Davin Returns

This night in the tavern, Anna and Sharjinka are joined by Slaughter, who tries to bait Anna.   Suddenly, in walks Davin....

(Note:   There is language that some may consider strong in this session.)

[23:39] Sharjinka downs another ale.
[23:40] <Lady_Anna> Just another strange night at the tavern, eh?
[23:40] <Admael> Sister, please do not embarass the Knight
[23:40] Sharjinka belches loudly.
[23:40] <Sharjinka> Yeah.
[23:40] Admael bows and leaves
[23:40] <Sharjinka> I'm not embarrassed, Admael.  Thanks for asking.
[23:41] Lady_Anna surpresses a giggle...
[23:41] Sharjinka grins at Dame Anna.
[23:41] <Lady_Anna> You are such a dear, Sharjinka...
[23:41] Davin [CaseoM@isdn03-003.hiline.net] has joined #hfs
[23:41] <Sharjinka> Thanks, Dame Anna.
[23:41] <Davin> Good Evening
[23:42] <Davin> is this a private party?
[23:42] <Sharjinka> I try and then five minutes later if he's good looking, I try again.  :-)
[23:42] Stang_66 looks at davin nw thats a name i havent seen in long a while
[23:42] <Sharjinka> Sir Davin?
[23:42] <Lady_Anna> Davin!!!!!
[23:42] <Davin> *looks hagard but VERY happy*
[23:42] Lady_Anna runs and hugs Sir Davin warmly!
[23:42] Sharjinka bear hugs Sir Davin!!!!!!!
[23:42] <Davin> *bear Hugs Jinx*
[23:43] Lady_Anna then remembers her manners and courtsies and offers her hand...
[23:43] Sharjinka hugs them both!
[23:43] <Davin> *bows and bear hugs Anna*
[23:43] <Sharjinka> Whatta man!
[23:43] Lady_Anna grins
[23:44] <Davin> it is so good to see you two
[23:44] <Davin> where is Admeal?
[23:44] Kelek has arrived
[23:44] <Sharjinka> He just left.  You just missed him.
[23:44] <Sharjinka> And there was much rejoicing....  yeah.....
[23:44] <Lady_Anna> Davin... there could be none I would have hoped to see more!
[23:44] <Lady_Anna> Greetings, mage...
[23:44] <Davin> such is my curse I suppose , but I am twice blessed to be here to catch you two
[23:44] Sharjinka grins.
[23:44] <Kelek> greeetings lady anna
[23:45] Sharjinka gulps down another ale and belches loudly.
[23:45] Kelek grabs Lady Annas hand and kisses it
[23:45] <Sharjinka> Hiya, mage.
[23:45] Lady_Anna tries to surpress a shudder
[23:45] <Davin> *muscles tense for a second then relax as a strange smile plays across his lips ...he looks at Kelek*
[23:45] <Davin> Hello...Kelek....
[23:45] <Sharjinka> When did you get back, Sir Davin?
[23:45] Sharjinka looks at Davin and then Kelek.
[23:46] Kelek smiles at Davin not forgeting him and smiling lighting up a fireball
[23:46] <Sharjinka> Is there something I should be worried about?
[23:46] <Lady_Anna> I see your... manners have improved somewhat...
[23:46] <Davin> I have been back, but I had ....matters to attend to....
[23:46] Lady_Anna moves a bit closer to Davin...
[23:46] Kelek smiles at laughs
[23:46] Sharjinka moves closer to Davin as well.
[23:46] <Davin> *casually slides his fissured rune shield off of his back*
[23:47] Sharjinka glares angrily at Kelek.
[23:47] <Sharjinka> I am ready to fight, Sir.
[23:47] Lady_Anna watches Davin's face...
[23:47] Kelek extinguishes his fireball and smiles someone get me an ale
[23:47] Sharjinka grins evilly, "I am always ready for that."
[23:47] slaughter [~bhurtok@user-33qse34.dialup.mindspring.com] has joined #hfs
[23:47] <Davin> Kelek....Im surprised at you , there are ladies present
[23:48] <Lady_Anna> Slaughter!!!
[23:48] <Lady_Anna> Oh my...
[23:48] <Sharjinka> Slimeball!
[23:48] Sharjinka grins at Slaughter.
[23:48] <slaughter> greeting fans
[23:48] <Davin> *looks to the heavens in a why me gesture*
[23:48] Kelek smils at slaughter
[23:48] Sharjinka rolls her eyes.
[23:49] Kelek grips his focus looking distrustfully at Davin and drinks his ale
[23:49] <Sharjinka> Hey, why don't you two turn into guts and go away?
[23:49] Lady_Anna looks coldly at Slaughter
[23:49] <Davin> Hello Slaughter....hows the kids?
[23:49] <slaughter> why are you missing your guts barbarian wench?
[23:49] <Lady_Anna> So the rumors of your death were... premature?
[23:49] <Sharjinka> No, just heard that's how you leave.
[23:49] <slaughter> yes they were
[23:49] <Davin> much about Slaughter is...premature
[23:50] Sharjinka grins.
[23:50] <slaughter> but there was a death on the field of battle........Oni's!!!!
[23:50] Lady_Anna gasps!
[23:50] <Davin> *smiles at a barmaid and signals for a kask*
[23:50] <Lady_Anna> Oh Nay!  For I heard that His Majesty had won.... and you had died...
[23:50] <slaughter> yes it is true! I now rule again in Bhurtok!!!
[23:51] <Sharjinka> In your delusional mind, Slaughter.
[23:51] <Lady_Anna> Though I do remember your impressive powers of healing..
[23:51] Kelek hands slaughter and ale and says drink up my freind
[23:51] <Lady_Anna> Then my heart breaks for Bhurtok...
[23:51] <Sharjinka> Trolls regenerate, do they not?
[23:51] <slaughter> * Takes drink
[23:52] <Sharjinka> Are you sure Oni's dead or did you just come here to brag?
[23:52] <slaughter> thanks Keleek
[23:52] <Sharjinka> Or maybe hide?
[23:52] <Davin> Oh oh Kelek..likes him....just when I thought Slaughter could be cool...oh well,
[23:52] <Lady_Anna> Sharjinka... I had a message from the Jokai... Oni lives...
[23:52] <Sharjinka> I could have told you that, Sir Davin.
[23:52] Lady_Anna glares at Slaughter
[23:52] Kelek smiles at Davin and laughs litle you know
[23:53] Sharjinka grins.
[23:53] <Sharjinka> Incompetent as always, eh, Slaughter?
[23:53] <slaughter> Oni is dead I saw him fall
[23:53] <Davin> I know all to well, when I was but a squire all 23 members of your council of insufficient light tried to kill me
[23:53] <Sharjinka> You are evil, but a scatterbrain.  I'm not too concerned with you, Slaughter.
[23:54] Sharjinka glares at Kelek.
[23:54] <slaughter> you shall learn in time wench
[23:54] <Davin> kelek, I let you torture me for a day before you figured out I was buying time for the others to escape
[23:54] <Sharjinka> What?  When?  Are you going to actually manage to kill someone this time?
[23:54] Lady_Anna shakes her head at Slaughter...
[23:54] <slaughter> take a lesson from Lady Anna
[23:54] <Kelek> you did die but that meddlesome rue saved u
[23:55] <Sharjinka> It was you that tortured him?  Damn you!!!
[23:55] <Sharjinka> Good for Sir Rue!
[23:55] Kelek smiles evily
[23:55] <Davin> no....it was an assassin as I recall, one called overwatch , I was dead but he recued my body...
[23:55] <Lady_Anna> We will see Slaughter...
[23:55] <Davin> and took it to Ravenwood, Rue was on the crusades
[23:55] <slaughter> We shall see indeed
[23:55] Kelek nods yes yes just as bad as rue
[23:56] <Davin> you had me all that time and you couldnt get it right
[23:56] <Lady_Anna> me smiles....
[23:56] <Sharjinka> Do not talk about Sir Rue or Sir Davin that way, Slimedog.
[23:56] <Kelek> we will not make that error again Davin i gaurentee
[23:56] <Davin> and after all that you fought amongst yourselves and collapsed the monarchy from within within a month
[23:57] <Lady_Anna> Of course you won't...
[23:57] Sharjinka jumps and puts her hand on her weapon.
[23:57] <Kelek> Next time you will perish
[23:57] <Lady_Anna> Or perhaps you, mage...
[23:57] Lady_Anna stares coldly...
[23:57] <Sharjinka> There won't be a next time.  You're dead, mage.
[23:57] <slaughter> Sir this Sir that it is just a sign of overbearing confidence
[23:57] <Kelek> As for you Sharjinka stand down before you get hurt
[23:57] Lady_Anna nods
[23:57] <Davin> you couldn't kill time if you had directions Kelek , you're scattered to the winds wishing for a bygone day....
[23:58] <Sharjinka> By you, Kelek.  You're as incompetent as Slaughter.
[23:58] Kelek smiles at davin believe what you may but we shall see
[23:58] Sharjinka glares at Kelek.
[23:58] Kelek smiles at Shar i will remember you and pay you a visit
[23:59] <Davin> *casually slings his Rune shield over his Mug hand and drinks*
[23:59] Lady_Anna looks at Davin...
[23:59] <Sharjinka> I'm not too worried.
[23:59] <Kelek> you will be oh yes you will be!!
[23:59] <Sharjinka> You probably get it on with Fenton....
[23:59] Lady_Anna laughs out loud
[00:00] <Lady_Anna> Yes!!!!   Fenton!!!!
[00:00] <slaughter> no he is not from Challain
[00:00] <slaughter> that would be Lady Anna
[00:00] <Sharjinka> Hey, the sheep gets around and Kelek is probably hard up.
[00:01] <Davin> Kelek did have an affinity for hooved individuals
[00:01] <slaughter> I must admit I would do the sheep before you Sharjinka
[00:01] Kelek doesnt play those games like you do shar
[00:01] <Sharjinka> And I thank the Goddess everyday, Slaughter.
[00:01] <Lady_Anna> Slaughter... your time will come.  Be careful what you sow...
[00:01] <Sharjinka> Baaaa.....
[00:02] <Davin> this comeing from a man...."look who Im calling a man"...who travels by waste products and gore
[00:02] <slaughter> My time is at hand as Bhrutok will see
[00:02] <Lady_Anna> Aye...
[00:02] <Davin> run along demonling before someone drops a house on you
[00:02] <Lady_Anna> You will not be able to hold it this time either...
[00:02] <slaughter> just blood and guts Davin
[00:02] <Sharjinka> Kelek, if you are a man (and I use the term loosely), would you fight me?
[00:03] <Davin> yup thats you Ssssssss....Laughter.....guts on the outside...
[00:03] <slaughter> The last you do not have....but we shall see if you have the first in the future
[00:04] <Kelek> Oh shar i would not figth you for i will not fight a lady ( and i use the term loosly )
[00:04] <slaughter> I have plans for Bhurtok. I have learned from my last mistake. I shall place someone else on the throne
[00:04] <Lady_Anna> *whispers* Davin... we need to speak...
[00:04] <Sharjinka> You haven't left yet, Slaughter?   You are all guts and no spine....
[00:04] <Davin> I agree Anna I have so much to tell you...and Jinx...
[00:05] <slaughter> I have a spine but i would rather keep it intact this time
[00:05] <Sharjinka> Don't let that stop you.  I fight as any man would against you, mage.
[00:05] <Lady_Anna> I just bet you would...
[00:05] <Sharjinka> Then leave, Slaughter.
[00:05] <Kelek> and loose shar
[00:06] <slaughter> i fear nobody in this room why would i leave?
[00:06] <Davin> *finishes his mug and winks at Slaughter *
[00:06] <Davin> ignorance must be  bliss...demonwhelp
[00:06] Lady_Anna grins
[00:06] <slaughter> * laughs
[00:07] <Kelek> ooc brb
[00:07] <slaughter> yes i can see how well it has done for you Davin
[00:07] <Lady_Anna> Be ware, demon... what you have loosed will destroy you...
[00:07] <Davin> *snickers*
[00:07] <slaughter> may have tried but I am here
[00:08] <Davin> that only means you play with silly creatures
[00:08] <Lady_Anna> Nay... do not misunderstand...  You have sealed your own fate...
[00:08] <Sharjinka> Yeah, because of your incompetence.  Drinking in a tavern because you lost to Oni, Demon Whelp.
[00:08] <slaughter> true none were up to the challange
[00:08] <Sharjinka> Oni was.  You're here and he's king.
[00:09] <slaughter> HE"S DEAD>
[00:09] <Lady_Anna> HE IS NOT!  You have ways to find out... see for yourself!
[00:09] <Sharjinka> No, he's not.  You're incompetent.  Wanna drink?  Stick with what you know.  It's not fighting that's for sure.
[00:09] <slaughter> and I shall place a puppet upon the throne
[00:10] <Lady_Anna> Hah!
[00:10] <Davin> gee S...Laughter.....run along....there are three Paladins here ...and one bastard half man bent on destruction...
[00:10] <Sharjinka> And I shall call it George.  And I will love him and pet him....
[00:10] Lady_Anna laughs out loud
[00:10] <slaughter> He is dead and I shall see to it that he stays that way
[00:10] Lady_Anna laughs merrily
[00:10] <Sharjinka> The puppet George or Oni?
[00:11] <slaughter> Oni
[00:11] <Sharjinka> You might stand a better chance against George.
[00:11] <Davin> your rantings are fun to listen to along the faerie system but I grow weary of your play acting in person...
[00:11] <Lady_Anna> Believe what you will, Slaughter... If you believe Oni dead, then there may be a few surprises for you still
[00:11] <slaughter> Paladins scare me not....they bleed and cry out for saving from their Gods but they still die
[00:11] Kelek sits quietly and drinks his ale
[00:12] <Davin> perhaps you are waiting for a tip or handout?? ..I have heard that poor Bards and performers do such...oh very well let me look for my pouch...
[00:12] <Sharjinka> So can demons...
[00:12] Sharjinka grins at Davin.
[00:12] <Lady_Anna> Ah... a tip...of course...
[00:12] <Sharjinka> You are a charity case, Slaughter.  I agree.
[00:12] <Davin> *looks fo a sheckle in his pouch*
[00:12] <Lady_Anna> Nay...  a tip from Silvermane... for Slaughter
[00:13] Sharjinka grins at Slaughter.
[00:13] <slaughter> oh yes the "dragon mage" husband of yours that flees at the first sign of conflict
[00:13] <Lady_Anna> He says your "friend" beneath the earth is awake and roused... and you have met your bane
[00:14] <slaughter> but that is what I expect from your entire family
[00:14] <Lady_Anna> Nay... the better commander will pull back to allow the incompetant one to make his own undoing
[00:14] <slaughter> He is neither friend or pet but rather a companion
[00:14] <Sharjinka> So's George, I'm sure.
[00:14] <Davin> *smiles as he finds some wooden sheckles*
[00:14] <Davin> AHA!
[00:15] <Lady_Anna> There is no need to waste energy or resources ...
[00:15] <slaughter> But how far will you run.... COWARD?
[00:15] <Davin> *tosses them at the floor*
[00:15] <Davin> there you go halfling...and not a sheckle more until you get better material
[00:15] Sharjinka stares calmly at Slaughter and holds up her pinky.
[00:15] <Sharjinka> You're small in every way, Slaughter.
[00:16] <slaughter> DAvin I fear you have dropped something.... oh it's the same amount I paid for your woman to be my whore for the night.
[00:16] Sharjinka laughs at Davin.
[00:16] <Lady_Anna> Run?  *laughs merrily*  you do yourself in even now...
[00:16] <Davin> that was better...but this time put more OOMPH in it...
[00:16] <Davin> *mimes a mustache*
[00:16] Sharjinka grins.
[00:17] <Davin> *in a dark VOICE*
[00:17] <slaughter> I do not run....I go to see that a deal is closed
[00:17] <Lady_Anna> Strategy, dear... it is a finer art than you would know...
[00:17] <slaughter> and with it my powers and influance grows
[00:17] <Davin> That is the price I paid for that tart you call a wife!
[00:17] <Davin> *ponders*
[00:17] <Sharjinka> You go get a piece of George, right?
[00:17] <slaughter> I fear I am not married so the cow you took was your own
[00:17] <Davin> No wait...you could hold a puppy and squish it as you say it....
[00:18] Sharjinka laughs at Davin.
[00:18] <Davin> *mimes squishing a puppy*
[00:18] <Davin> then you could REally get the crowds riled
[00:18] Lady_Anna laughs
[00:18] <Sharjinka> Nothing will help Sir Davin, Slaughter is just an idiot.
[00:18] <slaughter> Lady Anna i know tatics better than any
[00:19] <Davin> or perhaps you could get some shoes with stilts and a longer cape
[00:19] <Sharjinka> You're being too charitable to the FORMER king of Bhurtok.  Or should I say FAILURE to hold the crown of Bhurtok.
[00:19] <slaughter> I know where I can get a bitch will that help/
[00:19] <Sharjinka> Woof!  Woof!
[00:19] <Sharjinka> Bark!
[00:19] <slaughter> there's the bitch now
[00:19] <slaughter> *looks at Sharjinks*
[00:20] Sharjinka laughs hysterically.
[00:20] <Lady_Anna> Ah...  so losing the throne was what?  a strategically evil ploy?  And now, deceiving yourself about a "kill"...
[00:20] <Sharjinka> You couldn't get lucky with any bitch anywhere, Slaughter.
[00:20] <Lady_Anna> Heheh... why should my husband or I bother with you?
[00:20] <Davin> oooh we resort to lowbrow humor..at this rate you'll never earn your supper....you poor excuse for a player
[00:20] <Sharjinka> I had no idea evil was this incompetent.  Why am I worried about it?
[00:20] <Lady_Anna> True, lass...
[00:21] <slaughter> I retreated from the throne for the forces were all against me.....but now they have put me out of their minds
[00:21] <slaughter> thus it will be their undoing
[00:21] <Davin> you wouldnt last 5 minutes outside your little imaginary world...
[00:21] <Lady_Anna> Another self delusion.... as if they would forget...
[00:21] <Lady_Anna> Don't you mean you will eliminate those that remember?
[00:21] <Davin> how could we forget the man who put the S in Laughter
[00:21] <Sharjinka> You and George are alone in the world, Slaughter.  Enjoy each other.
[00:22] <slaughter> * laughs*
[00:22] Sharjinka laughs.
[00:22] Lady_Anna laughs
[00:22] <slaughter> this is fun listening to the little people try to make themselves sound bigger
[00:22] <Davin> *Smiles at a Tavern maid and signals for wine*
[00:23] <slaughter> and they say I am delusional
[00:23] <Lady_Anna> Yes... we love listening to you Slaughter
[00:23] <Davin> I agree...go on..I'll look for more sheckles
[00:23] Sharjinka gulps down and ale and belches loudly in Slaughter's direction.
[00:24] Lady_Anna smiles coldly
[00:24] <Sharjinka> There ya go, Slaughter.  My payment for your worthless bardic skill.
[00:24] <Davin> *smiles at Sharjinka and refills her glass*
[00:24] Sharjinka winks at Davin.
[00:24] <Davin> *offers to refill Anna's g;ass*
[00:25] <Davin> OOC er Glass*
[00:25] <Lady_Anna> My thanks, Davin!  Mead, of course...
[00:25] <slaughter> yes it dose sound like a bitch in heat
[00:25] <Sharjinka> Your used to that noise, I'm sure.
[00:25] Kelek smiles to himself and chuckles
[00:25] <Davin> *smiles at a tavernmaid and draws another pouch signaling for mead*
[00:25] <slaughter> Yes I'm use to hearing you blow hot wind around
[00:26] <Lady_Anna> You know, Sharjinka... it is too bad Siobhan is here...  I know Slaughter would just love to hear that song she wrote...
[00:26] <Lady_Anna> Now how did it go?   Hmmm -- mmmm ----mmmm
[00:26] <Sharjinka> And I you.  Where is your throne, Slaughter?  The tavern stool over there?
[00:26] <slaughter> * Laughs *
[00:26] <slaughter> good one wench
[00:26] <Sharjinka> Or is your throne only in the privy?
[00:27] <slaughter> no that throne reminds me to much of your own stench
[00:27] Sharjinka grins.
[00:27] <Davin> *pays and tips the tavernmaid to leave the flasks at the table*
[00:27] <Davin> *refills Annas Glass*
[00:27] <Lady_Anna> Oh yes.... didn't it go something like *sings* "The darkened throne stands silent and bare... no king doth grace it now...?
[00:28] <Sharjinka> At least, I can enter a place without my guts going everywhere.
[00:28] <Lady_Anna> My thanks, Davin *smile*
[00:28] <slaughter> *sips mead*
[00:28] <Lady_Anna> Or making a mess...
[00:28] <slaughter> I just like to share
[00:28] <Lady_Anna> Sure you do...
[00:28] <slaughter> try it sometime
[00:28] <Sharjinka> What?  The fact you're spineless.  I know that already!.
[00:29] <Davin> *drinks his wine and yawns*
[00:29] <Davin> *Whispers to the ladies*
[00:30] Lady_Anna looks at Davin...
[00:30] <Davin> this could go on for ages he never tires of hearing his own voice or trying out new poses
[00:30] <Davin> shall we move on to "important " matters...
[00:31] Sharjinka grins.
[00:31] <Sharjinka> I agree.
[00:31] Lady_Anna whispers... "Yes... and I must speak to you of.. Mentor... he is back somehow...:"
[00:31] Lady_Anna looks at Davin...
[00:32] <Davin> Yes ...I had reports that he was a ....synthetic being
[00:32] Sharjinka whispers, "You know the posing wouldn't be so bad if he was better looking, instead of being such an ugly spud."
[00:32] <Davin> *chuckles*
[00:32] Lady_Anna supresses a giggle
[00:32] <Sharjinka> I've heard of this threat and I have only met one.
[00:33] <Lady_Anna> Aye...
[00:33] Lady_Anna nods sadly
[00:33] <Sharjinka> Have you been all right, Dame Anna.  Do you, uhm, sleep better now?
[00:34] <Davin> *whispers * is there a place we can speak privetely?
[00:34] <Lady_Anna> Aye...
[00:34] Lady_Anna motions to an alcove...
[00:34] <Sharjinka> Wait a minute.
[00:35] <Sharjinka> Are you both Fae?  Elven?
[00:35] <Davin> *gives that why me lord look to the heavens again*
[00:36] Sharjinka grins.
[00:36] Lady_Anna giggles
[00:36] <Sharjinka> I was just wondering.
[00:36] <Sharjinka> Old grudges can be held off when new threats arise.
[00:36] <Davin> well mine is NOT held
[00:37] <Sharjinka> I can understand that.
[00:41] <slaughter> must go now
[00:41] <slaughter> bye
[00:40] <Davin> wahoo
[00:40] <Sharjinka> Okay, how about now?
[00:40] <Lady_Anna> Ok... we are safe
[00:40] <Lady_Anna> You can open a room with any name...
[00:40] <Lady_Anna> backroom is usally empty
[00:40] Sharjinka grins.
[00:41] <Sharjinka> Oh.
[00:41] <Davin> Now, ladies..what news have you heard from the north?
[00:41] <Sharjinka> Dame Anna knows more than I do.
[00:42] <Davin> I have great news from the south , but I must ask your strictest conmfidence
[00:42] <Lady_Anna> There have been dreams that are more than dreams Davin
[00:42] <Davin> *stops smiling*
[00:42] <Lady_Anna> Ah?   You know I will not speak out of turn...
[00:42] Sharjinka looks at both with curiousity.
[00:42] <Davin> I am sorry Anna...is your family well?
[00:43] Sharjinka grins.
[00:43] <Lady_Anna> Aye...  we stand strong and well....  *smile*
[00:43] <Sharjinka> Hai!
[00:43] <Davin> how are you holding...I apoligize Im so used to you being the strong one...
[00:44] <Lady_Anna> I am fine... though Mentor would not have it so, it seems...
[00:44] <Sharjinka> Damn him!
[00:44] <Lady_Anna> But let me speak of that later... you obviously have news of your own...
[00:44] <Sharjinka> You knocked him on his sorry Psion ass, though.
[00:45] <Davin> Mentor is moving again ?? so soon....I should have listened to Galtor
[00:45] <Lady_Anna> and we will not speak of it elsewhere, right Sharjinka/
[00:45] Sharjinka nods.
[00:45] <Sharjinka> Nobody for me to tell.
[00:45] Lady_Anna grins
[00:45] <Davin> It made me nervous to hear he was keeping a....pet....
[00:46] Sharjinka nods.
[00:46] <Lady_Anna> I met his - pet...  Chorinth... Davin, there was much more to him than when he opposed us
[00:46] <Sharjinka> Understandable.
[00:47] <Lady_Anna> I had to speak to him.... after the Dream Mentor hit me with
[00:47] <Sharjinka> Galtor regards Chorinth as a pet?
[00:47] <Lady_Anna> I had to know more....
[00:47] <Davin> more...taht is surprising...Galtor regarded him almost like an experiment...
[00:47] <Lady_Anna> He did... and Chorinth knew it, I think...
[00:47] <Sharjinka> How strange.
[00:48] Sharjinka looks at the ground sadly.
[00:48] <Lady_Anna> Remember how he was that night in the tavern.... so ready to die...?
[00:48] <Davin> I have come to think that if Galtor cares for him it is simmilar to the way one cares for a pet, for when I visited , he was cappable of little more than movement and syllables
[00:48] <Sharjinka> Yes, I remeber, Dame Anna.  I was ready to take his life.
[00:48] <Lady_Anna> He was capable of much more, Davin....
[00:48] <Davin> *looks shocked at you*
[00:48] <Davin> Really?
[00:49] <Davin> you talked with him?
[00:49] Sharjinka looks at the ground.
[00:49] <Davin> And YOU tried to kill him?
[00:49] Sharjinka shifts uncomfortably.
[00:49] <Davin> I'm never around for the fun stuff
[00:49] <Davin> *smiles at Jinx*
[00:49] Sharjinka looks up at Sir Davin suddenly.
[00:50] <Sharjinka> I'm sorry.  I lost my temper....
[00:50] <Lady_Anna> It was the night the witch Rowan was here...  Chorinth looked at her and lifted some of the madness from her.
[00:50] <Davin> dont frown Jinx , you always mean well
[00:50] <Lady_Anna> No... lass... he goaded you...
[00:50] <Lady_Anna> He said he wanted to die...
[00:50] <Sharjinka> That is why I stopped.
[00:50] <Davin> that makes sense
[00:50] <Lady_Anna> Davin...  did you know Psions can heal?
[00:51] <Sharjinka> I wanted to understand one so eager to die.
[00:51] <Davin> *smiles*
[00:51] <Davin> yes
[00:51] <Davin> and ressurect
[00:51] <Sharjinka> Really?
[00:51] <Sharjinka> I'm worried now.
[00:51] <Davin> they can make shells and hold your essence until the shell is made...its very.......
[00:51] <Davin> unnerving
[00:52] Lady_Anna shudders
[00:52] <Sharjinka> Oh.
[00:52] <Lady_Anna> Is that how Mentor.....???
[00:52] Sharjinka shifts uncomfortably again.
[00:52] <Davin> I dont know
[00:52] Lady_Anna shakes her head
[00:52] <Davin> I dont enough about them...
[00:52] <Davin> and I know even less about mentor
[00:52] <Davin> he seems an enigma to all
[00:53] <Lady_Anna> Davin...  Mentor has attacked Admael and myself through dreams...
[00:53] <Sharjinka> Even Chorinth.
[00:53] <Lady_Anna> He would have killed Silvermane had my beloved and I not joined our energies
[00:53] Sharjinka scowls at the idea.
[00:53] <Davin> I would have loved to speak to him , but Galtor was always around
[00:53] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth called Mentor an abomination...
[00:54] <Davin> *shudders*
[00:54] <Davin> love.....
[00:54] Lady_Anna smiles...
[00:54] <Davin> I miss Gabriella...
[00:54] <Lady_Anna> Where?  I thought you were together
[00:54] <Sharjinka> Where is the lovely Gabriella?
[00:55] <Davin> we were, but I had to fullfill a promise...
[00:55] <Davin> she is in Dalagoth at the moment
[00:55] <Sharjinka> Dalgoth?
[00:55] <Davin> restoring her lands
[00:55] <Sharjinka> Oh.
[00:55] <Lady_Anna> Dalagoth.....  Ah....
[00:55] <Sharjinka> Is this the news from the South or is there more?
[00:55] Sharjinka grins.
[00:55] <Davin> *smiles wickedly*
[00:55] <Davin> ALOT more
[00:56] <Sharjinka> I know the Psion threat and have been over it a few times.  Tell me your news....
[00:56] <Davin> when Galtor returned the first time he restored the balance to Silverspire and was content to leave it at that
[00:57] Lady_Anna listens
[00:58] Sharjinka looks expectantly at Sir Davin.
[00:58] <Davin> but as I have told the paragon before Blance is not enough
[00:58] <Sharjinka> Is it not?
[00:58] <Davin> I returned to the sight of the Thershes massacre and kept a promise to an old friend
[00:59] Sharjinka looks at the ground sadly.
[00:59] <Davin> I used a gift that Tokingae gave me as well as the help of a few friends to bring back some innocents that should have never been taken from us
[00:59] Lady_Anna watches Davin and Sharjinka...  with eyes that are sad
[01:00] <Davin> my friend had a son...who was butchered at the Tourney held by thershes
[01:00] <Davin> he died protecting the unarmed citizens who obeyed the no arms decree
[01:01] <Lady_Anna> You brought him back?
[01:01] Sharjinka looks up, her eyes glisten but she does not cry.
[01:01] <Davin> His souls was still there ....restless at the injustice....the land itself cried out for....
[01:02] <Davin> justice
[01:02] Lady_Anna nods
[01:02] <Sharjinka> It will do that from time to time.
[01:02] <Davin> his body was so well preserved...I thought it a sign from god
[01:02] Sharjinka nods.
[01:02] <Davin> Vinderbat as well as others have returned
[01:03] Sharjinka grins.
[01:03] <Davin> they sereve the light and wish only to see that such atrocities never occur again
[01:03] <Sharjinka> I have heard of him.
[01:03] Lady_Anna grins
[01:03] <Sharjinka> I have heard of the sacrifices made to save people during the dark times.
[01:03] <Davin> well the lad had a bright start and future before Thershes cut him down
[01:03] <Lady_Anna> As have I...
[01:03] Lady_Anna nods
[01:04] <Lady_Anna> It is a good thing and a good gift...
[01:04] <Sharjinka> Thershes....  the bastard.
[01:04] <Davin> I nursed him back to health and as he refused to leave my side , I took him as my Sqiure
[01:05] Sharjinka grins.
[01:05] <Davin> we have been busy
[01:05] <Sharjinka> I would guess....
[01:05] Lady_Anna grins widely and nods

This part is secret for awhile...

[01:07] Sharjinka looks sad.
[01:07] <Lady_Anna> Why so sad, lass??
[01:07] <Davin> *why do you look sad?
[01:08] <Davin> the dark times are over for now....
[01:08] <Davin> a great time is upon us...
[01:08] <Sharjinka> Sir Rue will be busy....  Nothing.  No reason.  Ignore me.
[01:08] Sharjinka grins.
[01:08] <Davin> *grins*
[01:08] <Sharjinka> This is great news.  I knew it already.  Even better to hear it from you.
[01:08] <Davin> he is NEVER  to busy for you
[01:08] Lady_Anna looks toward Sharjinka and smiles
[01:08] <Davin> if he is I'll help you hog tie him my self
[01:08] <Sharjinka> Sir Davin, he is always to busy for me.
[01:08] <Lady_Anna> Rue will always have time for you, lass
[01:09] <Sharjinka> No, it's okay, though.  I understand and admire his dedication to his kingdom.
[01:09] <Davin> REally???? Im going to have to ..."practice " with that lad
[01:09] <Lady_Anna> And who goes romping through the kingdoms looking for trouble?
[01:09] <Sharjinka> I don't!
[01:09] <Davin> *chuckles*
[01:09] <Sharjinka> I don't have to go romping!  It comes up and bites me so I snarle at it!
[01:10] <Sharjinka> I swear!
[01:10] <Lady_Anna> Of Course You Don't.... you would Never think of things like that!!!
[01:10] <Sharjinka> Of course not.  You ARE exaggerating, Dame Anna.
[01:10] <Sharjinka> Oh, great!
[01:10] <Davin> the light is returing to Silverspire
[01:10] <Sharjinka> I'm so glad.
[01:11] <Davin> and the best of us march for Challain
[01:11] <Sharjinka> Silver Spire deserves to bask in the light.
[01:11] Lady_Anna whispers under her breath  "Never go looking for things like Death Knights... oh no... not Sharjinka!"
[01:11] <Davin> *laughs*
[01:11] <Sharjinka> Shut up!
[01:11] Lady_Anna smiles at Davin
[01:11] <Lady_Anna> That my friend is doubly good news...
[01:12] <Sharjinka> I had to, Dame Anna.  I had to.  You wouldn't understand.
[01:12] <Sharjinka> Yes, it is.
[01:12] <Lady_Anna> I do understand, Sharjinka... truly I do...
[01:13] <Davin> my long night is over , Gabriellas lands are almost cleared , our kingdom is under a strong light and now I can finnaly get to the serious bussiness of seeing friends , spending time with family and perhaps increasing my family
[01:13] <Sharjinka> A death knight threatened Barad Duin once.  It almost destroyed everything.
[01:13] <Davin> Death Knight?
[01:13] Sharjinka grins.
[01:13] <Sharjinka> That you can!  Better get started!!!
[01:13] <Lady_Anna> Yes....  *looks down and smiles*
[01:14] Sharjinka looks away.
[01:14] <Lady_Anna> There is a Death Knight in Serata... Mortl'aan
[01:14] <Davin> Death.....Knight....
[01:15] <Sharjinka> I have challenged him to a fight for Serrata.  He accepted.
[01:15] <Davin> I had not heard...
[01:15] <Davin> *sighs*
[01:15] <Lady_Anna> Bad thing...
[01:15] <Davin> you ...WHAT!
[01:15] <Davin> *pales*
[01:15] Lady_Anna nods sadly.... "Aye..."
[01:15] <Sharjinka> I had to goad him into it, but eventually he accepted.  Even undead have egos.
[01:16] <Sharjinka> I win, I get Serrata.
[01:16] <Davin> *stands and storms out to get some more alcohol*
[01:16] <Sharjinka> I plan to free Serrata from him.
[01:16] Sharjinka sighs.
[01:16] <Lady_Anna> More Mead!!!!   Bring more Mead please!!!
[01:16] <Davin> OOC chuckle*
[01:17] <Lady_Anna> If it were not for the threat in Challain and the north, I would stand beside you, lass...
[01:17] <Sharjinka> I know.
[01:17] <Davin> *returns with a 2 casks*
[01:17] <Sharjinka> He has full advantage.  He is going to pick the time, place, and weapons.
[01:17] <Davin> *puts them both on the table*
[01:18] Sharjinka smiles.
[01:18] <Sharjinka> Feeling better?
[01:18] <Davin> *listens and ponders if he should go for more alcohol*
[01:18] <Davin> not yet
[01:18] Lady_Anna fills her glass...
[01:18] Sharjinka grins.
[01:18] <Davin> *cringes as he considers the advantage the DK has*
[01:19] <Lady_Anna> No... he does not have all the advantages...  He is not you...
[01:19] <Sharjinka> I had to.  It was the only thing I could think of.  I won't let it happen to Serrata.  I lived through it once.  Not again.
[01:19] <Davin> why do you insist on playing fairly with a creature that has no concept of the word
[01:19] <Sharjinka> Who said I was going to play fair, Sir Davin?
[01:20] Sharjinka grins evilly.
[01:20] <Lady_Anna> There is fair.... then there is Fair... the Sharjinka way!
[01:20] <Davin> *half grins*
[01:20] <Sharjinka> I have fought a death knight before.  I fought fairly, then.
[01:20] <Sharjinka> I fight to survive.  I can't lose.  The price is too high.
[01:20] <Davin> I wish that made me feel better than it does
[01:21] <Lady_Anna> Me too...
[01:21] <Davin> refills his glass
[01:21] <Sharjinka> Don't worry about it.
[01:21] <Sharjinka> I got it handled.
[01:21] Sharjinka grins.
[01:21] <Davin> *sighs*
[01:22] <Sharjinka> You two both worry too much.
[01:22] Lady_Anna looks at Davin then at Sharjinka.... shakes head
[01:22] <Lady_Anna> No... we don't....
[01:22] Lady_Anna grins
[01:22] <Davin> we dont worry enough if your still pulling stunts like this...
[01:22] Sharjinka laughs.
[01:23] <Sharjinka> What stunt?
[01:23] Lady_Anna grins
[01:24] <Davin> *offers to fill Sharjinkas glass*
[01:24] Sharjinka accepts and says, "thank you."
[01:25] <Davin> Okay Sir...you hurry up and win and I'll be waiting to celbrate with you...
[01:25] <Sharjinka> Hai!
[01:25] <Sharjinka> We do shots.
[01:25] <Davin> *recalls last time*
[01:25] <Lady_Anna> Yes!
[01:25] <Davin> *cringes and smiles*
[01:25] Lady_Anna grins
[01:26] <Lady_Anna> I have heard my husband speak of this tradition...
[01:26] <Sharjinka> We can celebrate in Serrata.  They might buy!
[01:26] <Lady_Anna> I have never done such a ritual... but I would be honored to join you
[01:26] <Davin> yes my sister...I will be there with the bottles...unless they do the honorable thing and buy for you =)
[01:26] <Sharjinka> I would be honored to have you there with me.
[01:27] Lady_Anna grins
[01:27] Sharjinka looks serious and looks at Sir Davin.
[01:27] <Sharjinka> Is Dame Anna your sister?
[01:28] <Davin> no ..I was speaking to you silly....
[01:28] <Davin> but in heart....
[01:28] <Davin> I have always thought so....
[01:28] Lady_Anna hugs Davin and Sharjinka
[01:28] <Davin> *hugs back *
[01:28] Sharjinka looks at the ground sadly.
[01:28] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth said something that really touches me now...
[01:28] <Davin> what is wrong Jinx?
[01:29] <Sharjinka> Nothing, Elf.
[01:29] <Davin> *pales*
[01:29] <Davin> you have no idea shar how much it hurts to see these features in the glass....
[01:30] Lady_Anna looks from Davin to Sharjinka and back...
[01:30] <Davin> I dont need your pre concieved notions now....
[01:30] Sharjinka looks startled.
[01:30] <Davin> *looks away*
[01:30] <Lady_Anna> No...  we are friends... we are comrades....
[01:31] <Lady_Anna> We stand together against the dark...
[01:31] <Davin> *finishes his drink*
[01:31] <Sharjinka> Why does it hurt you?  Why does it bother you and Master Eric?  He called it an affliction.
[01:31] <Davin> Im sorry Anna...my pride is acting up again
[01:31] <Lady_Anna> I need to learn so much more.... It is my heritage as well... and I know so little
[01:32] <Sharjinka> And my memories as well.  To never forget.
[01:32] <Davin> I am a product of Rape , Sharjinka....I am a bastard , and not welcome to either people
[01:32] <Sharjinka> Oh.  I'm sorry.
[01:32] <Sharjinka> Is that true of all half elves, then?
[01:33] Sharjinka looks sadly at Dame Anna.
[01:33] <Davin> no
[01:33] <Lady_Anna> Not all...
[01:33] <Sharjinka> Good.
[01:33] <Davin> not all
[01:33] Lady_Anna smiles
[01:33] <Davin> but we were born to Royalty, such things matter
[01:33] <Davin> to the gossip and intrigue of court
[01:33] <Sharjinka> I am just confused.  The honor of being called a member of your family, yet....
[01:33] Sharjinka smiles.
[01:33] <Davin> My family is NOT the same as my blood
[01:34] <Davin> my family is those that I love
[01:34] <Sharjinka> I know very little of court.  I travel too much.
[01:34] <Davin> Eric is afflicted for he wanted to be first born but had to play backseat to a bastard
[01:34] <Sharjinka> Did that make him angry?
[01:35] <Davin> and when he became old enough to play the game of politics he forsaked it for the true elves "the wild elves" and took to the forest
[01:36] <Sharjinka> It does not seem so bad to me.  I avoid politics when I can.  Even though Sir Kharas is baiting me so much.
[01:36] <Davin> his dubiously legal actions have made him .....forsaken*
[01:36] Lady_Anna nods
[01:36] <Sharjinka> He saved my life.
[01:36] <Davin> so now he is considered a dark elf
[01:36] <Sharjinka> Oh.
[01:37] <Sharjinka> I am not sure how I feel, except confused.
[01:37] <Davin> I am considered respectable now so , the high elves court me agin , but I am a family of one who was blessed by God to find Gabriella....and friends like you...
[01:37] <Davin> *refills glass*
[01:38] <Lady_Anna> It is what is inside that matters most...
[01:38] <Sharjinka> I do not think you should refer to me as a member of your family again.  I'm sorry.  Your friendship in me may be misplaced.
[01:38] <Sharjinka> Not always, Dame Anna.
[01:38] <Lady_Anna> Nay... I think now, Sharjinka...
[01:38] <Davin> *ooc man do all my characters talk to much?*
[01:38] <Sharjinka> OOC:  Yes, but I love all of them because they are so cool!
[01:38] <Lady_Anna> No....  and I can't wait to hear what you say next!
[01:38] <Davin> OOC LOL
[01:39] Sharjinka grins sadly.
[01:39] <Sharjinka> I'm sorry, Davin.
[01:39] <Davin> JInx.....you came into my life with a a fire that inspired me...
[01:40] <Lady_Anna> And others...
[01:40] Sharjinka smiles sadly.
[01:41] <Davin> you fought by my side , and lept to do what you FELT was right...
[01:41] <Davin> you followed your heart
[01:41] <Sharjinka> You would not believe how torn my heart is now....
[01:41] <Davin> and although it sometimes hurt people , it was a pure emotion...you are not a backstabber, you are not duplicious
[01:41] <Davin> you say what you mean
[01:42] <Davin> even if it hurts
[01:42] Lady_Anna puts her arm around Sharjinka..
[01:42] <Lady_Anna> It is all right...
[01:42] <Davin> and I have come to love you for it
[01:42] Lady_Anna nods
[01:42] Sharjinka looks pained.
[01:43] <Davin> even when I was furiuos with you......I would trust you with my life..
[01:43] <Sharjinka> Do NOT.  Do not ever.
[01:43] <Sharjinka> I should go.
[01:44] <Davin> wait...
[01:44] <Davin> please...
[01:44] <Lady_Anna> Sharjinka... wait...
[01:44] <Sharjinka> What?
[01:44] <Davin> does it have to do with the curse YOU bear?
[01:45] Lady_Anna holds her breath
[01:45] <Sharjinka> No, it does NOT.
[01:45] <Sharjinka> The Black Rose curse?  No.
[01:46] <Sharjinka> Although, my hatred reached such extremes that when they promised me a chance to kill all Fae, I took it.
[01:47] <Sharjinka> I made them good profit and I got as much revenge as I wanted.
[01:49] Sharjinka stares at them both, enraged.
[01:49] <Lady_Anna> I do not hold it against you... peace, Sharjinka....
[01:55] <Lady_Anna> ok...  Sharjinka is looking at us enraged... and I tell her I don't hold it against her and to be at peace...
[01:55] <Davin> I better Go I have to be up in 5 hours
[01:55] <Lady_Anna> OOOOOOo What happens next????
[01:55] <Davin> Damn
[01:55] Lady_Anna is jumping up and down
[01:55] <Sharjinka> SUCK!  Here ya go.
[01:55] <Davin> *fades into character*
[01:55] <Lady_Anna> Grrrr.... installment stories!!!!!
[01:56] <Davin> OOC LOL
[01:56] Lady_Anna settles down
[01:56] Sharjinka stands up and heads towards the door.
[01:56] <Davin> Jinx
[01:56] <Lady_Anna> *sigh*
[01:57] <Sharjinka> It must be nice to have family.  You, Dame Anna, have Silvermane and your family.  You, Sir Davin, have a wife and daughters.
[01:57] <Sharjinka> I have the Fae to thank for having no family anymore.
[01:57] <Davin> as do I....
[01:57] <Davin> I had to make one....and thank the gods Gabriella saw more to me than my ears
[01:58] <Sharjinka> Do not call me a member of your family and do not put your life in my hands.  I don't know what I would do.
[01:58] <Davin> do waht you will
[01:58] <Sharjinka> Then, what are you doing here?  Go home.
[01:58] <Sharjinka> I do.  And now I choose to face Mort'laan.  I have nothing to lose, but my own life.
[01:59] <Lady_Anna> Do not forget that there are those who love you, lass
[01:59] Sharjinka looks at both of them, confused and torn.
[01:59] Sharjinka leaves.
[01:59] <Sharjinka> OOC:  Yeah!  I'm done!!
[01:59] <Davin> I understand that we are not your kin...that we cant replace what they took from you, but DONT pretend we dont love you
[01:59] Lady_Anna grins!!!
[01:59] Lady_Anna claps
[02:00] Lady_Anna thinks you two should get the HFS Academy Award!!!
[02:00] <Sharjinka> OOC:  end of trans
[02:00] <Davin> OOC sigh
[02:00] <Sharjinka> SUCK!
[02:00] <Davin> SUX
[02:00] <Lady_Anna> BRRRRRR
[02:01] <Sharjinka> Yeah.  I might have to smack you both around next time I see you.
[02:01] <Sharjinka> BWEEEEE!!
[02:01] <Davin> Bweee =)
[02:01] <Davin> PIG FU!!!!!
[02:01] <Lady_Anna> Hard to smack when you are being bearhugged
[02:01] <Sharjinka> True.
[02:01] Lady_Anna grins
[02:01] <Sharjinka> BWEEE FU!
[02:01] Lady_Anna 's secret weapon
[02:02] <Sharjinka> My character told a secret she's kept for over ten years!  SUCK!
[02:02] <Sharjinka> Way to roleplay!
[02:02] Lady_Anna grins
[02:02] <Sharjinka> You guys are so cool!
[02:02] <Lady_Anna> Yay!!!!
[02:03] <Davin> we finnaly got it out in the open
[02:03] <Sharjinka> Yeah, but now you have to deal with it.  :-)
[02:03] <Sharjinka> Yep.  true.
[02:03] <Davin> we both OOC knew this was gonna happen like years ago...
[02:03] <Lady_Anna> Another facet to the characters.... leading to ominous secret looks exchanged at court
[02:03] <Davin> its just now its IC
[02:03] <Sharjinka> Yep.  :-)
[02:04] <Sharjinka> Sharjinka's gonna sober up and be pissed that two half elves know.
[02:04] <Sharjinka> Uh oh.
[02:04] <Davin> Lady Anna is Half Elf too?
[02:04] <Davin> really?
[02:04] <Lady_Anna> Yes....
[02:04] <Sharjinka> Yep!
[02:04] <Davin> *blushes*
[02:04] <Davin> boy do I feel dumb
[02:04] <Sharjinka> HeeHee!
[02:04] <Lady_Anna> She only found out a little while ago...
[02:04] <Davin> WHAT?
[02:04] <Davin> how did that happen?
[02:04] <Sharjinka> Yeah, she kinda came out of the closet...
[02:05] <Davin> LOL
[02:05] <Davin> FOFLOL
[02:05] <Lady_Anna> Tree.... it was a TREE@!!@$$#
[02:05] <Sharjinka> Sorry.  She came out of the tree not long ago.
[02:05] <Lady_Anna> Mother was a
[02:05] <Davin> wait a minute..
[02:05] <Davin> really
[02:05] <Lady_Anna> Woodland Elf...
[02:05] <Davin> how did ....but?
[02:05] <Davin> I confused
[02:06] <Lady_Anna> Father was a mundane mage who was of a scottish barbarian clan
[02:06] <Sharjinka> You know elves, trees, knotholes.  It's scary when you think about it.
[02:06] <Lady_Anna> I heard the trees talking...  and Azhara could hear me
[02:06] <Davin> *sits down and puts chin on hands and listens intently*
[02:06] <Lady_Anna> Silvermane helped me find out who my parents were...
[02:06] <Lady_Anna> I was kidnapped when I was a baby and taken to the mundane lands
[02:07] <Davin> wow
[02:07] <Sharjinka> At least, she's part barbarian.
[02:07] <Davin> wow
[02:07] <Davin> we all have such TRAGIC starts
[02:07] <Davin> =)
[02:07] <Sharjinka> True.  :-)
[02:07] <Lady_Anna> Yep...  and Yep...
[02:08] <Sharjinka> I think it's a bit easier to develop a tragic character.  :-)
[02:08] <Davin> nahhh
[02:08] <Sharjinka> When I'm stuck on how Sharjinka would act, I just get moody and temperamental.  ;-)
[02:09] <Davin> ;-)
[02:09] <Lady_Anna> Well, every one has ups and downs...
[02:09] <Sharjinka> True.
[02:09] <Davin> very true

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