Nightfall Has Some Fun with Sharjinka

The Setting and Players:  After the very tense time between Sharjinka and Chorinth, Gabriel MacDonald, Lord Nightfall of Bhurtok enters the tavern in a playful mood.  He pounces on Sharjinka...

This contains dialogue that occurred during the same scene as Sharjinka Meets Chorinth...  It was removed from there to help the flow of thought...

[00:28] <Nightfal2> BOO
[00:28] Lady_Anna looks up...
[00:28] <Sharjinka> Those who sacrifice themselves to help others are brave.
[00:28] <Lady_Anna> Greetings, Lord Nightfall...
[00:28] <Sharjinka> Hiya, Nightfall.
[00:28] <Ealasaid> No, Sharjinka...those who do the things they fear are brave.
[00:28] Nightfal2 bows to anna
[00:29] Nightfal2 pounces sharjinka and says * BOO!
[00:29] Sharjinka wipes at her tears.
[00:29] <Lady_Anna> Courage is not the lack of fear... it is acting even in the face of fear...
[00:29] Sharjinka smacks Nightfall a good one.
[00:29] <Nightfal2> oow! *crys*
[00:29] Ealasaid stifles a laugh.
[00:29] <Sharjinka> Damn you, Nightfall.
[00:29] <Lady_Anna> I learned that from watching humans like Sharjinka...
[00:29] <Nightfal2> thats not what she did at lady cats wedding
[00:29] Sharjinka grins through tears.
[00:29] <Nightfal2> *rubs his face
[00:30] <Sharjinka> I am a poor example, Chorinth.  Look to Sir Rue and Dame Anna for better.
[00:30] <Nightfal2> oowie
[00:30] <Lady_Anna> And Nightfall, too...
[00:30] <Chorinth> Sir Rue....?
[00:30] Lady_Anna grins...
[00:30] Sharjinka sticks out tongue at Dame Anna, "Backacha."
[00:30] <Sharjinka> Yes, Sir Rue.  A friend of mine.
[00:31] <Nightfal2> fine then - I wont keep you warm under my big cloak anymore!! *pfftttt*
[00:31] <Lady_Anna> He is in Silver Spire....
[00:31] <Chorinth> I remember
[00:31] <Sharjinka> Fine by me, Nightfall.
[00:31] <Sharjinka> Who needs ya?
[00:31] <Nightfal2> How Rude!!!!
[00:31] <Chorinth> the one who would assimilate was a novel idea
[00:31] <Chorinth> know one detected it until it was to late
[00:31] <Sharjinka> He does NOT assimilate birds.
[00:31] <Nightfal2> *crys*
[00:31] Ealasaid laughs.
[00:31] <Sharjinka> They assist him as friends.
[00:31] <Nightfal2> Runs away
[00:31] <Ealasaid> I don't think "assimilate" is the right word.
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[00:32] <Chorinth> yes he does he went so far as to share mind , feelinng and experience with them
[00:32] <Sharjinka> Good, I should have hit NIghtfall harder...
[00:32] <Chorinth> he suffered as they did
[00:32] <Chorinth> he learned as they did
[00:32] <Ealasaid> As I do with the trees, Chorinth, with the wild I do with my friends.
[00:32] <Sharjinka> I think to help them, not to take over or take away from their freedom.
[00:32] <Sharjinka> True.
[00:32] <Chorinth> as do i
[00:32] <Sharjinka> I have no such gift.
[00:32] <Lady_Anna> Aye!!  Yes!   Chorinth...  He shares his mind yet he is still all Rue...
[00:33] <Sharjinka> I am envious of those who do.
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[00:33] <Ealasaid> It is a sense of feeling for all things in this world, humans  included.
[00:33] <Chorinth> thats what the true collective is
[00:33] <baddisgui> dootedooo
[00:33] <baddisgui> aak
[00:33] <Sharjinka> I still don't want it.
[00:33] <Sharjinka> Hello.
[00:33] <Sharjinka> Baddisgui.
[00:33] <baddisgui> barkeep - Id like an ale!
[00:33] <Lady_Anna> Yes,Ealaisaid...
[00:33] <baddisgui> bad disguise
[00:33] <baddisgui> hehe
[00:34] <Lady_Anna> The Tavern keeper claps his hands and shouts: "Quickly, lass - more ale for baddisgui !"
[00:34] Sharjinka grins.
[00:34] <Chorinth> then I hope you win
[00:34] <Sharjinka> We will.
[00:34] <Chorinth> I hope you live forever in your people
[00:34] <Sharjinka> I do not doubt.
[00:34] <Lady_Anna> I hope we all win...
[00:34] baddisgui is now known as badgabrie
[00:34] <badgabrie> I been bad
[00:34] <Sharjinka> Live forever?  No, that is not possible for me.
[00:35] <Chorinth> and I hope you taste the bliss that it is to freely share with another your heart and m,ind
[00:35] <Ealasaid> You will live forever in our hearts, the stories of generations.
[00:35] <Sharjinka> That is love.
[00:35] Sharjinka blushes.
[00:35] Sharjinka looks away.
[00:35] <Chorinth> yes Knight
[00:35] <Lady_Anna> Yes...
[00:35] <Sharjinka> Erm, uh, thank you.
[00:35] Lady_Anna nods
[00:35] <badgabrie> anna
[00:35] Ealasaid looks dreamy for a moment.   "Yes, love."
[00:35] <Lady_Anna> Yes, badgabrie?
[00:36] Sharjinka hugs Ealasaid and Dame Anna.
[00:36] <Ealasaid> It is the greatest gift we have to bestow.
[00:36] badgabrie whispers * I think something vexes Sharjinka - why she slap me?
[00:36] Lady_Anna whispers...  I think it may have something to do with the wedding...  *grin*
[00:36] <Sharjinka> That is true.  Ealasaid would know.
[00:36] <Lady_Anna> Yes...
[00:37] badgabrie innocent look * what I do at the wedding?
[00:37] Sharjinka grins mischievously at Ealasiad.
[00:37] Ealasaid looks innocent.  "Who, me?"
[00:37] <Sharjinka> Yes, you.  You happy, in love, glowing sort of person.
[00:37] Lady_Anna grins
[00:37] Sharjinka grins.
[00:37] Ealasaid laughs.
[00:38] <Chorinth> *looks into fire*
[00:38] <Sharjinka> Like fire, yes.  That's love.
[00:38] badgabrie scratches his head - confused *
[00:38] <Chorinth> *holds the mirror that rowan gave him*
[00:38] <Chorinth> *looks deeply into it*
[00:38] badgabrie is now known as Nightfal2
[00:38] <Lady_Og> Well I think i need to get some sleep .....Good night Lady Anna, Shar, and all others i didnt meet yet
[00:39] Sharjinka looks at Chorinth for a moment, than puts her arm around him and does a half hug.  She quickly releases him gently.
[00:39] <Nightfal2> Og is a lady now?
[00:39] <Chorinth> OOC GOOD NIGHT LADY OG!!!!
[00:39] <Nightfal2> *giggle*
[00:39] <Sharjinka> Good night, Lady Og!
[00:39] <Ealasaid> Goodnight lady Og.
[00:39] <Lady_Anna> Farewell, lady Og
[00:39] <Lady_Og> No this is Og's LAdy......*laughs*
[00:39] Lady_Anna grins
[00:39] <Nightfal2> hehe I know - this is gabriel/lilchris
[00:39] <Ealasaid> And I think I will follow suit and get some sleep.
[00:40] <Lady_Og> I know who you are  *Grinz*
[00:40] Sharjinka smacks Nightfall.
[00:40] <Lady_Anna> Fare thee well, Dryad.... and thank you for your insights tonight...
[00:40] Nightfal2 flinch * OOWIE!!!!!!!
[00:40] <Sharjinka> Good night, Ealasaid.  Sleep well.
[00:40] <Ealasaid> Remember, love is for everyone...for friends and not underestimate it.
[00:40] <Chorinth> Good night fair one
[00:40] Lady_Anna smiles
[00:40] <Chorinth> sweet dreams
[00:40] Sharjinka smiles at Chorinth.
[00:40] <Ealasaid> Good night, Chorinth, and thank you.
[00:41] <Nightfal2> More ale for her afore she drives my jaw asunder!!!!!!!!!
[00:41] <Sharjinka> Do you dream, Chorinth?
[00:41] <Chorinth> *looks at the mirror*
[00:41] <Lady_Og> OOC: Og says Nice name change, Night
[00:41] <Ealasaid> Good night Sharjinka, Lady Anna, may Lleu shine his light upon you.
[00:41] Lady_Anna signals the landlord to bring wine, ales and glasses for Sharjinka and the rest of the company.
[00:41] <Sharjinka> What do you see, Chorinth?
[00:41] <Chorinth> I now
[00:41] <Lady_Anna> good night, sweet Dryad...
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[00:41] <Chorinth> I see.....
[00:41] <Chorinth> *sighs*
[00:41] <Chorinth> in the order.....back when I was a scholar
[00:41] <Nightfal2> can I have some ice please - my face hurts...
[00:42] <Sharjinka> I know.  I do not look in mirrors anymore.  I don't like what I see.
[00:42] <Chorinth> we used reflecting surfaces
[00:42] <Chorinth> to create portals
[00:42] <Lady_Anna> The Tavern keeper brings a bowl of snow to Nightfall...
[00:42] <Sharjinka> A scholar. Be a scholar here.
[00:42] <Nightfal2> ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. *buries his whole face in the bowl of snow*
[00:42] <Chorinth> I can feel one when ever I near a mirror
[00:42] Sharjinka laughs at Nightfall.
[00:43] <Sharjinka> A portal?
[00:43] <Chorinth> Lady Anna is right
[00:43] <Lady_Anna> Portals...?  My husband will sometimes construct portals... but they are difficult..
[00:43] <Chorinth> I am more connected
[00:43] <Lady_Og> Well Goodnight again all
[00:43] <Sharjinka> Good night.
[00:43] <Chorinth> I healed, I am calmer, I am...temted
[00:43] <Lady_Anna> Aye...  I can see how that could be, Chorinth...
[00:43] <Lady_Anna> Good Night...
[00:43] <Sharjinka> Me, too.
[00:44] <Chorinth> Good night
[00:44] Nightfal2 looks up - a comical look on his ice covered face * wha you laughin at? You did this! after such sweet parting words! aak - remind me to say GOOD bye next time - *oow*
[00:44] <Lady_Anna> Tempted?
[00:44] <Chorinth> yes Anna
[00:44] <Sharjinka> To leave?
[00:44] <Chorinth> yes
[00:44] <Sharjinka> Shut up, Nightfall.
[00:44] Lady_Og [] has quit IRC (Leaving)
[00:44] <Lady_Anna> To leave.... the Collective?
[00:44] Nightfal2 buries his face in the bowl of snow again *
[00:44] <Sharjinka> You deserved it.
[00:45] Sharjinka grins.
[00:45] <Chorinth> I dont want to leave and I dont want to stay
[00:45] <Nightfal2> WHA???? WHY???
[00:45] <Sharjinka> I know how you feel.
[00:45] <Chorinth> I must walk this line cautiously
[00:45] <Lady_Anna> I can understand that feeling, Chorinth...
[00:45] <Sharjinka> I'm in the mood.  Don't tempt me Nightfall.
[00:45] <Nightfal2> tosses snow over chorinths head - feel better! smile - its snowing! *hehe*
[00:46] <Sharjinka> I see my death in Serrata.  I wish not to go, but I will.
[00:46] <Sharjinka> I don't want to but I can't avoid it.
[00:46] <Sharjinka> I also wouldn't change it.
[00:46] <Nightfal2> in THE" mood? ummmmmmm would it be good or bad to tempt that?? *runs out the door in a swervung pattern dodging objects*
[00:47] Sharjinka uncoils her whip and watches Nightfall run.
[00:47] <Nightfal2> AAAHHHHHH
[00:47] <Sharjinka> In the mood is a bad thing...  ;-)
[00:47] <Lady_Anna> I know Sharjinka... be very careful...   Siobhan my bard tells me that there may be a corrupted fairy dragon there as well...
[00:47] <Chorinth> *looks seriously at Sharjinka*
[00:48] <Lady_Anna> Nightfall... proper response would be " Oh THAT mood..."
[00:48] Lady_Anna grins
[00:48] <Chorinth> you forsee your death?
[00:48] <Sharjinka> I can believe that but I did accept the challenge from Mort'laan.
[00:48] <Nightfal2> sneaks back in and puts his head back inside the bowl of ice
[00:48] <Sharjinka> Yes, Chorinth, I do.
[00:48] Sharjinka grins patiently at Nightfall.
[00:48] <Lady_Anna> It is a .... strong possiblilty
[00:48] <Chorinth> and yet you go....why?
[00:48] <Sharjinka> Because I have friends in Serrata who need my help.
[00:49] <Chorinth> *nods to himself*
[00:49] <Sharjinka> They are being terrorized and I will try and stop it.
[00:49] Nightfal2 puffs up * - she wont die with me here!!!! Ill go with ya! *looks at the whip and puts his head back in the bowl*
[00:49] <Sharjinka> I don't know that I will succeed.  The visions seem to suggest I won't.
[00:49] Lady_Anna pats Nightfall on the head and says "There, there, laddie..."  *grin*
[00:50] <Sharjinka> Keep soaking in ice, Nightfall.
[00:50] <Nightfal2> *sob*
[00:50] <Chorinth> *decides*
[00:50] <Chorinth> your right
[00:50] <Sharjinka> Who's right?
[00:50] <Chorinth> Thank you all
[00:50] Lady_Anna looks at Chorinth.. and raises her eyebrows...
[00:51] Nightfal2 looks up - face all covered in ice * oh well - shes mad *does the Im a paladin dance*
[00:51] <Chorinth> Anna
[00:51] <Sharjinka> Please, explain, Chorinth?
[00:51] <Chorinth> ...friend....
[00:51] <Chorinth> I will miss you
[00:51] <Chorinth> Sharjinka.....
[00:51] <Lady_Anna> Miss me?
[00:51] <Lady_Anna> What are you saying, Chorinth?
[00:51] <Sharjinka> Thank you.
[00:51] <Chorinth> Thank you , you are right
[00:51] <Chorinth> I must do waht I must regardless of the consequences
[00:52] <Sharjinka> What will you do, then?
[00:52] <Chorinth> I must at least try
[00:52] <Lady_Anna> Aye... I know that... what are you going to do?
[00:52] <Nightfal2> hehe - I must have another drink - regardless of the consequences - *looks at sharjinka and shivers*
[00:52] <Lady_Anna> The Tavern keeper claps his hands and shouts: "Quickly, lass - more ale for Nightfal2 !"
[00:52] Sharjinka shakes her whip at him.
[00:52] <Nightfal2> aak
[00:53] <Sharjinka> Drink, that's an order.  :-)
[00:53] <Chorinth> I must become a psion take what I have learned to the collective and pary I can sway the others
[00:53] <Nightfal2> puts his head in the melted snow bowl and blows bubbles in the cool water
[00:53] <Chorinth> OOC er pray
[00:53] <Sharjinka> No, don't go.  If they don't accept, they will kill you.
[00:53] <Sharjinka> Stay here.
[00:53] <Lady_Anna> Is there any way for you to protect yourself, Chorinth?
[00:53] <Chorinth> that is true
[00:53] Nightfal2 drinks it alll realllllly fast *
[00:53] <Chorinth> but it is what you all would do
[00:53] <Lady_Anna> It would hurt me sorely ....
[00:53] <Chorinth> for what you belive
[00:54] <Chorinth> *smiles*
[00:54] <Lady_Anna> Aye...  it is the truth that he speaks...
[00:54] <Sharjinka> I don't think they will listen.
[00:54] <Sharjinka> Stay here with your new friends.
[00:54] <Chorinth> all will at least hera....
[00:54] <Chorinth> er hear
[00:54] <Chorinth> it is up to them to listen
[00:54] <Sharjinka> I don't want to lose another friend.  We could learn from each other, Chorinth.
[00:54] <Lady_Anna> Would you stay from the Death Knight, if we asked Sharjinka/
[00:54] <Chorinth> the will of the collective is nebulous
[00:55] <Chorinth> she would not
[00:55] <Sharjinka> No.
[00:55] <Lady_Anna> It can change then, Chorinth?  There is a chance?
[00:55] <Sharjinka> I have already agreed to single combat with him.
[00:55] <Nightfal2> hmmmm - Chorinth - I dont think that dying is any way for you to help a cause.. quite contrary to belief - anger and sadness over your death could hinder your friends actions if they act, they will do so irationally
[00:55] <Lady_Anna> Nay, Nightfall...
[00:55] <Chorinth> *looks to Nightfall*
[00:55] <Lady_Anna> I know what he does...
[00:55] <Chorinth> if Only I had more time...
[00:55] <Sharjinka> Suck ice cubes, Nightfall.
[00:56] <Chorinth> but I dont nightfall
[00:56] <Sharjinka> Then do what you believe in and what your conscious tells you to do.
[00:56] <Chorinth> I will Knight
[00:56] <Chorinth> I promise
[00:56] <Sharjinka> It seems you don't need the Collective.  You have your own song.
[00:56] <Nightfal2> Look Sharjinka,  Be nice to me! Or Ill never let you share my cloak again!
[00:56] <Chorinth> *smiles genuinely*
[00:56] Lady_Anna nods and smiles though there are tears on her face
[00:56] <Sharjinka> Promises, promises...
[00:56] <Nightfal2> you dont what chorinth?
[00:57] <Chorinth> you are kind Knight all are
[00:57] <Chorinth> * realizes hes in the presence of 3 knights*
[00:57] <Lady_Anna> As are you... my friend...
[00:57] <Sharjinka> Kind.  That's a new one.
[00:57] Sharjinka grins mischievously.
[00:57] <Lady_Anna> It is true Sharjinka...
[00:57] <Nightfal2> aak
[00:57] <Chorinth> *puts the mirror away*
[00:57] Sharjinka shakes her whip at Nightfall.
[00:58] Sharjinka uncoils the whip and with expert precision hits the bowl of ice.
[00:58] <Chorinth> I will take my Leave ...I must speak to my lord Galtor
[00:58] Sharjinka grins.
[00:58] <Nightfal2> backs up - wait - whips dont hurt when you wearin lots of clothes cause its cold! AHH HA!! you will have to do better than that!
[00:58] Lady_Anna stands
[00:58] Lady_Anna courtsies to Chorinth...
[00:58] <Sharjinka> I'll strip you naked, then!
[00:58] <Nightfal2> AAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKK
[00:58] Sharjinka walks over to Chorinth.
[00:59] <Nightfal2> NOOOO NOO GOOSEBUMPS
[00:59] <Nightfal2> ITS COLD
[00:59] <Nightfal2> NOO
[00:59] Sharjinka laughs.
[00:59] <Lady_Anna> May you be well... and successful in your endeavors....
[00:59] Sharjinka puts both arms around him and hugs him fiercely.
[00:59] <Lady_Anna> I think in your true heart, you are a Knight as well... my friend...
[00:59] Nightfal2 tries to bow to chorinth but falls over a bowl and falls over.
[00:59] <Sharjinka> Be well.
[00:59] <Nightfal2> fare thee well Chorinth!
[01:00] <Chorinth> *gasps*
[01:00] <Nightfal2> *hugs sharjinka back!*
[01:00] Sharjinka releases Chorinth.
[01:00] <Chorinth> high praise Anna
[01:00] <Nightfal2> hi there!
[01:00] <Nightfal2> aak
[01:00] Sharjinka gives Nightfall a dangerous look.
[01:00] <Chorinth> *looks confused*
[01:00] <Chorinth> Im sorry
[01:00] Lady_Anna lowers her eyes and blushes  "I speak what I  see, my friend..."
[01:00] <Nightfal2> is broken in the head
[01:00] <Chorinth> I am not any good at emotions
[01:01] <Lady_Anna> I understand....
[01:01] <Chorinth> *looks sad*
[01:01] <Sharjinka> I am, you're doing well.  Take my word.  :-)
[01:01] <Nightfal2> *gets up and shakes chorinths hand*
[01:01] <Chorinth> *looks flustered*
[01:01] <Nightfal2> be well
[01:01] <Sharjinka> Do not be sad, Chorinth.
[01:01] <Chorinth> ooc to much emotion for him to deal with*
[01:01] <Lady_Anna> Chorinth... one last word?
[01:01] <Sharjinka> I never think of who I fight against but what I fight for.
[01:01] <Sharjinka> It helps.
[01:01] <Chorinth> walks out into the cold
[01:02] <Chorinth> *pauses*
[01:02] Nightfal2 goes to sit down but sits in a bowl of cold snow/slush and out of supprise jumps up and bangs his head on a low hanging candle holder.
[01:02] <Lady_Anna> Should it be that I must face Mentor... is there anything you might offer, that may help our cause?
[01:02] Sharjinka shakes her head at Nightfall.
[01:02] <Nightfal2> oow!
[01:03] <Chorinth> he is quick to strike in the most efficient manner possible
[01:03] Nightfal2 glowers at sharjinka and mutters *
[01:03] <Lady_Anna> ooc:  head shot... doesn't require healing touch...
[01:03] <Chorinth> do not carry a protection of a single kind , your own god will see to your immunities
[01:03] Sharjinka waves at Chorinth.
[01:03] <Nightfal2> ... so is she! *nods head at sharjinka*
[01:03] Lady_Anna nods...
[01:04] <Nightfal2> hehe
[01:04] Lady_Anna courtsies.... my thanks and my prayers go with you...
[01:04] <Chorinth> carry a protection more if possible , he will try to urn you and failing that he will try to kill you
[01:04] <Nightfal2> oow myhead..
[01:04] <Sharjinka> Quiet your mind, Chorinth!  Sing your song!!!
[01:04] <Chorinth> he will not expect you to rise
[01:04] Sharjinka smacks Nightfall playfully in the head.
[01:04] <Chorinth> use that
[01:04] <Nightfal2> OOWIE!!!!!
[01:05] <Chorinth> oh...and stay by sharjinkas sword =)
[01:05] Sharjinka grins.
[01:05] <Lady_Anna> When he visited my dream... he said he would not underestimate me next time...
[01:05] <Chorinth> he will
[01:05] <Chorinth> he always does
[01:05] <Nightfal2> I need more white slush for my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:05] Lady_Anna smiles and nods...
[01:05] <Chorinth> *steps out into the storm*
[01:05] <Chorinth> OOC adios all
[01:05] <Sharjinka> Thank you, Chorinth.
[01:05] <Sharjinka> OOC:  night, stud
[01:05] <Nightfal2> Bye Chor!
[01:06] <Lady_Anna> OOC   Later... thanks!!!!
[01:06] <Lady_Anna> <<<<<huggs>>>>
[01:06] Lady_Anna raises her hand in a prayer of protection for her friend...
[01:06] <Chorinth> OOC btw Nightfall? is this Lincoln???
[01:06] <Nightfal2> hehe no
[01:07] <Nightfal2> Gabriel MacDonald
[01:07] Sharjinka smacks Nightfall.
[01:07] <Chorinth> ooc he just checking sorry
[01:07] <Nightfal2> OOW!!!
[01:07] <Sharjinka> Good old Gabriel.
[01:07] <Lady_Anna> Heheh
[01:07] <Chorinth> OOC sorry Im getting personnas mixed up =) *blush*
[01:07] <Nightfal2> IM SO ABUSED@
[01:07] <Lady_Anna> LOL
[01:07] Chorinth [] has quit IRC (Leaving)
[01:07] <Sharjinka> It's done out of love.
[01:07] <Lady_Anna> Poor Gabriel!
[01:07] Lady_Anna laughs so hard she almost falls off her seat!
[01:08] <Nightfal2> Thank you - I think?
[01:08] <Sharjinka> Sharjinka leaves suddenly.
[01:08] Sharjinka is now known as Shokie
[01:08] Lady_Anna is startled, then realizes who just entered
[01:08] <Lady_Anna> Shokie!  Welcome lass!
[01:08] <Nightfal2> ummmmm the phantom *POOF* just stole Sharjinka!!!!! *pulls out sword*
[01:08] Shokie looks like she hasn't slept for days.
[01:08] <Lady_Anna> Sit and have a drink with us...
[01:08] <Shokie> Thank you.
[01:09] Lady_Anna signals the landlord to bring wine, ales and glasses for Shokie and the rest of the company.
[01:09] <Shokie> Water, please.
[01:09] <Nightfal2> where is the *poof* ????
[01:09] <Lady_Anna> Water, then, landlord... for the lass
[01:09] <Nightfal2> it stole sharjinka!
[01:09] <Shokie> Thank you.
[01:09] Nightfal2 looks around *
[01:09] Shokie raises an eyebrow at Nightfal2.
[01:09] <Lady_Anna> check in the back, Gabriel...
[01:09] Lady_Anna giggles
[01:10] Nightfal2 bangs his head on the candle holder again as he is looking around and slips on slushy and falls down and bangs his head on the chair.. *
[01:10] <Nightfal2> OOWIE!!!!!!!!
[01:10] <Lady_Anna> You look a sight, Shokie!   What have you been doing??
[01:10] <Nightfal2> grrrrrr . Ill get that * poof *
[01:10] <Shokie> Working.
[01:11] <Shokie> I've tried to sleep, but I can't.
[01:11] Nightfal2 runs outside looking around *
[01:11] Lady_Anna remembers Shokie's line of work...
[01:11] <Lady_Anna> No one I know, I hope...
[01:11] <Nightfal2> runs back in
[01:11] <Lady_Anna> I mean...  hard won battles?
[01:11] <Nightfal2> too cold out there
[01:11] <Shokie> I would not tell you if it was.  Contract confidentiality.
[01:11] <Nightfal2> brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[01:12] Lady_Anna smiles.... and nods
[01:12] Lady_Anna picks up a discarded blanket and puts it on Nightfall's shoulders
[01:12] <Nightfal2> more fire is what we need
[01:12] Shokie stares into her drink.
[01:12] <Lady_Anna> Not too much.... take care Gabriel...
[01:12] <Nightfal2> Flame bolt Flame bolt Flame bolt Flame bolt Flame bolt
[01:12] <Lady_Anna> Now Gabriel...!
[01:13] <Nightfal2> aak
[01:13] Shokie mutters to herself, "We offer you peace and serenity...."
[01:13] <Lady_Anna> This isn't your house....
[01:13] <Nightfal2> ummm
[01:13] <Lady_Anna> what was that, Shokie?
[01:13] <Nightfal2> ok
[01:13] Shokie smiles coldly.
[01:13] <Nightfal2> cancels his spell
[01:13] Lady_Anna is startled...
[01:13] <Shokie> What was what, Dame Anna?
[01:13] <Lady_Anna> Where did you hear that....?
[01:13] <Nightfal2> I want a dwarven spirits - thatll warm me up!
[01:13] <Lady_Anna> what you just said...
[01:13] Shokie hums a song under her breath....
[01:14] Shokie stops humming...
[01:14] <Shokie> What?
[01:14] <Lady_Anna> A dwarf stomps around the end of the bar and brings a stone bottle of dwarven spirits to Nightfall
[01:14] Shokie does not seem to even be aware that she is humming and singing.
[01:15] <Nightfal2> Now thats what I am talkin about! Sit ere and share that bottle wit me good dwarf!
[01:15] Lady_Anna says under her breath....  "that  song...  I know that.... where?"
[01:15] <Nightfal2> Aarrr. put er here lad - les toast to the fire!
[01:15] Shokie stares coldly at Dame Anna.
[01:15] <Nightfal2> *clink* To Reorx, His Beard and His Fire!
[01:15] <Lady_Anna> The dwarf makes a rude gesture toward the bar keeper and sits down to share the bottle with Nightfall
[01:15] <Nightfal2> *downs the glass*
[01:16] <Nightfal2> *gags*
[01:16] Shokie watches with interest.
[01:16] <Lady_Anna> Is there something amiss, Shokie...
[01:16] <Nightfal2> *grins*
[01:16] <Shokie> Yes.
[01:16] <Nightfal2> Now that'll make you grow a beard from makin too many faces! Good Stuff!
[01:16] <Shokie> I was able to finish one contract, but something interferes with my ability to do my job.
[01:16] <Lady_Anna> Can you speak of it or would it be "confidential"?
[01:16] <Nightfal2> *clinks his glass against the dwarfs*
[01:17] <Lady_Anna> Interferes?   I have never heard you speak that way, Shokie!
[01:17] <Shokie> No, it is personal, this interference.  I can speak of it.
[01:17] Nightfal2 feels dizzy
[01:17] <Shokie> Nothing has ever stopped me when I've been on assignment before.
[01:17] <Lady_Anna> What seems to be.... interfering...?
[01:17] <Nightfal2> *hic*
[01:18] <Shokie> I keep my mind and my body focused on the contract at hand.
[01:18] <Nightfal2> Now Im warm!
[01:18] <Shokie> My dreams.
[01:18] Lady_Anna looks at Nightfall.... Just let me know when you have had enough...
[01:18] Lady_Anna starts
[01:18] Shokie looks at Nightfal2, "Fool."
[01:18] <Nightfal2> Ive had enough - I dont like being drunk
[01:18] <Lady_Anna> Dreams???  What dreams?
[01:18] Lady_Anna reaches out to Nightfall... "Curing Touch"
[01:18] Shokie looks away.
[01:19] <Nightfal2> my thanks my lady
[01:19] Nightfal2 nods to dame anna
[01:19] <Lady_Anna> Truly... lass... this could be important...
[01:19] <Lady_Anna> what dreams?
[01:19] <Shokie> I chose this line of work so I would never starve or feel pain again.
[01:19] <Nightfal2> *lol* helps the dwarf off the floor and back into his seat *
[01:19] <Shokie> I have never regretted my work.
[01:20] <Shokie> But I remember what I suffered before I chose this path.
[01:20] <Lady_Anna> It was bad?
[01:20] <Shokie> It was pointed out to me in a dream that no one would suffer the way I did if I joined...
[01:20] Lady_Anna almost comes out of her chair...
[01:20] Nightfal2 looks up
[01:20] <Lady_Anna> Joined???
[01:21] <Lady_Anna> Shokie....
[01:21] <Shokie> It was a poverty where people kill, sometimes just for looking at someone else wrong.
[01:21] <Shokie> Joined something, I don't know.  A song maybe.  Believed in music of some kind.  I don't know.
[01:21] <Lady_Anna> Have you dreamed of the Psions?   Green?   Lord Mentor?
[01:22] Nightfal2 eyes fade a bit to yellow - and he begins to growl lightly *
[01:22] Lady_Anna motions for peace ... but be wary...
[01:22] <Shokie> Green, yes.  And there was a voice.  Someone talking to me of my pain and telling me there would be peace if I helped them.
[01:22] Lady_Anna nods... Mentor!!!
[01:23] <Shokie> OOC:  I hope Jim doesn't kill me for doing this.  ;-)
[01:23] <Nightfal2> lol
[01:23] <Shokie> I did not see the speaker.
[01:23] <Lady_Anna> OOC:   fits the situation...
[01:23] <Shokie> It was a calm voice, reassuring.
[01:23] Lady_Anna looks directly at Shokie...
[01:23] Shokie returns her gaze.
[01:24] Shokie takes a sip of cold water and clears her throat.
[01:24] <Lady_Anna> I know it is inviting Shokie... but - if you would heed advice - you MUST fight against it...
[01:24] <Shokie> I have been.  It wants me to change and I sense once I do, it would be almost impossible to change back.  I would die, but live somehow.
[01:25] <Shokie> I keep telling myself these are just dreams and I need to focus on my  job...
[01:25] <Lady_Anna> Yes.... and worse than that.... you would be but a tool.... or less
[01:25] <Shokie> Like last time?
[01:25] Shokie stares at Dame Anna coldly.
[01:26] <Lady_Anna> Nay... dreams they may seem, but others who... have had them know them as attacks
[01:26] <Lady_Anna> Yes... like last time....only this time, perhaps no return...  no Shokie
[01:26] Nightfal2 looks at the chess board and stares at the PAWNS*
[01:26] <Shokie> He did not attack in my dream, not physically anyways.
[01:26] <Shokie> My mind is not so weak and disorganized, Dame Anna.
[01:27] <Lady_Anna> No....  it is not a physical attack.... psychic, though...
[01:27] <Nightfal2> mental pain hurts worse than physical pain could ever wish to.
[01:27] <Shokie> I can keep it focused.  This has surprised the speaker on more than one occasion.
[01:27] <Lady_Anna> You have ... heard .... this more than once?
[01:27] <Shokie> My mind was trained when I entered into this work.
[01:27] <Shokie> Yes.
[01:28] <Lady_Anna> You were turned to their purposes before, Shokie....
[01:28] <Shokie> I know.
[01:28] <Lady_Anna> You may be more susceptible the next time...
[01:28] <Shokie> No doubt.
[01:28] Lady_Anna thinks...
[01:29] <Shokie> I would drink if I thought it would help.  It won't so I'll refrain for now.
[01:29] <Lady_Anna> A young man with some good wisdom advised that more than one kind of protection be carried....
[01:29] <Lady_Anna> You are probably wise to do so...
[01:30] Shokie leans back in her chair and watches Dame Anna.
[01:30] <Shokie> I tried to leave and head south.
[01:30] <Nightfal2> OOC: Momh - smack my hand
[01:30] <Shokie> I couldn't.
[01:30] <Lady_Anna> OOC:   SMACK!!!!!
[01:30] <Nightfal2> lol
[01:31] <Lady_Anna> OOC:   Just caught it myself!!!   LOL
[01:31] <Nightfal2> ooc hehe
[01:31] <Shokie> OOC smiles
[01:31] <Lady_Anna> You are drawn north, then?
[01:31] <Nightfal2> ooc well you crazy kids - I got to go to bed - Im fallin asleep
[01:31] <Shokie> No, I'm not allowed to leave.
[01:32] <Shokie> OOC:  good night  SMACK!
[01:32] <Nightfal2> hehe
[01:32] <Lady_Anna> OOC   Ok, Gabriel.... Take care....
[01:32] <Nightfal2> ***HUGS*** miss you michelle!
[01:32] <Shokie> HUG!
[01:32] <Nightfal2> Ill see you soon anna
[01:32] <Lady_Anna> <<<<hugs>>>>> Gabriel
[01:32] <Nightfal2> heh
[01:32] <Shokie> miss you,too
[01:32] <Nightfal2> OH
[01:32] <Nightfal2> OH SHIT
[01:32] <Nightfal2> OH NOOOOO
[01:32] <Lady_Anna> OOC:  I am leaving Saturday...
[01:32] <Nightfal2> OMG
[01:32] <Nightfal2> HELP ME
[01:33] <Nightfal2> THE POOF IS COMMING
[01:33] <Shokie> Huh?
[01:33] Lady_Anna laughs so hard she almost falls off her seat!
[01:33] <Nightfal2> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[01:33] Shokie laughs.
[01:33] <Nightfal2> *poof*
[01:33] Nightfal2 [] has quit IRC (Leaving)
[01:33] <Lady_Anna> He poofed...
[01:33] <Lady_Anna> LOL
[01:33] <Shokie> Yes, he did.
[01:34] <Shokie> laughs
[01:34] <Lady_Anna> Shokie... see if you can find a mage, and protect yourself from charm and magic...
[01:34] <Lady_Anna> don't sleep without it...
[01:34] <Shokie> I'll see what I can do.  I wish I could head down south.
[01:35] Shokie begins to hum again.
[01:35] <Lady_Anna> I know....  I am worried for you now, lass...
[01:36] <Lady_Anna> As I said, there have been other.... dreams
[01:36] <Shokie> I had to put a contract on hold because of this.
[01:36] <Lady_Anna> And other dreamers...
[01:36] <Lady_Anna> I am sorry for that...
[01:36] <Shokie> And do they hear it when they sleep, too?
[01:37] <Lady_Anna> I - I do not know ...  but I think, perhaps - your situation is different...
[01:37] <Shokie> In what way?
[01:37] <Lady_Anna> they have a toehold within your mind already...
[01:38] Shokie stares straight ahead but shows no emotion at all.
[01:38] Shokie takes another drink of water and stares ahead.
[01:39] <Shokie> I suppose you are right.
[01:39] <Lady_Anna> Please consider these things...
[01:40] <Lady_Anna> OOC   Gabriel's ICQ # is 7890822
[01:40] <Lady_Anna> And he just said to pinch you for him to get back for those "love taps"
[01:41] Lady_Anna giggles
[01:41] <Shokie> I got his ICQ number. He's going to pay for that!
[01:42] <Lady_Anna> Heheh.... figured he would...
[01:42] Shokie gets up to leave.
[01:42] Lady_Anna rises
[01:42] <Shokie> Good night, Dame Anna.
[01:42] <Lady_Anna> Good Night, Shokie... be well
[01:42] <Lady_Anna> Take care.... and sleep protected...
[01:42] Shokie nods and steps outside.
[01:43] <Shokie> okay, well, i gotta work in the morning.
[01:43] Lady_Anna looks at the now vacant inn....  it is time to go home
[01:43] <Lady_Anna> I gotta pack...
[01:43] <Shokie> Good night!
[01:43] <Shokie> HUGS!
[01:43] <Lady_Anna> Good Night

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