <Sharjinka> You were said before.  Are you still?
[23:46] <Sharjinka> sad
[23:46] <Chorinth> but those who are the majority do not heed your council
[23:46] Rowan giggles as one lands on Chorinth's head.
[23:46] <Lady_Anna> Sharjinka... he is learning what it is to be human....
[23:46] <Sharjinka> I mean.
[23:47] <Chorinth> am I still what?
[23:47] <Sharjinka> Sad.
[23:47] <Chorinth> am I still sad?
[23:47] <Lady_Anna> Sharjinka does not kill without just cause, Chorinth...  but she does defend
[23:47] Ealasaid [] has joined #hfs
[23:47] <Chorinth> yes
[23:47] <Lady_Anna> Welcome Dryad!
[23:47] <Sharjinka> Why?
[23:47] <Chorinth> but I have given her cause
[23:47] <Rowan> Heloooo Ealasaid!
[23:48] <Chorinth> by her right my life is hers
[23:48] <Sharjinka> Hello, Ealasaid.  (she does not take her eyes off Chorinth)
[23:48] <Lady_Anna> it was not you alone, Chorith...
[23:48] <Ealasaid> Good evening, Lady Anna
[23:48] Rowan runs up to the dryad and gives her a biiiiig hug!
[23:48] <Ealasaid> Good evening Sharjinka, Rowan.
[23:48] Rowan bounces away again and closes the windows.
[23:48] <Sharjinka> You have given me cause to kill you.  Why do you want to die?
[23:48] <Chorinth> I am alone Knight, I am blind, i am deaf , I am dumb and I am alone
[23:49] Sharjinka draws her dagger and leaps across the table.  Mugs and crockery fly everywhere.
[23:49] <Lady_Anna> Sharjinka!   No!    He cannot defend himself!
[23:49] Sharjinka puts the dagger to Chorinth's throat and looks into his eyes.
[23:49] Rowan stops bouncing and holds her breath.
[23:49] <Sharjinka> Why?
[23:49] <Chorinth> *calmly* why what knight
[23:50] Lady_Anna holds her breath and watches....
[23:50] <Sharjinka> Why should I not kill you?
[23:50] <Chorinth> you have no reason not is your will
[23:50] <Rowan> She asks someone suicidal for a reason not to kill him.  And they call me mad.
[23:50] Sharjinka grins evilly.
[23:51] <Ealasaid> Sharjinka, I know not what the problem is, but please...think what you are doing.
[23:51] Sharjinka puts away her dagger.
[23:51] <Chorinth> I am not suicidal Rowan
[23:51] Rowan chants, and a ball of ice forms in her left hand.
[23:51] <Lady_Anna> Aye... listen, Sharjinka...
[23:51] <Sharjinka> I choose not to, then.
[23:51] <Chorinth> I am in all things a scholar
[23:51] Rowan blinks and dispells the iceball.
[23:51] Sharjinka stares at Chorinth.
[23:51] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth as he is, cannot hear the Collective, as he calls it...
[23:52] <Lady_Anna> He is as you or I would be if teleported suddenly into a cave with no exits.... and no people
[23:52] <Sharjinka> I know my enemies.  I know their motives and desires.  I do not know yours, Chorinth.  Therefore, you are not an enemy....
[23:52] <Sharjinka> yet.
[23:52] <Lady_Anna> Only what is necessary to survive...
[23:52] <Chorinth> *looks oddly at Anna*
[23:53] Sharjinka walks over to Chorinth and sits next to him.
[23:53] <Lady_Anna> It is true, is it not, Chorinth...
[23:53] <Chorinth> have you been so wronged?
[23:53] Sharjinka puts her hand on his arm.
[23:53] <Chorinth> that you share my pain so easily
[23:53] <Chorinth> ...
[23:53] <Lady_Anna> I lost friends in Debbinshire.... yes...
[23:53] <Chorinth> *trembles*
[23:53] <Sharjinka> When my friends die, I feel wronged.  I feel pain.
[23:53] Rowan relaxes into puddle on the floor and tries to count her toes again. She gets up to five, then has to start over because the mousies are stealing her thoughts.
[23:54] <Lady_Anna> As do I...
[23:54] Sharjinka removes her hand and puts it on the table.
[23:54] <Chorinth> you speak from an inner wellspring of emotion
[23:54] <Rowan> ... Oodalally...  *whispers*
[23:55] <Chorinth> *stops trembling*
[23:55] <Ealasaid> Is that so hard to accept, Chorinth?  That we can feel as you?
[23:55] <Lady_Anna> It is a wondrous gift of the goddess that I have been given power to heal and sometimes return those who have been lost...
[23:55] Sharjinka looks away.
[23:55] Rowan springs to her feet.
[23:55] <Rowan> Anna?
[23:55] <Lady_Anna> I have known it, Chorinth...
[23:55] <Lady_Anna> Yes, Rowan...?
[23:55] <Chorinth> No , but Anna was a stranger to me , as was Rowan
[23:56] <Rowan> I've lost my best pouch.  Have you seen it?
[23:56] <Sharjinka> You are a stranger to me, Chorinth.
[23:56] <Lady_Anna> I will look for it Rowan.... it will be found....
[23:56] <Chorinth> they both endangered themslevs without the benefit of shareing my mind
[23:56] <Rowan> oh... ok....
[23:56] Rowan sits again, leaning against the side of the hearth.
[23:56] <Chorinth> they were willing to risk without knowing what is truly in my...heart
[23:57] <Rowan> too many people in my mind already, thank you.
[23:57] <Sharjinka> Sometimes people who care as much as they take that chance.
[23:57] <Sharjinka> It is the heart of a scholar.
[23:57] <Chorinth> this is foreign ...and frightening
[23:57] <Ealasaid> We are all strangers to each other...we are all strangers in ourselves...perhaps that is what makes us care...understanding.
[23:57] <Lady_Anna> I take that chance... I accept it....
[23:57] <Sharjinka> For me, as well.
[23:57] Lady_Anna nods...
[23:57] <Chorinth> I do not belive that if our roles were reversed I could be so gracious
[23:58] <Rowan> A stranger is just a friend you haven't yet been introduced to.
[23:58] <Sharjinka> I have heard terrible things about Psions.
[23:58] Rowan springs to her feet.
[23:58] <Ealasaid> And we would not ask it of you, Chorinth.  We all do as is in our hearts.
[23:58] <Rowan> Psions?!
[23:58] Rowan is alarmed.
[23:58] <Chorinth> that implies to much trust , to much .....openess
[23:58] <Rowan> Where!?
[23:58] <Lady_Anna> It is all right, Rowan...  Chorinth is a friend...
[23:58] <Sharjinka> That is just the first step, Chorinth.
[23:58] <Ealasaid> Shh, Rowan, never you mind.  You are safe.
[23:58] <Rowan> Chorinth is a Psion?!
[23:58] <Lady_Anna> Yes...
[23:59] <Sharjinka> Then, it gets real painful.
[23:59] Rowan calming down.
[23:59] <Rowan> Oh... that's ok then.
[23:59] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth?
[23:59] <Sharjinka> Why do you think I attacked, Rowan?
[23:59] <Chorinth> yes Anna?
[23:59] <Rowan> I dunno, Jinks.  Maybe you wanted his boots?  I thought they were very nice.
[23:59] <Lady_Anna> What were you able to do for Rowan earlier?   Were you able to dispel some of her madness?
[00:00] <Chorinth> no.
[00:00] Sharjinka comes down from the adrenaline rush and is suddenly tired.
[00:00] <Chorinth> to be honest LOrd Galtor has taught me not to do it without his word
[00:00] <Lady_Anna> It seemed you looked at her... and she recovered somewhat...
[00:00] <Chorinth> it can be rude if not frightening without permission
[00:00] Sharjinka looks at Chorinth for a moment and then leans her head against his shoulder.
[00:00] <Rowan> Rowan got mad.
[00:00] <Chorinth> *trembles*
[00:01] <Lady_Anna> And once... you said that Psions could heal, as well?
[00:01] Sharjinka closes her eyes and sighs wearily.
[00:01] <Rowan> Poor Jinks.
[00:01] <Chorinth> *looks tired*
[00:01] <Chorinth> *sighs*
[00:01] <Sharjinka> Takes a lot out of me, Rowan.
[00:01] Lady_Anna pats Sharjinka...
[00:01] Rowan scampers upstairs and rummages about for a few minutes.
[00:01] Rowan scampers back downstairs holding two bundles.
[00:02] Sharjinka grins at Dame Anna.
[00:02] <Chorinth> *grins*
[00:02] <Lady_Anna> What have you got there, Rowan?
[00:02] Rowan flings the blankets over Sharjinka and Chorinth, making sure they are tucked in well.
[00:02] <Sharjinka> Are you mimicing me, Chorinth?
[00:02] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth... I think you are developing your own smile...
[00:02] Sharjinka smiles at Rowan.
[00:02] Rowan peers closely.
[00:02] <Rowan> Good teeth, too.
[00:02] Lady_Anna smiles at Chorinth and Sharjinka...
[00:02] <Sharjinka> Thanks.  I eat meat.
[00:02] <Chorinth> *breaks phisical contact with Sharjinka*
[00:03] Lady_Anna grins at Rowan...
[00:03] <Chorinth> I didnt mean to....
[00:03] <Chorinth> your emotions are so strong
[00:03] Sharjinka yawns and leans back in chair.
[00:03] <Rowan> Find closeness again?  Scary?
[00:03] Ealasaid smiles ruefully at Chorinth.
[00:03] <Sharjinka> They guide me.
[00:03] <Rowan> Try a hug.
[00:03] <Chorinth> no thank you
[00:04] Sharjinka grins.
[00:04] <Lady_Anna> Perhaps it is still too new, Chorinth...
[00:04] <Chorinth> *ponders*
[00:04] <Chorinth> *refleccts*
[00:04] <Chorinth> yes we do heal
[00:04] <Sharjinka> Perhaps so.  I'm sorry to be so forward.  I'm tired.
[00:04] Rowan hands Chorinth a mirror to help his reflecting.
[00:04] Lady_Og [] has joined #hfs
[00:05] <Sharjinka> Welcome, Lady Og.
[00:05] <Chorinth> *looks deeply ionto mirror*
[00:05] <Lady_Og> Greetings Shar
[00:05] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth...  If I were suddenly injured here.... would you try to help me?
[00:05] <Chorinth> yes Anna
[00:05] Rowan runs over and hugs Lady Og.
[00:05] <Lady_Anna> Greetings, Lady Og... Welcome back...
[00:05] <Rowan> Heloooo!
[00:05] <Chorinth> OOC bows to lady Og
[00:05] Sharjinka stares at Chorinth intently.
[00:05] Rowan looks concerned over at Anna.
[00:05] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth... can you say why you would help me?
[00:05] <Rowan> Dont' get hurt!
[00:06] <Sharjinka> Would you help me if I were injured?
[00:06] <Lady_Anna> I won't get hurt, rowan...
[00:06] <Lady_Og> *smiles*
[00:06] <Chorinth> because are....
[00:06] <Lady_Og> Thank you Lady Anna
[00:06] <Chorinth> *hesitates*
[00:06] <Chorinth> my friend
[00:06] Lady_Anna smiles
[00:07] <Lady_Anna> Yes.... as I helped you...
[00:07] <Lady_Anna> But we humans often go beyond that...
[00:07] <Rowan> Now you are more than one, Chorinth.  Not alone not not not.
[00:07] <Chorinth> you protect me , you are unlike anything or anyone I was taught about
[00:07] Rowan yawns.
[00:07] <Chorinth> I admit that I am in August company
[00:07] <Rowan> Sleepy.
[00:07] <Lady_Anna> Sharjinka... if you saw a person you did not know injured... would you help them?
[00:07] <Ealasaid> Teachers do not always know the truth, Chorinth, and sometimes they may hide it.
[00:07] <Rowan> I thought it was October.
[00:08] <Chorinth> but you must admit that this is an unbalanced representation of your species
[00:08] Lady_Anna pats Rowan...
[00:08] <Ealasaid> That too, Rowan.
[00:08] <Rowan> Who's unbalanced?
[00:08] <Chorinth> yes Anna of course
[00:08] <Chorinth> *to Rowan* this Group is balanced toward those that would live before kill
[00:09] <Sharjinka> I would help anyone injuured, but I can't do anything much.  I tend to protect better.
[00:09] <Lady_Anna> Nay...  as my husband says... it is the bad in man that speaks loudest... but the good prevails...
[00:09] <Chorinth> were that to be true.....
[00:09] <Chorinth> *sighs*
[00:09] <Lady_Anna> Aye... Sharjinka, but you would do what you could...
[00:09] <Sharjinka> Would you help me if I was injured, Chorinth?
[00:09] Rowan curls up under a table and is soon snoring softly.
[00:09] <Chorinth> I have tasted inhuman things in the name of man
[00:10] <Rowan> ooc ICK!
[00:10] <Sharjinka> Yes, I would, Dame Anna.  It is my way.
[00:10] <Sharjinka> So have I.  They're called elves.
[00:10] <Ealasaid> Sharjinka!
[00:10] <Rowan> ooc ICK Part 2.
[00:10] <Chorinth> Man is not predisposed to peacefull coexistence
[00:10] Sharjinka grins.
[00:10] <Lady_Anna> As it is my way... and the way of many humans...
[00:10] <Rowan> ooc night everyone.
[00:10] <Sharjinka> Elves taste just like chicken.
[00:11] <Ealasaid> Goodnight, rowan.
[00:11] <Chorinth> *OOC BIG HUG!!!!!!to ROWAN*
[00:11] <Lady_Anna> Farewell, Rowan...
[00:11] <Lady_Og> Shar!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:11] <Ealasaid> Sharjinka!  Please!
[00:11] <Sharjinka> Night, Rowan!
[00:11] <Lady_Og> *Grinz*
[00:11] <Sharjinka> Sorry.
[00:11] <Rowan> ooc hugs all around!
[00:11] Rowan [] has left #hfs
[00:11] <Lady_Og> Good night Rowan
[00:12] <Sharjinka> Humans would probably get along better in this world without Fae interference, Chorinth.
[00:12] <Ealasaid> Chorinth, the human race has much to learn about peace.  But everyone has something to learn, no one has ever reached the end of their abilities.
[00:12] <Sharjinka> Very true and wise, Ealasaid.
[00:12] <Chorinth> well said on Ealasaid
[00:13] Ealasaid shakes her head. "Sharjinka, you have this irrational predjudice against the fae."
[00:13] <Chorinth> but these races must mopve faster
[00:13] Sharjinka glares at Ealasaid.
[00:13] <Sharjinka> Very true as well.
[00:13] <Chorinth> to overcome there predispositions
[00:13] <Lady_Anna> I also have seen inhuman things in the name of man... as have we all... but I still follow the path of peace... though I defend where I must
[00:13] <Chorinth> they must unite SOON
[00:13] <Lady_Anna> and I am not alone...
[00:13] Ealasaid has tears glinting in her eyes.  "Would that they would, Chorinth."
[00:14] <Sharjinka> Unite?
[00:14] <Lady_Anna> Yes... Chorinth... Why the urgent tone?
[00:14] <Chorinth> yes Sahrjinka
[00:14] <Lady_Og> Unite???
[00:14] <Chorinth> under whatever god or banner they choose
[00:14] Lady_Anna looks intently at Chorinth...
[00:14] <Sharjinka> For what purpose?
[00:14] <Chorinth> but it must be soon
[00:14] <Lady_Og> sorry i missed that...*smiles*
[00:14] <Sharjinka> Why?
[00:14] <Lady_Anna> Why soon, Chorinth... what is happening?
[00:14] <Chorinth> it is hard to explain
[00:14] <Sharjinka> What is going to happen, Chorinth?
[00:15] <Lady_Anna> Do you "hear" the Song, Chorinth?  Is that what it is?
[00:15] Sharjinka hands grasp the table and she glares at Chorinth.
[00:16] <Lady_Anna> Nay, Sharjinka.... it is all right.
[00:16] <Chorinth> *looks confused*
[00:16] <Chorinth> its not the song
[00:16] <Sharjinka> Explain!
[00:16] <Chorinth> one is a corruption of it...
[00:16] <Sharjinka> What is it, then?
[00:16] <Chorinth> and one is cold calculation
[00:16] <Sharjinka> Where is this corruption?
[00:16] <Chorinth> one is a new song
[00:17] <Chorinth> twisted and wrong
[00:17] <Lady_Anna> Mentor??
[00:17] <Lady_Anna> You said he was an abomination....
[00:17] <Lady_Anna> Sharjinka... this Lord Mentor...
[00:17] Lady_Anna shudders
[00:17] <Chorinth> the other is the fact that if we have truly become infected...and you are the germs.....the true collective will want to vaccinate
[00:17] <Sharjinka> You told me of him in your dream, Dame Anna.
[00:17] <Chorinth> HE is an abomination
[00:18] <Sharjinka> And to remove the germs....
[00:18] <Sharjinka> What will the Collective do?
[00:18] <Lady_Anna> Vaccinate?   the other evening, you used words like "eliminate" and "exterminate"
[00:19] Sharjinka glares angrily at Chorinth.
[00:19] <Chorinth> yes ma'am I was trying to keep it brief
[00:19] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth would not..... survive... the treatment, I think...
[00:19] <Chorinth> this is true
[00:19] Ealasaid feels suddenly cold.
[00:19] <Chorinth> I would be....eliminated
[00:19] <Chorinth> I am...tainted
[00:19] Sharjinka stands up and comes inches away from Chorinth's eyes.  Her grey eyes icy and hard.
[00:20] <Sharjinka> And should I protect a Psion?
[00:20] Lady_Anna looks down... and there are tears in her eyes...
[00:20] <Chorinth> I am beging to hold dear belifs that could start wars that would kill untold millions
[00:20] <Lady_Anna> It would not be Chorinth... I am afraid it would be Mentor...
[00:20] <Chorinth> if I took it back to the home all would taste them...and some would be changed
[00:21] Sharjinka looks at Chorinth.
[00:21] <Chorinth> and yes
[00:21] <Chorinth> Mentor is not a Psion
[00:21] <Chorinth> nor is he a Man
[00:21] <Chorinth> he is a experiment
[00:21] <Ealasaid> No, Sharjinka, you should protect a friend.
[00:21] <Sharjinka> What is he, then?
[00:21] <Sharjinka> Then, I will protect Chorinth.
[00:22] Sharjinka sits down heavily and looks away.
[00:22] <Lady_Anna> Dryad... Mentor is evil... such as has not walked here before...
[00:22] <Chorinth> he is a abomination
[00:22] Sharjinka mutters curses under her breath.
[00:22] <Chorinth> a horrible construct in a desperate time
[00:22] <Sharjinka> Then it is time to de-construct him.
[00:22] <Chorinth> in a hope to more easily assimilate all into one we thought an ambassador would be in order
[00:23] <Sharjinka> I do NOT want to be assimilated!
[00:23] <Ealasaid> I agree, Mentor sounds fearsome indeed.
[00:23] <Chorinth> one was created with the gift of free will
[00:23] <Lady_Anna> Has he perhaps become out of  control of the Collective...?
[00:23] <Chorinth> but he is more than free
[00:23] <Ealasaid> We must protect Chorinth, protect ourselves, but Mentor...*shudders*
[00:23] <Chorinth> he is corrupted
[00:24] <Chorinth> he never TRULY tasted the collective
[00:24] <Sharjinka> Mentor attacked last time.  He dies this time.
[00:24] <Chorinth> neither have you
[00:24] <Chorinth> all this strife
[00:24] <Chorinth> all this woe
[00:24] <Sharjinka> I do not WISH to.
[00:24] <Chorinth> it was just a scouting mission
[00:24] <Chorinth> a drop in the well
[00:24] <Sharjinka> SUCK!
[00:25] Lady_Anna nods
[00:25] <Chorinth> we are just scouts that not only failed but have become nfected
[00:25] Sharjinka looks down at the table and her shoulders shake slightly.  She has started to cry and is trying her best to conceal it.
[00:25] <Chorinth> I dont know what I fear more
[00:26] <Chorinth> Mentor becoming powerull enough to succeed and taste the collective
[00:26] <Chorinth> or the collective finnaly checking up on us and deciding that we are to dangerous , that we are...germs
[00:26] <Chorinth> either way I am alone
[00:27] Sharjinka tears hit the table and she keeps her head down.
[00:27] <Chorinth> FOREVER NOW
[00:27] <Lady_Anna> Is there no in-between...  I value the person I have come to know as Chorinth
[00:27] <Chorinth> I cant go home
[00:27] <Chorinth> I cant live here
[00:27] <Lady_Anna> I - I stand with you, Chorinth...
[00:27] <Lady_Og> *sits quietly in the corner*
[00:27] <Chorinth> with Anna
[00:27] <Sharjinka> As do I.
[00:27] <Chorinth> its so subjective
[00:27] <Ealasaid> Please, Chorinth...we are all alone, and yet, we are all together.
[00:27] <Chorinth> you are so brave
[00:28] <Chorinth> you all are
[00:28] <Sharjinka> No, just scared enough to act on a threat.
[00:28] Lady_Anna looks up...
[00:28] <Sharjinka> Those who sacrifice themselves to help others are brave.
[00:28] <Ealasaid> No, Sharjinka...those who do the things they fear are brave.
[00:29] Sharjinka wipes at her tears.
[00:29] <Lady_Anna> Courage is not the lack of fear... it is acting even in the face of fear...
[00:29] <Lady_Anna> I learned that from watching humans like Sharjinka...
[00:29] Sharjinka grins through tears.
[00:30] <Sharjinka> I am a poor example, Chorinth.  Look to Sir Rue and Dame Anna for better.
[00:30] <Chorinth> Sir Rue....?
[00:30] Lady_Anna grins...
[00:30] Sharjinka sticks out tongue at Dame Anna, "Backacha."
[00:30] <Sharjinka> Yes, Sir Rue.  A friend of mine.
[00:31] <Lady_Anna> He is in Silver Spire....
[00:31] <Chorinth> I remember
[00:31] <Chorinth> the one who would assimilate was a novel idea
[00:31] <Chorinth> know one detected it until it was to late
[00:31] <Sharjinka> He does NOT assimilate birds.
[00:31] <Sharjinka> They assist him as friends.
[00:31] <Ealasaid> I don't think "assimilate" is the right word.
[00:32] <Chorinth> yes he does he went so far as to share mind , feelinng and experience with them
[00:32] <Chorinth> he suffered as they did
[00:32] <Chorinth> he learned as they did
[00:32] <Ealasaid> As I do with the trees, Chorinth, with the wild I do with my friends.
[00:32] <Sharjinka> I think to help them, not to take over or take away from their freedom.
[00:32] <Sharjinka> True.
[00:32] <Chorinth> as do i
[00:32] <Sharjinka> I have no such gift.
[00:32] <Lady_Anna> Aye!!  Yes!   Chorinth...  He shares his mind yet he is still all Rue...
[00:33] <Sharjinka> I am envious of those who do.
[00:33] <Ealasaid> It is a sense of feeling for all things in this world, humans  included.
[00:33] <Chorinth> thats what the true collective is
[00:33] <Sharjinka> I still don't want it.
[00:33] <Lady_Anna> Yes,Ealaisaid...
[00:34] <Chorinth> then I hope you win
[00:34] <Sharjinka> We will.
[00:34] <Chorinth> I hope you live forever in your people
[00:34] <Sharjinka> I do not doubt.
[00:34] <Lady_Anna> I hope we all win...
[00:34] <Sharjinka> Live forever?  No, that is not possible for me.
[00:35] <Chorinth> and I hope you taste the bliss that it is to freely share with another your heart and m,ind
[00:35] <Ealasaid> You will live forever in our hearts, the stories of generations.
[00:35] <Sharjinka> That is love.
[00:35] Sharjinka blushes.
[00:35] Sharjinka looks away.
[00:35] <Chorinth> yes Knight
[00:35] <Lady_Anna> Yes...
[00:35] <Sharjinka> Erm, uh, thank you.
[00:35] Lady_Anna nods
[00:35] Ealasaid looks dreamy for a moment.   "Yes, love."
[00:36] Sharjinka hugs Ealasaid and Dame Anna.
[00:36] <Ealasaid> It is the greatest gift we have to bestow.
[00:36] <Sharjinka> That is true.  Ealasaid would know.
[00:36] <Lady_Anna> Yes...
[00:37] Sharjinka grins mischievously at Ealasiad.
[00:37] Ealasaid looks innocent.  "Who, me?"
[00:37] <Sharjinka> Yes, you.  You happy, in love, glowing sort of person.
[00:37] Lady_Anna grins
[00:37] Sharjinka grins.
[00:37] Ealasaid laughs.
[00:38] <Chorinth> *looks into fire*
[00:38] <Sharjinka> Like fire, yes.  That's love.
[00:38] badgabrie scratches his head - confused *
[00:38] <Chorinth> *holds the mirror that rowan gave him*
[00:38] <Chorinth> *looks deeply into it*
[00:39] Sharjinka looks at Chorinth for a moment, than puts her arm around him and does a half hug.  She quickly releases him gently.
[00:39] <Ealasaid> And I think I will  get some sleep.
[00:40] <Lady_Anna> Fare thee well, Dryad.... and thank you for your insights tonight...
[00:40] <Sharjinka> Good night, Ealasaid.  Sleep well.
[00:40] <Ealasaid> Remember, love is for everyone...for friends and not underestimate it.
[00:40] <Chorinth> Good night fair one
[00:40] Lady_Anna smiles
[00:40] <Chorinth> sweet dreams
[00:40] Sharjinka smiles at Chorinth.
[00:40] <Ealasaid> Good night, Chorinth, and thank you.
[00:41] <Sharjinka> Do you dream, Chorinth?
[00:41] <Chorinth> *looks at the mirror*
[00:41] <Ealasaid> Good night Sharjinka, Lady Anna, may Lleu shine his light upon you.
[00:41] Lady_Anna signals the landlord to bring wine, ales and glasses for Sharjinka and the rest of the company.
[00:41] <Sharjinka> What do you see, Chorinth?
[00:41] <Chorinth> I now
[00:41] <Lady_Anna> good night, sweet Dryad...
[00:41] Ealasaid [] has left #hfs
[00:41] <Chorinth> I see.....
[00:41] <Chorinth> *sighs*
[00:41] <Chorinth> in the order.....back when I was a scholar
[00:42] <Sharjinka> I know.  I do not look in mirrors anymore.  I don't like what I see.
[00:42] <Chorinth> we used reflecting surfaces
[00:42] <Chorinth> to create portals
[00:42] <Sharjinka> A scholar. Be a scholar here.
[00:42] <Chorinth> I can feel one when ever I near a mirror
[00:43] <Sharjinka> A portal?
[00:43] <Chorinth> Lady Anna is right
[00:43] <Lady_Anna> Portals...?  My husband will sometimes construct portals... but they are difficult..
[00:43] <Chorinth> I am more connected
[00:43] <Chorinth> I healed, I am calmer, I am...temted
[00:43] <Lady_Anna> Aye...  I can see how that could be, Chorinth...
[00:43] <Sharjinka> Me, too.
[00:44] <Lady_Anna> Tempted?
[00:44] <Chorinth> yes Anna
[00:44] <Sharjinka> To leave?
[00:44] <Chorinth> yes
[00:44] <Lady_Anna> To leave.... the Collective?
[00:44] Nightfal2 buries his face in the bowl of snow again *
[00:45] <Chorinth> I dont want to leave and I dont want to stay
[00:45] <Sharjinka> I know how you feel.
[00:45] <Chorinth> I must walk this line cautiously
[00:45] <Lady_Anna> I can understand that feeling, Chorinth...
[00:45] <Nightfal2> tosses snow over chorinths head - feel better! smile - its snowing! *hehe*
[00:46] <Sharjinka> I see my death in Serrata.  I wish not to go, but I will.
[00:46] <Sharjinka> I don't want to but I can't avoid it.
[00:46] <Sharjinka> I also wouldn't change it.
[00:47] <Lady_Anna> I know Sharjinka... be very careful...   Siobhan my bard tells me that there may be a corrupted fairy dragon there as well...
[00:47] <Chorinth> *looks seriously at Sharjinka*
[00:48] Lady_Anna grins
[00:48] <Chorinth> you forsee your death?
[00:48] <Sharjinka> I can believe that but I did accept the challenge from Mort'laan.
[00:48] <Sharjinka> Yes, Chorinth, I do.
[00:48] <Lady_Anna> It is a .... strong possiblilty
[00:48] <Chorinth> and yet you go....why?
[00:48] <Sharjinka> Because I have friends in Serrata who need my help.
[00:49] <Chorinth> *nods to himself*
[00:49] <Sharjinka> They are being terrorized and I will try and stop it.
[00:49] Nightfal2 puffs up * - she wont die with me here!!!! Ill go with ya! *looks at the whip and puts his head back in the bowl*
[00:49] <Sharjinka> I don't know that I will succeed.  The visions seem to suggest I won't.
[00:50] <Chorinth> *decides*
[00:50] <Chorinth> you're right
[00:50] <Sharjinka> Who's right?
[00:50] <Chorinth> Thank you all
[00:50] Lady_Anna looks at Chorinth.. and raises her eyebrows...
[00:51] <Chorinth> Anna
[00:51] <Sharjinka> Please, explain, Chorinth?
[00:51] <Chorinth> ...friend....
[00:51] <Chorinth> I will miss you
[00:51] <Chorinth> Sharjinka.....
[00:51] <Lady_Anna> Miss me?
[00:51] <Lady_Anna> What are you saying, Chorinth?
[00:51] <Sharjinka> Thank you.
[00:51] <Chorinth> Thank you , you are right
[00:51] <Chorinth> I must do what I must regardless of the consequences
[00:52] <Sharjinka> What will you do, then?
[00:52] <Chorinth> I must at least try
[00:52] <Lady_Anna> Aye... I know that... what are you going to do?
[00:53] <Chorinth> I must become a psion take what I have learned to the collective and pray I can sway the others
[00:53] <Sharjinka> No, don't go.  If they don't accept, they will kill you.
[00:53] <Sharjinka> Stay here.
[00:53] <Lady_Anna> Is there any way for you to protect yourself, Chorinth?
[00:53] <Chorinth> that is true
[00:53] <Chorinth> but it is what you all would do
[00:53] <Lady_Anna> It would hurt me sorely ....
[00:53] <Chorinth> for what you belive
[00:54] <Chorinth> *smiles*
[00:54] <Lady_Anna> Aye...  it is the truth that he speaks...
[00:54] <Sharjinka> I don't think they will listen.
[00:54] <Sharjinka> Stay here with your new friends.
[00:54] <Chorinth> all will at least hear....
[00:54] <Chorinth> it is up to them to listen
[00:54] <Sharjinka> I don't want to lose another friend.  We could learn from each other, Chorinth.
[00:54] <Lady_Anna> Would you stay from the Death Knight, if we asked Sharjinka/
[00:54] <Chorinth> the will of the collective is nebulous
[00:55] <Chorinth> she would not
[00:55] <Sharjinka> No.
[00:55] <Lady_Anna> It can change then, Chorinth?  There is a chance?
[00:55] <Sharjinka> I have already agreed to single combat with him.
[00:55] <Nightfal2> hmmmm - Chorinth - I dont think that dying is any way for you to help a cause.. quite contrary to belief - anger and sadness over your death could hinder your friends actions if they act, they will do so irationally
[00:55] <Lady_Anna> Nay, Nightfall...
[00:55] <Chorinth> *looks to Nightfall*
[00:55] <Lady_Anna> I know what he does...
[00:55] <Chorinth> if Only I had more time...
[00:56] <Chorinth> but I dont nightfall
[00:56] <Sharjinka> Then do what you believe in and what your conscious tells you to do.
[00:56] <Chorinth> I will Knight
[00:56] <Chorinth> I promise
[00:56] <Sharjinka> It seems you don't need the Collective.  You have your own song.
[00:56] <Chorinth> *smiles genuinely*
[00:56] Lady_Anna nods and smiles though there are tears on her face
[00:56] <Nightfal2> you dont what chorinth?
[00:57] <Chorinth> you are kind Knight all are
[00:57] <Chorinth> * realizes hes in the presence of 3 knights*
[00:57] <Lady_Anna> As are you... my friend...
[00:57] <Sharjinka> Kind.  That's a new one.
[00:57] Sharjinka grins mischievously.
[00:57] <Lady_Anna> It is true Sharjinka...
[00:57] <Chorinth> *puts the mirror away*
[00:58] <Chorinth> I will take my Leave ...I must speak to my lord Galtor
[00:58] Lady_Anna stands
[00:58] Lady_Anna courtsies to Chorinth...
[00:58] Sharjinka walks over to Chorinth.
[00:59] <Lady_Anna> May you be well... and successful in your endeavors....
[00:59] Sharjinka puts both arms around him and hugs him fiercely.
[00:59] <Lady_Anna> I think in your true heart, you are a Knight as well... my friend...
[00:59] Nightfal2 tries to bow to chorinth but falls over a bowl and falls over.
[00:59] <Sharjinka> Be well.
[00:59] <Nightfal2> fare thee well Chorinth!
[01:00] <Chorinth> *gasps*
[01:00] <Nightfal2> *hugs sharjinka back!*
[01:00] Sharjinka releases Chorinth.
[01:00] <Chorinth> high praise Anna
[01:00] <Nightfal2> hi there!
[01:00] <Nightfal2> aak
[01:00] Sharjinka gives Nightfall a dangerous look.
[01:00] <Chorinth> *looks confused*
[01:00] <Chorinth> Im sorry
[01:00] Lady_Anna lowers her eyes and blushes  "I speak what I  see, my friend..."
[01:00] <Chorinth> I am not any good at emotions
[01:01] <Lady_Anna> I understand....
[01:01] <Chorinth> *looks sad*
[01:01] <Sharjinka> I am, you're doing well.  Take my word.  :-)
[01:01] <Nightfal2> *gets up and shakes chorinths hand*
[01:01] <Chorinth> *looks flustered*
[01:01] <Nightfal2> be well
[01:01] <Sharjinka> Do not be sad, Chorinth.
[01:01] <Chorinth> ooc to much emotion for him to deal with*
[01:01] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth... one last word?
[01:01] <Sharjinka> I never think of who I fight against but what I fight for.
[01:01] <Sharjinka> It helps.
[01:01] <Chorinth> walks out into the cold
[01:02] <Chorinth> *pauses*
[01:02] <Lady_Anna> Should it be that I must face Mentor... is there anything you might offer, that may help our cause?
[01:03] <Chorinth> he is quick to strike in the most efficient manner possible
[01:03] <Chorinth> do not carry a protection of a single kind , your own god will see to your immunities
[01:03] Sharjinka waves at Chorinth.
[01:03] Lady_Anna nods...
[01:04] Lady_Anna courtsies.... my thanks and my prayers go with you...
[01:04] <Chorinth> carry a protection more if possible , he will try to urn you and failing that he will try to kill you
[01:04] <Sharjinka> Quiet your mind, Chorinth!  Sing your song!!!
[01:04] <Chorinth> he will not expect you to rise
[01:04] <Chorinth> use that
[01:05] <Chorinth> oh...and stay by sharjinkas sword =)
[01:05] Sharjinka grins.
[01:05] <Lady_Anna> When he visited my dream... he said he would not underestimate me next time...
[01:05] <Chorinth> he will
[01:05] <Chorinth> he always does
[01:05] Lady_Anna smiles and nods...
[01:05] <Chorinth> *steps out into the storm*
[01:05] <Sharjinka> Thank you, Chorinth.
[01:06] Lady_Anna raises her hand in a prayer of protection for her friend...

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