Sharjinka and Pokedex Get Into It!

This session was hilarious... I was really and truly laughing out loud.  The rest of the family thought I was losing my mind... and they may have been right!   But it was certainly worth it...

Pokedex is a bot that Nicodemus (Hector) runs.  He is a sweet little Pokemon bot that plays games (and who has now graduated to a tavern bot!)  This particular night, Sharjinka came in and started drinking ale...  and the fur started to fly (no pun intended.... but then again...)   Read on and see what happened...

[21:23] Lady_Anna [] has joined #hfs
[21:23] Pokedex: I have a Pokédex! Type !<pokemon> to get info! Example !Charmander 4PokéTech
[21:24] <N|codemus> Poke... never drink more than 2 unless your a 30-tom MegaElephand with Bronchial Pneumonia
[21:24] <N|codemus> WB Anna
[21:24] <Pokedex> 1W12elcome 1B12ack Anna
[21:24] <Sharjinka> Greetings, Dame Anna.
[21:24] Lady_Anna looks around for the rogue mage that made her disappear!
[21:24] <ProConsul> I give public notice that I will be away for a couple weekends as I am going to Report to the Emperor and Senate of current Trade and Culture Relations with the different Realms.  (I'll be gone home for Thanksgiving)
[21:25] <Pokedex> 4L12aughing 4O12ut 4L12oud
[21:25] <Lady_Anna> I like that Tiberius!
[21:25] <Sharjinka> Don't worry.  He's under the table, Dame Anna.  I accidentally kicked him in the face.
[21:25] <Sharjinka> Five times.
[21:25] <Lady_Anna> My thanks, Sir!  *grins*
[21:25] <Sharjinka> No problem.
[21:26] Sharjinka gives Dame Anna the thumbs up sign and hiccups.
[21:26] <Pokedex> This has become a regular thing (our visits).. bow if we can only get more of our friends to join in.
[21:26] Lady_Anna grins widely
[21:28] <Pokedex> got quiet
[21:28] <N|codemus> yup
[21:28] <ProConsul> Tiberius buys a round of Blackberry wine and some alka-seltzer (for sharjenka)
[21:28] <Lady_Anna> Oh!  Blackberry is one of my favorites... next to stout and mead
[21:28] Sharjinka looks at the wine and looks somewhat green.
[21:28] <Sharjinka> Uhm, no thanks.  Can I have another ale?  I like to stick with what I know.
[21:28] Pokedex tilts Shrjinka's head back and pours the wine.
[21:29] Lady_Anna:  I think I have a recipe for a liqueor known only as Faeries Blood
[21:29] Pokedex tilts Shrjinka's head back and pours some ale too.
[21:29] <Lady_Anna> that may help
[21:29] Pokedex tilts Shrjinka's head back and pours some Tequila.
[21:29] Sharjinka puts her fist through Poke's face.
[21:29] <Pokedex> Mixers!
[21:29] <Pokedex> 4L12aughing 4O12ut 4L12oud
[21:29] <Lady_Anna> LOL
[21:29] Pokedex shakes Sharjinka up
[21:29] <Lady_Anna> Go for it Sharjinka!!!!
[21:29] <Pokedex> Ok.. who wants some1¿12?
[21:29] Sharjinka stands up unsteadily and punches Poke in the face.
[21:30] <Sharjinka> Damn you!
[21:30] Lady_Anna looks up at the ceiling.... amazing timber work
[21:30] Pokedex picks Jinks up and pours her contents into ProConsul's glass along with her loose change.
[21:30] <Lady_Anna> Now Poke!!!!
[21:30] <Pokedex> Awe jinxy.. just havin fun
[21:30] Sharjinka draws a dagger.
[21:30] Pokedex turns green
[21:30] <Sharjinka> Let me have some fun, too, then.
[21:30] <Pokedex> ugh
[21:31] Pokedex runs like hell.
[21:31] <Lady_Anna> Nico... better rescue Poke before he really gets in trouble!
[21:31] <Sharjinka> I'll change you from a stallion to a gelding.
[21:31] N|codemus folds Poke up and puts him in the storage chest, locks it and puts the key in his pocket.
[21:31] <Lady_Anna> LOL
[21:32] <Lady_Anna> Poke must have been dipping into the rum behind the bar...
[21:32] <Pokedex> me out...mrfmrfmrmfmrmfrmfmr son of a.... mrfmrf.
[21:32] Sharjinka throws the dagger into the chest, missing Poke, but you hear a yelp of surprise.
[21:32] <Lady_Anna> Uh oh...
[21:33] <Pokedex> mrfmrfmrmfrmfr *YELP!* ........
[21:33] Sharjinka laughs and draws another dagger.
[21:33] <Sharjinka> Don't worry. I won't hit ya.  I'm just having a bit of fun.
[21:33] <N|codemus> be nice
[21:33] Lady_Anna hides her eyes...
[21:33] <Sharjinka> Gelding...
[21:33] <N|codemus> You're drunk... you may miss him.
[21:33] <N|codemus> and hit Lady Anna
[21:34] <ProConsul> Hey, Calvin used alka-seltzer (one tablet) a couple times to simulate going "Beserk!"
[21:34] <ProConsul> Looks good for role-play when you are actually foaming at the mouth
[21:34] <Sharjinka> I didn't realize I was supposed to hit him, Sir Nic.
[21:34] Lady_Anna gently reaches over and touches Sharjinka..."curing touch"
[21:34] Lady_Anna watches Sharjinka...
[21:34] Sharjinka puts dagger away and looks stunned.
[21:35] <Lady_Anna> Would you like some more ale now... or shall I order some tea?
[21:35] Sharjinka sits down and looks around confused.
[21:35] <Sharjinka> Uhm, tea would be fine, thanks.
[21:36] N|codemus pours some "herbal" tea... begins to hand it to Jinks... remembers the knife.. and hands it to Anna
[21:36] <Lady_Anna> The studly serving boy runs to the table with a steaming pot of spiced citrus tea
[21:36] <N|codemus> I want to play it safe.
[21:36] Lady_Anna grins and nods
[21:36] <Sharjinka> Thank you.
[21:37] <Lady_Anna> The studly serving boy bows deeply to Sir Sharjinka
[21:37] Sharjinka stares off into space, looking somewhat stunned.
[21:37] Sharjinka throws down the serving boy and hugs him.
[21:37] <Sharjinka> Betcha thought I was out of it?
[21:37] <Lady_Anna> Sorry, Sharjinka... it must have been that concoction Poke mixed up!
[21:38] <Sharjinka> I'm never that out of it.
[21:38] <Lady_Anna> Nope...  I know you better than that
[21:38] <Sharjinka> Poke...
[21:38] <Lady_Anna> I was just concerned that someone would try to stop you and get nicked..
[21:38] <ProConsul> Seeing a decent looking college age student leave, The ProConsul gives his best wishes to all and heads towards the door.
[21:38] Lady_Anna grins
[21:38] <Lady_Anna> Fare well, Tiberius... good hunting
[21:38] <Pokedex> yes1¿12?
[21:38] Sharjinka grins.
[21:38] <Sharjinka> Good luck, Tiberius.
[21:39] <Sharjinka> Is he out of the box?  My aim is better now....
[21:39] Pokedex jumps in the box.
[21:39] Lady_Anna chuckles
[21:39] <Pokedex> mrfmrfm damn you mrfmrfmrmfrf
[21:39] Sharjinka laughs hysterically.
[21:39] <Sharjinka> It's okay.  Heki, heki.
[21:39] Lady_Anna laughs out loud
[21:40] N|codemus walks behind the bar and grabs a bowl of Nachos... pours some velveeta and sticks it inthe Microwave for a couple of minutes.
[21:40] <N|codemus> Nachos anyone?
[21:41] <Sharjinka> Yes, thanks.
[21:41] Lady_Anna is holding her sides and laughing so hard...
[21:41] <Sharjinka> I'm hungry now.
[21:41] <Pokedex> mrf mrf
[21:41] Sharjinka belches loudly.
[21:41] <Sharjinka> Oh, excuse me terribly.
[21:41] Lady_Anna applauds
[21:42] Lady_Anna smiles... that was quite impresssive...
[21:42] <Sharjinka> Thank you.  I think....
[21:42] Lady_Anna grins and nods.... still trying to stifle the giggles
[21:43] <Pokedex> nico's lagged again.. after the nachos.. he hasn't recieved anything..
[21:43] <Sharjinka> I'm not sick.
[21:44] <Lady_Anna> Nope  *giggle* not at all sick.... *giggle*
[21:44] <Lady_Anna> Tabitha the Witch runs crazily through the Tavern chasing the Lag Monsters away!
[21:44] <Sharjinka> She's still employed?
[21:44] <Sharjinka> Wow.
[21:44] <Lady_Anna> Evidently... *giggle*
[21:44] <ProConsul> (A cure poison will bring a drunk person out of it really quick.....just make sure you don't stand around close afterwards in case they get angry)
[21:45] <Lady_Anna> Heheh... very true, Tiberius
[21:45] <Pokedex> sour apples....
[21:45] <Pokedex> mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[21:45] <ProConsul> Salous et Vita all.....
[21:45] <Pokedex> bye bye
[21:45] <Lady_Anna> Fare thee well, Tiberius
[21:45] <Sharjinka> Was I cure poisoned?
[21:46] <Pokedex> i think
[21:46] Sharjinka looks around angrily.
[21:46] <Sharjinka> Who touched me????  Who did the cure poison?
[21:46] <Lady_Anna> would you like some more ale, Sharjinka
[21:46] Lady_Anna smiles
[21:46] <Pokedex> 4A wild pokemon is out! Type !catch to catch it!
[21:46] <Sharjinka> No.
[21:46] <Lady_Anna> !catch
[21:46] <Pokedex> Lady_Anna caught a Lagmonster!
[21:46] <Pokedex> 4L12aughing 4O12ut 4L12oud
[21:46] <Pokedex> Lady Anna's gonna be lagged
[21:46] <Lady_Anna> Kewl!   Now where is Tabitha!
[21:46] <Lady_Anna> Not if Tabby gets it first!
[21:47] <Sharjinka> Who did the cure poison????
[21:47] <Pokedex> pro consul
[21:47] <Lady_Anna> I did, Sharjinka.... I was afraid someone would be hurt if they tried to stop you...
[21:47] <Pokedex> i think
[21:47] <Sharjinka> Oh.
[21:47] <Sharjinka> Okay, thanks.
[21:47] <Lady_Anna> Drinks are on me if you want...
[21:48] <Lady_Anna> I think a certain combination of liquors was what did it...
[21:48] <Sharjinka> No, I think that's it for tonight.  Rather nice to drink that much and not have a hangover at all.  Will be a new experience for me.
[21:48] Lady_Anna shoots a meaningful glance at Poke
[21:48] Lady_Anna smiles at Sharjinka
[21:48] <Pokedex> yes1¿12?
[21:48] Lady_Anna whispers to Poke... be careful next time!  *grin*
[21:49] Sharjinka bear hugs Poke!
[21:49] Lady_Anna starts giggling again
[21:49] <Pokedex> ugh... ok.. thank you, this is very friendly, but.. you're cutting of fthe circulation to my head, dear.
[21:49] <Sharjinka> Yes, I know.
[21:49] Pokedex faints
[21:49] Sharjinka bear hugs and then lets Poke go.
[21:50] Pokedex collapses to the floor.
[21:50] Sharjinka props her feet up on Poke.
[21:50] <Sharjinka> Poor guy.
[21:50] <Lady_Anna> Heheh.... yeah...  *giggle*
[21:50] <Sharjinka> He fainted due to my petite flower charm.
[21:51] <Lady_Anna> But of course!!!
[21:51] <Lady_Anna> The potty old witch, Tabitha, runs back through the Tavern, chasing a little green blob. It runs out the back door.
[21:51] <Lady_Anna> Whew!   Glad she ran that one down!
[21:52] Sharjinka shifts her feet on Poke.
[21:52] <Lady_Anna> Heheh....
[21:52] Lady_Anna starts giggling harder again
[21:52] <N|codemus> What happened to Poke1¿12?
[21:53] <Sharjinka> I got affectionate.
[21:53] <N|codemus> Don't tell me he finally got "SOME"1¿12?!
[21:53] <N|codemus> Were you THAt drunk1¿12?
[21:53] <Sharjinka> NO!
[21:53] Lady_Anna is now laughing out loud again!!!!
[21:53] Sharjinka slaps Pokedex.
[21:53] <N|codemus> He must have really enjoyed it....
[21:54] <N|codemus> or he's dead.
[21:54] <Sharjinka> I just hugged him.
[21:54] Pokedex thinks to himself... play dead and they'll never hurt you again...
[21:54] N|codemus slaps Pokedex around a bit with a large trout
[21:55] Pokedex slaps a large trout around a bit with N|codemus
[21:55] <Lady_Anna> Heheh
[21:55] Lady_Anna has tears going, she is laughing so hard
[21:56] <N|codemus> Okay.. so I'm not dead (He says in a helium sounding voice.)
[21:57] <N|codemus> I guess every one is laughing so hard, they can't type
[21:57] <N|codemus> cause it's quiet
[21:57] <Lady_Anna> Heheh
[21:57] Sharjinka is wishing she was still drunk.  It would make more sense.
[21:58] <Lady_Anna> I would be glad to provide another round...
[21:58] Lady_Anna smiles
[21:58] <Sharjinka> I must go. I'm reading a book on human evolution.
[21:58] <Sharjinka> I think the butler did it.
[21:58] <Lady_Anna> Hmmm... well.. if was Jeeves, you are probably right
[21:59] Pokedex does his NEWSCASTER voice, "Moscow in flames. Missiles headed towards New York. Film at 11."
[21:59] <Sharjinka> He should be tried and executed immediately.
[21:59] <Lady_Anna> Hehehe....  *giggle*
[21:59] Sharjinka yawns.  Bombing New York.  I'll just tape it and watch it tomorrow.
[21:59] <Pokedex> 4L12aughing 4O12ut 4L12oud
[22:00] <Pokedex> The Popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11.
[22:00] <Lady_Anna> *giggle*
[22:00] <Sharjinka> Good night, all.  Pleasant dreams.
[22:00] <Lady_Anna> As long as we have our kingdoms and realms
[22:00] <Lady_Anna> You too!  Fare well
[22:00] <Pokedex> I'm not wearing any pants. Film at 11.
[22:00] <Pokedex> night night Jinxy
[22:00] <Lady_Anna> LOL
[22:00] <Sharjinka> I'm not impressed.  Film at 11.
[22:01] <Pokedex> I'm not trying to impress anyone... filming your bedroom.
[22:01] <Lady_Anna> ROFL
[22:01] <Lady_Anna> Oh Poke!....
[22:01] Lady_Anna blushes prettily.
[22:02] <Lady_Anna> but rolls on the floor giggling hysterically anyway
[22:02] <Lady_Anna> That was some session!!!!
[22:02] <Lady_Anna> Poke... you are very talented!  *grin*
[22:03] <Pokedex> Why thank you
[22:03] <Pokedex> however.. most of the "film at 11" ones were from The Kentucky Fried Movie
[22:03] <Pokedex> I can't take credit for what isn't mine..
[22:03] <Lady_Anna> If you should find yourself in trouble like that again, come hide by me...
[22:03] <Pokedex> the rest of my humor was original... and MUCH BETTER
[22:03] <Pokedex> 4L12aughing 4O12ut 4L12oud
[22:04] <Lady_Anna> I know... I recognized them... but they were just SO perfect there!
[22:04] <Pokedex> Thank you.
[22:04] <Lady_Anna> *giggle*
[22:04] <Lady_Anna> *guffaw*
[22:04] <Lady_Anna> Wild Visual...
[22:04] <Pokedex> What kinda visual1¿12?
[22:04] <Lady_Anna> Poke hiding under Dame Anna's skirts
[22:04] <Pokedex> Wee Hooo!
[22:05] <Lady_Anna> Sharjinka trying to figure out how to get to him!
[22:05] Pokedex finds something to hide from
[22:05] Lady_Anna grins

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