Rowan Visits the Tavern.... and much is revealed...

The Setting and Players:   Rowan, the mad sorceress of Challain has escaped from the Abby of St. Luke.  Now that she is out of the Prioress' anti-magic zone, she is once again crazy and unpredictable.  Chorinth the Psion who was rescued by Sir Galtor is there... in a somewhat depressed mood.  When Sharjinka enters the tavern... things really begin to happen!  There is some hilarious interplay between Sharjinka and Nightfall (Oweee!)...

[22:17] Rowan creaps in the door, hugging the wall.
[22:17] Lady_Anna looks around and notices Rowan
[22:18] Rowan notices Lady Anna noticing her and waves.
[22:18] <Lady_Anna> Rowan!  Mistress... how good to see you!
[22:18] <Rowan> Hello!
[22:18] Rowan bounces over to Anna and hugs her.
[22:18] Lady_Anna hugs Rowan back...
[22:18] <Chorinth> *looks into the fire*
[22:18] <Rowan> Hello hello hello... have you seen the moon?  It's all purple.
[22:19] <Chorinth> it ws green in my dream
[22:19] <Lady_Anna> Is it purple tonight?   How lovely for you!
[22:19] Rowan looks at her words coming out of her mouth and trys to catch them, but they travel to the rafters and float about knocking into each other.
[22:19] <Rowan> With spots.
[22:19] <Lady_Anna> The moon was green, Chorinth?
[22:19] Rowan nods solemly.
[22:20] <Chorinth> *looks for a a tankard with a lid*
[22:20] <N|codemus> Rowan... you trippin?
[22:20] <Rowan> No, walking pretty good tonight.
[22:20] <X-Moon> !beer
[22:20] <Pokedex> taps the keg and pours a large stein of beer for X-Moon
[22:20] Rowan walks around the room very carefully.
22:20] <Rowan> See...not tripping.
22:21] Pokedex trips Rowan.
[22:21] <Chorinth> *looks impressed at Rowan*
22:21] Rowan falls to the ground in a colorful heap.
[22:21] <Lady_Anna> My friends... this is Mistress Rowan... a magic user.... she sometimes sees reality a bit differently...  but always a delight
[22:21] Rowan pouts, then notices her toes.
22:21] <Chorinth> dont worry, I had much diffuculty myself relearning to walk
[22:21] Rowan begins to count them, but forgets what comes after two.
22:22] <Lady_Anna> Three... Rowan...
[22:22] <X-Moon> 3 for the throat, ready to go.
[22:23] <N|codemus> !thespecial
[22:23] Rowan gathers her skirts and stands carefully, giving Pokedex a wide berth.
[22:23] <Pokedex> reaches behind the bar with an evil grin and pulls out a sizzling, smoking steel cup, allong with a list of places to rehabilitate from one of these.1"Never drink more that 2 Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters unless you're a 20-ton Mega-Elephand with bronchial pneumonia, N|codemus ...okay?"
[22:23] <Rowan> Three what, Anna?
[22:24] <Lady_Anna> Comes after two...
[22:24] <Rowan> Three beers for X moon...three chairs on the table... three eyes in my head... three moons inthe sky...
[22:24] <Rowan> !water
[22:24] <Pokedex> materializes a glass on your table. It fills with water on its own.
[22:24] <Rowan> ohhhh
[22:24] Rowan is delighted.
[22:24] <Rowan> !water
[22:24] <Pokedex> materializes a glass on your table. It fills with water on its own.
[22:24] <Rowan> !water
[22:24] <Pokedex> materializes a glass on your table. It fills with water on its own.
[22:24] <Rowan> three magic water thingies!
[22:24] Lady_Anna:  *Nicodemus* Can you cast an anti magic zone?
[22:25] <N|codemus> I think Rowan's pretending to drink white rum.
[22:25] Lady_Og [] has joined #hfs
[22:25] Rowan drinks half of one glass
[22:25] <N|codemus> It's water, Rowan.
[22:25] <Lady_Anna> Greetings, Lady Og....
[22:25] <N|codemus> Lady_Og
[22:25] Rowan watches as it fills again and claps her hands.
[22:25] <N|codemus> Merry met.
[22:25] <Lady_Og> Greetings All
[22:25] <Rowan> I know that, Nico.  Tastes just like peppermint.
[22:25] <Rowan> Hello Lady Og!
[22:26] Rowan runs up and hugs Lady Og, then dances away again.
[22:26] <Lady_Og> Hello Rowan!
[22:26] <N|codemus> Somebody give Rowan a shiney Object to play with before she splits into two and has double the fun.
[22:26] <Rowan> I wonder where Fluffy is?
[22:26] <Lady_Og> *Laughs*
[22:26] Rowan begins looking under tables for her dragon...
[22:26] <Chorinth> *begins to look uncomfortable*
[22:26] Lady_Anna:  *N|codemus* Are you able to cast an anti magic zone?
[22:26] N|codemus whistles the ballad of Robin Hood and Little John as sung in the Disney version.....
[22:26] Rowan looks under Chorinth's chair.
[22:26] <Rowan> fluffy?
[22:27] <Rowan> No fluffy.
[22:27] Rowan looks up the chimney.
[22:27] <Rowan> Fluffy?
[22:27] Rowan pouts.
[22:27] <Lady_Og> *points to the small dragon in the corner*  Rowan, is that yours?
[22:28] Rowan looks, squinting. Her face brightens into a huge grin.
[22:28] <Rowan> Fluffy!
[22:28] <Chorinth> ooc is there really a dragon there for rp purposes?
[22:28] <Rowan> ooc  Why not?
[22:28] <Lady_Og> *giggles*
[22:28] <Lady_Anna> OOC:   Just a small one, I think...
[22:29] Rowan pounces across the room and hugs the small dragon around the neck.
[22:29] <N|codemus> Robin Hood and Little John, walkin through the forest laughin back and fourth at what the others had to say. Remeniscin this and that and havin such a good time. Oodelally Oodelally golly what a day. Never ever thinkin there was danger in the water they was drinking it and guzzin it down. Never ever dream that the sherriff's schemin posse was a watchin them and gatherin around.
22:29] <Rowan> Where have you been?
[22:29] <Chorinth> OOC thank goodness
[22:29] Lady_Anna smiles
[22:29] <Chorinth> if there hadnt been one I m not sure Chorinth would be able to handle it =)
[22:29] <Rowan> Oodelally Oodelally...
[22:29] <N|codemus> Robin Hood and Little John runnin through the forest. Jumpin Fences Dodging trees and trying to get away. Never contemplatin but escapin finally making it. Oodelally Oodelally golly what a day
[22:30] <N|codemus> Oodelally Oodelally golly what a day.
[22:30] <Chorinth> OOC *sometimes ups... outnumber the downs.....*
22:30] <Lady_Anna> Does music disturb you Chorinth?
[22:30] Pokedex casts feeblemind on Rowan.
[22:30] <Pokedex> Happy?
22:31] Rowan looks up and brushes at the mice crawling out of her head.
[22:31] <Lady_Og> *smiles happily*
[22:31] <Rowan> ooc Pokedex, how can you tell if it has any effect?
[22:32] <Lady_Anna> Ah... Rowan, are you all right?
[22:32] <Pokedex> I don't know you well enough to determine at what point of the sanity meter YOU are considered sane.
[22:32] <Pokedex> however.. as long as you are not chasing clouds in a dark closet.. I think you're fine
[22:33] <Chorinth> *looks even more uncomfortable*
[22:33] Rowan picks up one mouse and feeds it to the dragon, who looks very confused.
[22:33] <Pokedex> Corinth, relax.
[22:33] <Pokedex> I do my best to keep this channel safe.
[22:33] <Pokedex> We have a few bouncers too.
[22:34] Rowan picks the last mouse out of her hair and trys to push it back into place. Watches the pretty mousies skating around the room and claps her hands.
[22:34] <Chorinth> *finally comes to his wits*
[22:34] <Chorinth> Music?
[22:34] <Rowan> I'm fine, Anna.
[22:34] <Chorinth> I am sorry Anna
[22:34] <Lady_Anna> That is good Rowan...
[22:34] Rowan looks at anna with a frightened clarity for two seconds, then the sanity fades as quickly as it came.
[22:34] <Lady_Anna> It is all right, Friend Chorinth
[22:34] <Rowan> Oodalally.
[22:35] <Lady_Anna> What is it, Rowan?
[22:35] <Rowan> Mousies!
[22:35] <X-Moon> !beer
[22:35] <Pokedex> 5taps the keg and pours a large stein of beer for X-Moon
[22:35] <Chorinth> *begins to scan*
[22:35] <N|codemus> !wine
[22:35] Rowan begins to chase the green mousies around the room, herding them back toward Fluffy.
[22:35] <Pokedex> Steps down to the cellar, pops open a bottle of his finest red wine for N|codemus and pours the glass
[22:35] <Rowan> Need a broom.
[22:36] <Rowan> Darn mousies.
[22:36] Rowan stands still and begins to chant softly. A ball of ice forms in her left hand and she tosses it at a group of green mousies.
[22:36] <Rowan> Gotem!
22:37] Pokedex declares the bar an Anti-Magic zone
[22:37] <Chorinth> *jumps*
22:37] <Rowan> ooc did you cast an anti magic zone?
[22:37] <Pokedex> It's a good thing Nico had his best wizards program me with a spell book.. some of which aren't even in the HFS rule book
[22:37] <Pokedex> YES!
[22:37] <Pokedex> lol
[22:37] Rowan collapses.
[22:38] Lady_Anna goes to Rowan and helps her to sit in a chair
[22:38] <Chorinth> *moves with back against the wall*
[22:38] Rowan sits up after a moment and shakes her head.
[22:38] <Rowan> Someone cast an anti-magic zone, didn't they?
[22:38] <Chorinth> *looks concerned at Rowan*
[22:38] Pokedex kicks Rowan in the leg, "Wake up... you need to clean this place. I ain't stay'in late on YOUR account.
[22:39] Rowan kicks Pokedex in the tush.
[22:39] Lady_Anna looks at Chorinth....  "It is all right my friend... she is well,  for now."
[22:39] <Rowan> I'm not your maid.
[22:39] <Rowan> I have such a headache.
[22:39] <Pokedex> Rowan.. your not my cow either.. but you made a mess like one.
[22:39] <Pokedex> clean up after yourself...
[22:39] <Lady_Anna> Yes, Rowan...  an anti magic zone was cast... are you all right?
[22:39] <Rowan> !tea
[22:39] <Pokedex> 9takes a pot from the fire and pours it over some leaves he has pulled from the cupboard, He hands it to Rowan gracefully. "Here you go, lass. I pray that all is well."
[22:40] <Lady_Anna> Poke... please mind your manners...
[22:40] <Rowan> I'm fine, Lady.  My mind is my own for the moment.
[22:40] <N|codemus> Poke.. be nice.. the snow will melt and the mice will either join the drinking or tire of our drunkard brawls.
[22:40] <Rowan> Pokedex, Apart from a small patch of ice in that corner I do not see a mess.  I will pay for my drinks.
[22:40] <Rowan> There are no mice.
[22:40] Rowan turns to Anna.
[22:40] <Chorinth> *scans*
[22:40] <Rowan> Did I see mice?
[22:40] <Lady_Anna> Aye, Rowan....
[22:40] <N|codemus> I think you're rubbing off on me then..
[22:40] Rowan shakes her head.
[22:41] <N|codemus> I'm seeing mice.
[22:41] Pokedex thumps Nico's brain.
[22:41] <Rowan> Nick, I think it is theSpecial's you have imbibed.
[22:41] <N|codemus> Ouch! What was that for?!
[22:41] <Lady_Anna> It is all right...   Where have you been, Rowan... Last I heard you were at the Abbey...
[22:41] <N|codemus> hmm... then in that case, I better get drunk again..
[22:41] <Rowan> I left, I think.  I remember being there but I was afraid to stay too long.
[22:42] <N|codemus> !TheSpecial
[22:42] <Pokedex> reaches behind the bar with an evil grin and pulls out a sizzling, smoking steel cup, allong with a list of places to rehabilitate from one of these.1"Never drink more that 2 Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters unless you're a 20-ton Mega-Elephand with bronchial pneumonia, N|codemus ...okay?"
[22:42] N|codemus collapses.
[22:42] <X-Moon> oh no
[22:42] Rowan sips her tea.
[22:42] Pokedex kicks Nico. Dumbarse.
[22:42] Lady_Anna reaches out to Nico...  "Curing Touch"
[22:42] <Chorinth> looks to Anna
[22:43] N|codemus trips Pokedex.
[22:43] <Rowan> He'll be fine.  That one has a lead lined stomach.
[22:43] <Lady_Anna> Yes, Friend Chorinth?
[22:43] <N|codemus> Dumbarse.. you're not the only one who can cast magic.
[22:43] <Chorinth> Magic is Chaos....
22:43] <Rowan> Chaos is fun, except when that's all you know.
[22:43] <Lady_Anna> It can be, Chorinth...
[22:43] <Lady_Anna> Aye Rowan...
[22:43] Rowan takes out a coin and practices palming it.
[22:43] <Lady_Anna> Magic can also be used for great good...
[22:44] <N|codemus> Speaking of Chaos.. I must surrender to that world for a few hours... fight... the sleepmonster...
[22:44] <N|codemus> ugh
[22:44] N|codemus colapses again.
[22:44] N|codemus [] has quit IRC (Leaving)
22:44] Rowan pulls a seemingly endless stream of coins from her teacup.
[22:44] <Pokedex> dumbarse..... wait... that means....
[22:44] <Pokedex> I'm mealting! I'm melting! What a world... what a world...
[22:44] <Chorinth> but if just any being can use it , regardless of dicipline ...then it should be abolished
[22:44] Pokedex melts into a puddle of ale.
[22:44] Pokedex [] has quit IRC (PokéTech Script by AH-64Apache)
[22:45] <Lady_Anna> Not just any being can use it, Chorinth...
[22:45] <Lady_Anna> There is much training involved...
[22:45] <Rowan> Anyone can breathe, friend.  Shall we abolish air?
[22:45] Rowan makes the coins disappear one after the other.
[22:45] <Chorinth> if its in the wrong lungs ...yes
[22:45] <Chorinth> I belive you are incorrect Anna
[22:45] <Lady_Anna> Unfortunately, Mistress Rowan is affected.... by....  how would you describe it, Rowan?
[22:46] <Lady_Anna> Why is that Chorinth?
[22:46] <Rowan> Meddling faries.
[22:46] <Rowan> I am their plaything.
[22:46] <Chorinth> I have seen cretures that litteraly breathe magic and they have not the control for such responsibility
[22:46] Rowan looks somewhat ashamed.
[22:46] <Lady_Anna> Fairies, Rowan?   They are the root of  your malady?
[22:46] <Rowan> Yes.
[22:47] <Rowan> I can see them even now, looking in the windows.  Waiting for me to step outside.
[22:47] <Chorinth> I have seen addled and young , powerfull and weak all wield this chaos with out so much as a....
[22:47] <Lady_Anna> True... ours is not a perfect world, but it is ours... and we deal with it...
[22:48] <Chorinth> but you try but you all squabble and damage each other as well as yourselves
[22:49] <Chorinth> you need to hurry...
[22:49] <Rowan> We also love and laugh and make songs and make love and have adventures and everything.
[22:49] <Lady_Anna> It does appear so, sometimes, I agree... but you need to view the whole, rather than the parts...
[22:49] <X-Moon> i don't know what you all are taLkin about, my world is perfect...
[22:49] <Chorinth> *looks frusterated*
[22:49] <Chorinth> *sighs*
[22:49] <Chorinth> be happy my friend
[22:49] <Rowan> Squabbling and fighting comes from fear.  We try to fight fear.
[22:49] <X-Moon> where's that pokebeer guy?
[22:50] <Chorinth> perhaps the loremaster is right
[22:50] <Lady_Anna> Yes...  and love is a powerful force..
[22:50] <X-Moon> always
[22:50] <Lady_Anna> What does the loremaster say, Chorinth?
[22:50] <X-Moon> ok, now i NEED that pokebeer guy
[22:50] <Chorinth> in the end none of it will matter
[22:50] Lady_Anna signals the landlord to bring wine, ales and glasses for X-Moon and the rest of the company.
[22:50] X-Moon raises his beer up to chorinth
[22:50] <Rowan> No, but the end is far away and we are here now.
[22:50] <X-Moon> as long as you die happy...
[22:50] <Chorinth> is it?
[22:51] <Rowan> All we truly have is now.  Yesterday is a dream and tomorrow may never come.
[22:51] <Lady_Anna> Ah...  and life does continue.  We do the best we can with who and what we are, Chorinth...
[22:51] <Chorinth> is it truly?
[22:51] <Lady_Anna> Nay... speak not of dreams, Rowan...
[22:51] <Chorinth> *looks VERY seriously at Rowan*
[22:51] <Rowan> My dreams have silver horsies in them.
[22:51] Rowan shakes her head to clear it.
[22:51] <Rowan> I think the zone is dissapating.
[22:52] <Lady_Anna> Rowan... you looked as if you wanted to tell me something earlier...
[22:52] <X-Moon> who knows how many more times we'll watch the full moon rise?  20 times?  25 times...the point is to make sure every little thing is an important moment in your life, and don't fret over the past, or the future....
[22:52] Lady_Anna hopes Poke comes back soon...
[22:52] <X-Moon> enjoy life, and if you can, get the next round of drinks.
[22:52] Lady_Anna nods
[22:52] <Rowan> I think it was...  I don't remember really.  I don't remember much of what happens when the fey take me.
[22:53] Rowan looks back at Chorinth and sips her tea.
[22:53] <Lady_Anna> Please try, Rowan... small things seem to be more significant recently...
[22:54] <Rowan> I think it may just have been "Help."  I wish the voices would go away for good.
[22:54] <Rowan> Except I don't.  The day is always a new adventure when you're insane.
[22:54] <Lady_Anna> I know, Rowan.... Would it help if I spoke to Akasha and see if she can aid you?
[22:54] <Rowan> Sanity may be too boring.
[22:55] Rowan picks at her tatterd sleeves.
[22:55] <Lady_Anna> Perhaps she could find something that would let you control it...
[22:55] <Rowan> Be mad in craft?  Will I know a hawk from a handsaw?
[22:55] <Chorinth> do you hold method in your madness , is madness the price of that why humans drink?
[22:56] Lady_Anna sadly watches the sanity fade from Rowan's eyes...

Continued in Sharjinka Meets Chorinth...

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